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The language of astrology provides insights into the multiple dynamics of life. With Natal Astrology, we explore the individual, delving into the symbols of the chart with an eye to the workings of self-expression, personal growth, interface with the world through work and relationships, and more. We can look at every aspect of life. Natal astrology provides objectivity about a person -- something valuable when it comes to self-understanding. Yet there's even more: astrology offers information about timing, something unique that only astrology illuminates. Whether looking at the present moment, probing the past or projecting into the possibilities of the future -- astrology defines and also clarifies what's happening and, even more significantly, postulates why something may be taking place.


There are several timing tools we can apply, with transits and progressions being the most frequently utilized. Transits show where the planets are in the heavens at any given point in time, and symbolize opportunities and challenges that are likely to occur. We also use mathematically-derived planetary cycles called progressions or directions. This report applies the technique called Secondary Progressions.


We think of Transits as cycles we experience in the world around us, and many of many people find that transits help to answer the questions: "what's happening in my world?" or, "What's happening to me?"  Transits can represent triggers or activators for opportunities and changes as we move through the journey of time. We can see short-term cycles and very long-term processes by studying transits to the natal chart.


Secondary Progressions are calculated for any given point in time, based upon the individual natal chart, with the idea that the motion of a planet over the course of one day in the heavens represents one year in a person's life. Progressions represent what's happening within, and symbolize the process of gradual unfolding of the Self. Much like the blossoming of a flower, progressions illustrate periods of specific personal growth. Consider this thought: the first one hundred days of a baby's life are powerfully impressed upon the psyche as the child becomes more adapted to being an individual living in the outside world. Those impressions, feelings and experiences during this period of time form an imprint or template that will be reactivated as the individual moves through the years ahead. Based upon this concept of a "day for a year," secondary progressions symbolize developments that occur over the course of a lifetime. That template created during a person's early days is continually re-activated by the progressed sun, moon or planet later in life.


In some instances, you will see external manifestations of the secondary progressed cycles. This is especially seen with the motion of the secondary progressed Moon. Of course, the Moon moves much more quickly than the planets, and signifies periods of shorter duration. The slow-moving planets -- Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto -- do not progress more than a few degrees within a normal lifetime. This report emphasizes the cycles of the Progressed Sun, Moon, and personal planets Mercury, Venus and Mars.



Progressed Sun in Cancer   in
Jun 4, 2015 through Jun 4, 2017

Opportunity: Creating Family

Challenge: Moving Forward

You might wonder why you're feeling more protective of others, especially if you've held fast to your independence as a primary part of your basic nature. Perhaps part of what you're protecting stems from your value of individual rights! The key now involves integrating your intuitive awareness of what might be more suitable to the needs of the collective with your own sense of what feels positive to you. This cycle invites you to create a true experience of being an integral part of a family, but that could mean something different than you think. Watch for a tendency to become too attached to people, places or things. While preserving what deserves preservation is a good thing, holding on when you need to move forward is another.


Progressed Sun in House 12       in 12th
Jun 4, 2015 through Jun 4, 2017

It's time to focus on what needs to be done behind the scenes. You might actually enjoy surrendering to the understanding that life is a work in progress. Sometimes it takes a while to construct yourself as the person you wish to become, and you might even feel that you are living a double life while your focus moves in and out of who you are now and who you are becoming. The same can be said of your life itself. This is the time to let go of the things from your past that no longer fit, in exchange for becoming more adept at being a more free expression of yourself. Your spirituality can become a more significant driver now, too. By incorporating your intuitive awareness and your connection to your inner and higher self into your life now, you'll find that the creative process you crave blossoms more fully.


Progressed Moon in Libra   in
Jun 4, 2015 through Feb 5, 2017

Have you noticed how the process of relativity seems to be manifesting in the way you're thinking? This period puts you in touch with the experience of comparison, balance, and a desire to experience greater objectivity.  Because you've just experienced the Moon in Virgo, you're likely to continue to bring an analytical approach into the process, too. During the progressed moon in Libra cycle, logic and rational thinking take the lead. Also, a quality of refinement becomes the undercurrent of your feeling nature. It's like experiencing different facets of life both in contrast and in harmony with one another at the same time. You may also be much more inclined to be more involved in relationships, and may have an opportunity to explore and experience what you truly need from a partnership. At the very least, you're learning more about the type of partner you need to be, and this will alter how you approach all your relationships now and in the future. During the progressed moon in Libra cycle, you may try to keep everything in balance, although human relationships may strain that goal, and you may, instead, find that others tend to be more argumentative with you. That's the shadow of your psyche at work. This cycle can also stimulate your artistic sensibilities, and you may feel a stronger appreciation for the artistic and creative talents of others.


Progressed Moon in House 3       in 3rd
Jun 4, 2015 through Mar 24, 2016

You're busy developing your network now, from your personal connections to building bridges with people with whom you may have only a remote contact. Your urge to communicate can be overpowering, and this is the perfect time to develop your skills in this arena. Whether writing or speaking, sharing your thoughts and feelings now can lead to all sorts of opportunities.  A lot of coming and going is another way this cycle is likely to manifest, although for many this cycle also suggests a regular commute to and from work as a feature of your personal schedule.


Secondary Progressed Lunar Phase: Waxing Crescent Moon ( 45 - 90 degrees)    X
Jun 4, 2015 through Jul 28, 2016

A significant cycle throughout the course of your lifetime is marked by the shifting relationship between the Progressed Sun and Progressed Moon. These phases of the Secondary Progressed Moon create a type of undercurrent that defines how we feel and the nature of our evolving sensitivities. Just as we see in our daily lives as the Moon moves through her eight phases each month, we can translate these phases into longer periods of our personal development. Each Progressed Lunar Phase lasts about four years. Think of this continuing cycle as a representation of the seasons of your life, and the manner by which you may be navigating your life course.


If you're feeling a bit defensive, it could be the result of the tension you're experiencing between what you need and what the world seems to offer. Now that you are in the Waxing Crescent Moon phase of your progressed lunation cycle, your strong impulse may be to take a different approach, especially in situations where your old patterns have not been working. There's a rebellious quality emerging during this phase, and you'll not appreciate being held back by anyone or anything. Those hopes and dreams you may have started during the New Moon phase are now breaking through the surface. It takes a bit of tension to make those breakthroughs. To make the greatest progress, it's important to clarify what you're hoping to accomplish, and to establish at least a few immediate goals that will help you achieve the end results you hope to achieve. In relationships and in the world, you may simply be looking for more effective ways to assert yourself. But you're also looking to assure that you are providing the right care environment to nourish those dreams and desires. Positive affirmations can be among the tools that keep you going.


Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Pluto        
Jun 4 through Jul 1, 2015, exact on Jun 6

That intense feeling you're experiencing may be the result of your Progressed Moon merging with Pluto in your natal chart. Everything may seem to be more intense, in fact. But most especially, you're likely to be feeling more acutely aware of the manifestations of power in your life. There are those power issues you see in the news, and then there's your life. They may seem intertwined, and truly, they are to some extent. At the core, this is your time to allow for the separation from the Collective by altering your perspective, while becoming more acutely aware of how the Collective Consciousness impacts your life. If you've had a tendency to step away when you're around powerful people, this is a good time to alter your approach and recognize that if you're around someone powerful, then they are around your power, too. It's time to own your personal power, and to find the best possible ways to employ it in your life.  One expression of your personal power now involves releasing negative emotional blocks, some of which may result from your early conditioning. One way to free yourself involves identifying and addressing feelings of resentment or guilt. Then, the rejuvenation you seek can move through every part of your life.


Progressed Mercury in Cancer    in
Jun 4, 2015 through Jun 4, 2017

Does it seem that you're absorbing information and ideas in a different manner now? You're more sensitive to the way others respond or react to what you do and say with progressed Mercury in Cancer. This can be helpful if you need to "read" someone (or a group) and fine-tune your manner of communication to be more impactful. But you might also feel more hesitant to be straightforward. An indirect approach to communication can interfere with your ability to feel understood by others. Emotional attachment to your ideas or way of thinking may add intensity to what you have to say, but can get in the way of logical choices in some instances. During this cycle, your emotions might color your thinking and your attitudes more than you realize. Careful, since prejudicial thinking could become an issue.


Progressed Mercury in House 12         in 12th
Jun 4, 2015 through Jun 4, 2017

Thinking a lot about the past? It's no surprise, since progressed Mercury in the Twelfth House draws your mental focus to everything that's come before. If you're interested in psychology, you may be looking to the origins of certain behaviors of ways of seeing the world as a means of understanding the roots of issues or problems. It's a good idea to explore your own past now, and to let your unconscious process be more accessible to your conscious mind. Awareness of your dreams may be more marked now, and activities like keeping a dream diary could be an excellent tool for reflection and self-understanding. Or, you might want to keep a personal journal, noting your thoughts and observations, providing an opportunity for contemplative thought. Your intuitive processes can take a more significant role in problem-solving, but will also show up in your creative or other imaginative endeavors.


Progressed Venus in Virgo  in
Jun 4, 2015 through Jun 4, 2017

Busy ... busy. Your desire to produce is strong during this cycle, and you're becoming much more critical of your efforts in your desire to create something perfect. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, and you may be the only one who sees that tiny flaw. Love, particularly, is not a perfect experience in that is must be pure and unblemished. It is, instead, perfect in itself as it resonates with its own unique, embracing and uplifting qualities. You can attune to that, but still might find yourself wishing and wondering if you bring too many limitations into the process of opening your heart and trusting love to guide you. Whether that love is flowing through your creative processes or the relationships in your life, your challenge now is to keep its flow moving from within your heart into the work of being alive in the world. This can be a good time to build something that shows the best of your workmanship and talents. Applying your analytical approach to your finances and budget might also result in strengthening your long-term material security.


Progressed Venus in House 2      in 2nd
Jun 4, 2015 through Jun 4, 2017

An attitude of self-confidence can emerge, since Venus traveling through your second house brings reinforcement to your sense of self-worth. Your values drive the way you use your material resources, and this is the perfect time to become clear about the qualities of life that lend support to those values.  Learn more about money and the economy, since your opportunities to grow your resources are strengthened now. You may also find that your artistic endeavors provide a true opportunity to increase your material worth, and that the value you place on such endeavors and experiences works to your advantage. Preservation of beauty may signal an opportunity for you to invest in the arts, whether that investment is your own creation or the creations of others. Art itself may be part of your portfolio. The same attitude may arise from your sensibility toward natural beauty and as desire to assure conservation of natural resources.


Progressed Mars in Taurus in
Jun 4, 2015 through Jun 4, 2017

The pace of your life becomes more easygoing now, since you're likely to feel that you'll miss something if you rush through everything. This can be a stark contrast to the way you've done things in the past, especially if your tendency was to burn through with the desire to be the first to arrive. Now, you're focused on preserving and conserving your energy. Before you jump to the conclusion that this might mean you've become lazy, let's revisit. It is, instead, a time of building, reinforcing, and strengthening. Life can seem to be more like an endurance event. You might have a tendency to repress feelings of anger when they arise, and should that become an issue, seek healthy ways to direct anger so that you're using it productively.


Progressed Mars in House 10      in 10th
Jun 4, 2015 through Jun 4, 2017

Even if you have not be particularly driven in the past, that's changing now. Your career goals are important, and you are more inclined to want to do things your way. If the circumstances work in your favor, definitely take the lead. Your energy and drive can be just what's necessary to accomplish your aims. Your passion for life shows in the way you forge a path toward fulfilling your ambitions, and you can be unflinching as you make the climb to the top. This is not a time when following will be easy for you, and if someone challenges your leadership, you can feel ready to meet that challenge. However, it is also important to reach an understanding of what others expect from you if you are to make the most of your leadership. Just forging ahead with little consideration for the impact of your actions can damage your reputation and create difficulties. Your competitive edge might work to your advantage, but to succeed, you may need to pay attention to the way a situation responds to your efforts as you move ahead. You may face little resistance, but if other circumstances suggest that there might be hurdles to overcome, incorporating an awareness of such issues can aid you in conquering such obstacles. Slash and burn could be a problem.


Progressed Moon Sextile Natal Neptune      
Aug 17 through Oct 8, 2015, exact on Sep 12

Integrating the spiritual aspect of your being into your daily life can work wonders. It's time to unify your physical, emotional and spiritual parts of yourself. Such unity can bring a quality of peaceful clarity that can enhance every aspect of your life. Expressing the depth of your feelings is easier now, too ... something that can add a powerful dimension of intimacy to a close relationship. This also brings you closer to the expression of your talents, artistry, creativity and compassion. Your desire to become a conduit for compassionate action may lead you to become more involved in charitable pursuits, or make commitment to become part of the solution to problems in the world. It's a good time to join with others whose ideals harmonize with your own, working together toward a common cause.


Progressed Moon Opposite Natal Mars        
Aug 27 through Oct 17, 2015, exact on Sep 21

You're likely to feel pretty edgy now, and patience can be in short-supply. While this can be a powerful time to apply significant effort and focus toward your goals, feelings of emotional vulnerability can hamper your ability to achieve your aims.  A more confrontational or defensive attitude can emerge, and feelings of anger can become problematic. Fortunately, this is the time to uncover the source of that anger. Most of the time, it's obvious, but sometimes, the anger comes from a deeper place. Consider this the time to purge such intense feelings. One key quality of this cycle involves feeling driven to accomplish something significant, and if you establish a workable pace, you're likely to succeed. Just to make things interesting, be aware that you may also attract worthy competitors, and you might actually be able to use this to your advantage. Sometimes, it's just the extra push you need to get you to that goal line.


Progressed Moon Opposite Natal Moon       
Oct 27 through Dec 17, 2015, exact on Nov 21

Relationships can be more challenging now, especially if a real imbalance is present, such as the issue of co-dependency. While you may be  more sensitive to the needs of another, you might also feel victimized if someone is projecting their negativity or weakness onto you. The goal of this period may be more about creating mutual support, at least for the term of this cycle -- just a few weeks.  Keeping your personal boundaries can be more difficult, although maintaining that line in the sand can make a difference in the long run. If you've had a tendency to enable unhealthy behavior in others, you may be able to see this more clearly now, providing more impetus for you to free yourself from this type of interaction. Empower a relationship by bringing issues forward for discussion and exploration. It might turn the tide in a close relationship. Also, during this period your feelings about your personal environment are up for review. If you've been thinking about a move, renovation or just moving the furniture, you may need to initiate changes that will make home feel more like ... home.


Progressed Moon Trine Natal Sun       
Nov 4 through Dec 26, 2015, exact on Nov 30

This is one of those cycles when your life may be moving along quite nicely. If issues do arise, you can work through them by coming from a space of personal honesty about what you truly need, while  being sensitive to others can flow harmoniously. Make that list of things you hope to accomplish or experience, and explore your options for realizing these dreams. Your connection to your inner self can be enhanced now so that you can feel what will actually work. Relationships can improve now, and even if you're experiencing the end of a relationship or situation, your ability to release and move forward can allow a sense of peace and harmony to prevail.


Progressed Moon Square Natal Saturn        
Feb 15 through Apr 7, 2016, exact on Mar 12

The tangle of emotions can be quite constricting now, especially if you've failed to take responsibility for your needs and are stuck trying to satisfy demands that feel like punishment. First, take a clear look at your attitude toward life and the promises  you've made. Have you fallen short, and now playing a game of catch-up? Or perhaps you've taken on more than you can carry and the burden seems simply overwhelming. If that's the case, then this is the time to lighten your load or change course so that you're able to do what's necessary without completely exhausting yourself. Even more, you may have established patterns in your life and relationships that sabotage your ability to succeed. The big issue in the room is fear, and by taking an honest look at your personal fears you'll see realistically the obstacles you're facing. It could be that those fears are not even real for you, and come from a place in your long-ago past. You know ... those childhood messages you heard from teachers or parents that had a very limiting effect. If you've grown up, most of those messages probably have little relevance, but they might still be playing. Now is the time to change the channel, to finish old business, and build an emotionally sound connection to your needs so that you can move forward ... with a much lighter and more manageable load to carry. If you try to take on too much, you'll feel it now. It's time to consolidate and conserve as a means of adding stability to your life.


Progressed Moon Opposite Natal Jupiter     
Feb 16 through Apr 8, 2016, exact on Mar 13

Does it feel like you might be over-reaching, or that you're stretched too far? During this period, it's easy to get in over your head, since  you may have the best of intentions, but fail to acknowledge actual limitations. Like energy ... or money ... or hours in the day. You're focused on what could be, and are looking toward the horizon ahead.  Emotionally, you're eager, optimistic and hopeful. You may feel protected, and trust that reinforcements will arrive in the nick of time ... a test of faith. Ultimately, this is a period when you must absolutely balance what you hope will happen with what you truly need. It is not the time to exhaust all your resources, but to find the best way to extend what you have so that it will grow, and so that you prosper.


Progressed Moon Opposite Natal MC  
Feb 27 through Apr 19, 2016, exact on Mar 24

Confrontation between what you need and what life seems to offer can be unsettling, but might be what's necessary for you to identify what works and what does not work for you. Your desire might be to have more time away from the action, but your obligations could demand that you're out in the world. Striking a balance can be quite tricky, and for a little while, at least, the give-and-take process can be emotionally stressful.


Progressed Moon in House 4       in 4th
Mar 24, 2016 through Jun 4, 2017

Home sweet home. Now that your progressed moon has moved into the 4th House of your natal chart, home and family may be top priority for the next couple of years. A change of residence is also suggested. Whether you move or make improvements of some sort, the urge is to alter your environment so that it better fits your needs. This can also be a period when family is increasing in some way. You might be feeling a little more withdrawn from the world-at-large, and this can certainly be an excellent time to slip away for a while. Yet it can be a very productive cycle personally, and may mark a real milestone in your life.


Progressed Moon Trine Natal Mercury
Jun 22 through Aug 14, 2016, exact on Jul 19

Your capacity for improving your communication is enhanced now, and if your work involves creative communication, this can be an especially productive period. You may feel more inclined to share personal details, or to add your own special trademark or flair to presentations. During this cycle, take advantage of this time when your intuitive mind and rational mind are working in harmony, adding depth to your judgments and clarity to your self-expression. You're also likely to change your mind about a few things, especially if you've been unhappy or dissatisfied with a situation, since this is not a time to betray yourself by making choices or promises that do not feel good to you.


Secondary Progressed Lunar Phase: First Quarter Moon (90 - 135 degrees)         X
Jul 28, 2016 through Jun 4, 2017

A significant cycle throughout the course of your lifetime is marked by the shifting relationship between the Progressed Sun and Progressed Moon. These phases of the Secondary Progressed Moon create a type of undercurrent that defines how we feel and the nature of our evolving sensitivities. Just as we see in our daily lives as the Moon moves through her eight phases each month, we can translate these phases into longer periods of our personal development. Each Progressed Lunar Phase lasts about four years. Think of this continuing cycle as a representation of the seasons of your life, and the manner by which you may be navigating your life course.


This is a high-action phase, and you're ready to see the clear manifestation of those seeds you planted about seven years ago. Your First Quarter Moon Phase of the progressed lunation cycle challenges you to do the hard work necessary to encourage healthy personal growth. This is a reality-testing time, too, when you realize the true nature of cause-and-effect as it manifests within your life. Look also toward using this period to build the framework that will support your efforts to reach your aims. A potential for crisis accompanies this phase, but that does not necessarily indicate failure. Instead, it can be an amazing time to rise to the occasion, bringing forward the best of your talents, ideas, and actions. Forging ahead, building endurance and strength -- these are the actions that provide the support required by what you're growing and manifesting.  Personally, it is a time of becoming. It is just as important to get rid of elements in your life that are not bringing you closer to your goals, or not supporting your personal growth. Old habits could be among those unwanted factors ready for elimination. Thinking of yourself and your life as a "work in progress" might make a lot of sense right now!


Progressed Moon Square Natal Venus
Nov 22, 2016 through Jan 14, 2017, exact on Dec 18

It's true: you really cannot have your cake and eat it, too. Choosing what you want the most can be tricky now, particularly if your choices are not in harmony with your higher needs. Whether you want to admit it or not, you know that some things are much better for you than others. But giving up something you really like because it's not good for you sometimes just does not feel all that great. Financially, you can be more vulnerable, since your emotions can get in the way of clear-thinking choices you might need to make. This is not the best time to go on a spending spree! In fact, if you're making a significant purchase, think again before finalizing the sale. Is this really something that you can afford? Or that you actually want? You may be confronting longstanding negative or prejudicial attitude, a bad habit, or an unhealthy relationship. Now is the time to realize what's working and what's not working and make the choice that will work best. Or, you may be facing rejection from someone else or a loss that leaves you wondering about your true value as a person. While you might be able to say, "let go and move on," it might not be quite so easy. Your heart might still be holding on. Even if you do not reach a resolution during this cycle, it can still have significant impact, since you're now likely to look at yourself and your choices from a different perspective. No matter what, allow kindness to prevail. Then you might find that even that tiny bit of sweetness carries you through an unsettled time.


Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Uranus     
Dec 9, 2016 through Jan 31, 2017, exact on Jan 4

If you've had difficulty in the past determining what makes you unique, then this cycle will aid you immensely. This is your time to tap into your special talents and abilities, but it's also a time when you'll feel a desire to experience true unconditional acceptance. That starts with acceptance of yourself, and extends to embracing and accepting others. No expectations. No qualifications. However, there is nothing calming about this cycle, and if you feel especially restless, you'll want to find an outlet for it.  This is the perfect time to change an old habit, get rid of a bad habit, or make alterations daily routine. You're ready  for something completely different, but need that difference to be in harmony with your true inner needs and feelings. What's really going on? You've just gotten in touch with the part of you that's always seemed a bit alien. Now's the time to get to know more about what makes you special ... could be fun!


Progressed Moon Square Natal ASC   
Dec 11, 2016 through Feb 2, 2017, exact on Jan 7

Your emotions give you away, particularly if you're feeling like your life is just not supporting what your truly need. It's time to explore how your actions and attitudes may be impacting the way others respond to you. Experimenting with changes probably will not feel all that great, and you might find that you have negative feelings toward those who tell you that you need to change. Yet when you look inside and get in touch with what's not working in your life, you know where you need to begin. This is the time to be more in touch with those needs, and to get in touch with your feelings about yourself.


Progressed Moon in Scorpio        in
Feb 5 through Jun 4, 2017

The emotional intensity you're experiencing now is a manifestation of the evolutionary path of your progressed Moon, now filtering your life experiences through the depths of Scorpio's realm. With great potential for healing, this phase brings you more in touch with those feelings you may have stuffed away, or felt you could not handle at an earlier time. Now is the time to release those skeletons from the closet of your subconscious and to make way for transformation. Some of us have secrets we even seem to hide from ourselves, and this is your time to tap into such dimensions and become clear about the way you deal with personal empowerment. Old attachments are ready to dissolve, too, and as you let go of the things that are inhibiting your needs for fulfillment you may also bid goodbye to a few relationships. Yet this can be an amazing period to forge soul-level connections to those you bring into the circle of your trust.  Some emotional extra-sensitivity accompanies this cycle, and to protect yourself, you might submerge your feelings or even try to repress what seems uncomfortable. This can be read as emotional coldness by others, and if you run into that issue, ask yourself what you're trying to hide. Some secrets beg keeping, others are destructive. It's up to you to determine the difference.