The Psyche and Eros Relationship Potential Report




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     Your birth chartinterpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of yourbirth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along withother technical information, are listed below:


Sun      position is 10deg. 02 min. of Sagittarius

Moon     position is 12 deg.23 min. of Aquarius

Mercury  position is  5 deg. 25 min. of Sagittarius

Venus    position is 25 deg. 07 min.of Capricorn

Mars     position is 23 deg.17 min. of Virgo

Jupiter  position is  1 deg. 01 min. of Scorpio

Saturn   position is 19 deg. 16 min. ofLibra

Uranus   position is  0 deg. 59 min. of Sagittarius

Neptune  position is 24 deg. 02 min. ofSagittarius

Pluto    position is 25 deg. 58 min.of Libra

Asc.     position is  3 deg. 23 min. of Libra

MC       positionis  3 deg. 43 min. of Cancer

2nd cusp positionis  0 deg. 39 min. of Scorpio

3rd cusp positionis  1 deg. 11 min. of Sagittarius

5th cusp positionis  6 deg. 13 min. of Aquarius

6th cusp positionis  6 deg. 34 min. of Pisces


TropicalZodiac   Standard timeobserved.

House System:PLACIDUS

GMT: 07:30:00     Time Zone: 6 hoursWest.

Lat. and Long. ofbirth: 34 N 48 53     89 W 30 55



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The Psyche and ErosRelationship Potential Report


     The Psyche and ErosRelationship Potential Report is comprised of the first two sections of thecomplete Psyche and Eros Relationship Analysis. This abbreviated version of thecomplete report describes the emotional needs, temperament, hang-ups and issueseach person brings to the relationship. For an analysis of the compatibility ofthese individuals, see the last two sections of the complete Psyche and ErosRelationship Analysis. This can also be accessed separately as the Psyche andEros Compatibility Analysis.




Aries on 7th house cusp


     You, who can charmothers so easily, are attracted to people who are both passionate and direct.You may tend to project your own aggressive and controlling tendencies ontoother people and then resent them for it. You cannot be alone. You need partnerships.


     You form impulsiveattachments. You have a knack of pursuing the people you are attracted towithout appearing overly aggressive or anxious. Others may marvel at the wayordinarily aloof people respond to you. You unconsciously arouse competitiveness.


     You are charming,romantic and attractive and need to know that other people like you.Self-assertion frightens you and when circumstances make it necessary youusually feel victimized and over-react. You admire people who are strong and aggressive.


     Ideally, you connectwith people who share your views and are less inhibited than you are aboutfighting for them. You admire their courage and independence. While they mayoutwardly appear to be the more dominant partner, this is rarely actually thecase.

Mars, Ruler of 7th house, is in 12th:


     You formrelationships impulsively -- frequently with people  you meet through work. Perhaps it's because you are both sopreoccupied with the shared interest in the projects at hand that the emotionaldissimilarities are less obvious to you. It may also be true, if you meet through work, the relationship must bekept secret which initially adds an intensity and excitement which mightobscure other issues.  Yourpartners are gentle and hard-working and tend to be more comfortable behind thescenes.  That in no way makes themweak or passive.  They simplyabjure flamboyance.  That's finewith you.  You are pleasant andwell-mannered yourself.  However,you are also a social being and, if your partner's natural reticence extends toa taste for solitude, that could present a problem for you.


     You have a highlydeveloped aesthetic sense and may connect with people whose tastes are morepractical and functional.  Too manydifferences in the so-called little things can lead to mutual sniping andirritation.  You can't bear adisharmonious environment.  It canaffect you physically.  Yourresponse would be avoidance.  It'simportant to remember that no matter how intrigued you may be by shared practicaland professional interests, if the emotional and aesthetic bonds aren't there,the relationship can't work.  Whenyou are in tune in those ways, you have something very special:  a relationship that is very private andvery close, perhaps one that no one else entirely understands.


Venus Trine Mars with an orb between 1 and 3 degrees


     Your love nature andyour sexual nature are happily in harmony. You're comfortable with your sexualrole as you perceive it and rarely go for any period of time without anintimate relationship. You need love, go after it and always manage to find it.


Jupiter Trine MC with an orb between 1 and 3 degrees


     When you were little,your teachers liked you and when you grew up, your employers liked you. Youtend to approach all relationships both personal and professional with an easyassurance. It is important to you that close ties enjoy society's approval.


Sun SemiSquare Venus with an orb of less than 1 degree


     Your love nature isvery turbulent. You form relationships impulsively and then worry it's with thewrong person. There seems to be a dichotomy between the person you knowyourself to be and the person you feel you should be in order to be valued and loved.


Sun SemiSquare Pluto with an orb of less than 1 degree


     Power strugglesplague your relationships. Either you become the dominant partner out of a fearof being controlled or you become very passive, controlling indirectly throughguilt or manipulation. Your father may have been emotionally abusive to you.


Mercury Quintile Mars with an orb of less than 1 degree


     Your sense of humoris one of your outstanding qualities. It usually manifests as a rather wry wit.Anyone you're close to must share this sense of irony. You probably have aspecial talent or an absorbing interest. Your closest ties are likewiseinvolved.


Mercury Conjunct Uranus with an orb between 3 and 5 degrees


     Brilliant andoriginal as you are, you can also be difficult and unpredictable. Close tiesmay complain they never know when you are going to show up or what you'replanning next. You are easily bored and love people who can both stimulate andsurprise you.


Sun Sextile Moon with an orb between 1 and 5 degrees


     Whether or not your parents themselves had a successfulmarriage, you came away with a clear sense of the masculine and feminine andhow they integrate. You are comfortable with the opposite sex and have noproblem forming healthy, enduring relationships.


Mercury Sextile Asc. with an orb between 1 and 5 degrees


     You are extremelyverbal and communicative and have no difficulty in making your thoughts andideas clearly understood. At times, however, you may become a bit glib and useyour "gift of gab" as a means of protecting yourself from emotionalvulnerability.


Uranus Sextile Asc. with an orb between 1 and 5 degrees


     You are an unusualperson and are often perceived as "ahead of your time" in some way.Friendship is very important to you - especially in your love affairs. Youdon't like relationships which are overly defined or confining. You must feelfree to love.


Mercury SemiSquare Saturn with an orb between 1 and 2 degrees


     You are a seriousperson and inclined to be somewhat inflexible in your thinking. Since you tendto be rather judgmental, you could only be happy with someone who is inphilosophical agreement with you and conceptualizes the world as you do.Sometimes you are rather taciturn.


Mercury Quincunx MC with an orb between 1 and 3 degrees


     No one has everquarreled with the obvious fact of your intelligence, however your ideas oftenput you at odds with people in positions of authority, leaving you with twoalternatives: a continuous battle or a withdrawal into your own independentsphere.


Venus Square Jupiter with an orb between 5 and 8 degrees


     You may be overlyself-indulgent and inclined toward excesses of eating, drinking, sex oranything which gives you pleasure. You would not be comfortable with someonewho was too reserved. You can be quite extravagant both emotionally andfinancially.


Venus Square Saturn with an orb between 5 and 8 degrees


     Since you were achild you have felt you could not just be yourself and be loved. You had toearn your love in some way by being or doing something special. You are farmore self-protective than most people realize. Your best love partners are alsowork partners.


Moon Trine Saturn with an orb between 5 and 8 degrees


     While you may not beoverly demonstrative emotionally, you take close personal relationships veryseriously and always feel a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty. You arenot a fair-weather friend. When someone needs you, you are always there.


Pluto Trine MC with an orb between 5 and 8 degrees


     Power struggles oftenenter into your relationships - both personal and professional. You have aninnate fear of being dominated owing to your experience with a controllingparent. Strong people fascinate you. You're a little afraid of people you love.


Sun Conjunct Uranus with an orb between 8 and 10 degrees


     You are restless andindependent and, no matter how close you become to someone, you always remainyour own person and there is a part of yourself you cannot share. You areuncompromisingly true to your convictions which must be shared by those closeto you.


Sun does not aspect Asc.


     People do not receivean accurate first impression of you. Owing to shyness or lack of confidence,you have cultivated a persona which is not expressive of the person youexperience yourself to be. This creates complications in personalrelationships.


Moon does not aspect Mercury


     It's as if theemotional and rational sides of your nature take turns expressing themselves.You are either utterly detached and objective about a situation or soemotionally involved you have no perspective. You are not in touch with yourfeelings.