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Sample Composite Report for Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

The composite Sun, like the Sun in a natal chart, is the heart of the relationship and its primary drive and focus. The sign in which it falls will color the entire relationship, as many of the important events in the relationship will occur when transiting bodies are in this sign. If it is strong in its house position and supported by good aspects from other bodies, the relationship will have a solid center and will tend to sustain itself despite the buffets of adversity. If it is poorly aspected or in a difficult house position, the relationship will be easily damaged and difficult to repair as the natural cyclical transits will tend to reinforce negative qualities of the relationship rather than positive. The Sun's primary quality is restorative drive, the general impetus toward life and its sustenance, rather than any specific traits or areas of endeavor such as are represented by the planets. Therefore its placement will tell the overall thrust and style of the relationship and how well it bears up under fire, rather than give the details of just how it will do so. A badly placed Sun can mean a relationship that is almost certain to fail, because wounds to the partnership won't heal themselves. A very well-placed Sun can mean a relationship that sustains and resuscitates itself so well that it may even be difficult to get out of should either partner choose to do so (as might be the case if the planetary aspects were very difficult or if the two natal charts themselves were in great conflict). It is the driving engine of the relationship and everything else orbits around it and derives life from its energy.

A penchant for the practical makes this relationship a good one for getting business done by cutting away the chaff to see the grain. The key word here is limits - the ability to know where one thing ends and the next begins. The only thing you need to avoid is limiting your own potential to within the borders you envision at the moment. Once you believe you have done all you can, or should, take that opportunity to begin something new rather than resting on your laurels and repeating what you already know. In this way, your life becomes a series of complete, self-contained adventures, otherwise it might just stagnate. Resist the temptation to eschew the frivolous because it is unnecessary and feel free to waste a little time just having fun, which can be an enterprise in itself. You also have the opportunity to use your joint talents helping others to ground themselves and get a better focus on their affairs, if only through imitation of what you so naturally achieve. The same goes for the effect of the relationship on each of you individually, which will be to tighten up each other's acts and help clarify otherwise ambiguous situations. Select your direction and define your goals.

SUN conjunct MERCURY
In a special way, your heads and hearts are in the same place in this relationship, and you will naturally know what the other is talking about whether you verbalize or not. But when you do put it into words, it will be well-expressed as well as sincerely delivered. This is a talent that can be taken for granted. However, there can also be a tendency to assume you have said the right thing. You let your intentions take control over your expressions without seeing them through. On a moment-to-moment basis, this is not a problem, for as long as you're getting the message across to each other, it doesn't matter how it's done or how accurate or complete you are in what you verbalize. When others become involved, however, you can find they misinterpret what you say because you didn't go the distance in making it clear by addressing the other person's viewpoint. It's entirely a question of neglect, arising from applying assumptions you safely make between yourselves to others who don't share your background and information. Therefore, you may have to go out of your way to remember to say it all when you are addressing the outside world, especially when you have to put it in writing. Your communications skills have to be different for each person you are dealing with, something that is entirely within your reach.

A broad, inventive streak characterizes this relationship and you will always be on the trail of something new to add to the revelations that life has to offer. You will not have to seek out the new and unusual, because it will come to you as a matter of course, and you will see the positive side and not the too-frequent combative side of establishing new approaches to life. You will want to keep your options wide open in the way that you deal with people, as life is full of surprises and you won't want to shut yourselves off from any of them. Unusual relationships will have a distinctly positive side for you and you won't judge people as being different, just special. The search for the truth will be a compelling one for you, but not so much that it puts you at odds with the establishment. Rather, you have an easy ability to sidestep troublesome barriers in your way and go on to do what is necessary to fulfill your pursuit of new windows on reality. Where most struggle to gain access to the truth, you will likely just walk right in and wonder what the problem could possibly be. Aside from making life easier for you, you can also give a boost to those who can't do it with such aplomb and in the process gain insight into yourselves as well.

In a very special but perhaps unnoticed way, your relationship is a quiet justification of your dreams and a statement of your ideals. It is not something you are likely to make a big deal about, but you have the feeling without having to say it that this is where it's at. In a way this is a fortune of circumstance, as what you would like to see happen simply turns up here with no one to blame or credit, including yourselves. But why look a gift horse in the mouth? Why, indeed? Well, because the horse will not live forever or even stay in good health in the long run unless you figure out what you are doing right and make sure you continue to do it as time goes by and don't take it for granted. That's a problematic prescription when all you have to do is lay back and feel good about yourselves, but there are sufficient numbers of others whose fantasies don't so easily realize themselves that it might be worth your while to figure out your formula for their benefit. You are the stuff of your dreams, but you can only dream on so long. Share the dream.

Mercury in the composite chart represents the mutual meeting of minds, or lack of it, between you. It also represents your ability to communicate to others as a couple or as individuals. In the first instance, in which the position symbolizes the shore between two intellects, it will be important to know what kind of communication goes on: by style, substance, and action (sign, house, and aspect). A well-placed Mercury will mean that you can put clearly into words what you mean to say to each other, and such a position can be of great help in alleviating emotional problems that may not easily come to the surface. If you can both say how you feel, you've gone a long way towards being able to change. On the other hand, a badly placed Mercury can have the opposite effect, stirring up emotional problems where there were none by simply getting communications wires crossed. In a professional relationship this can mean all sorts of pointless starts and stops because of faulty information, particularly in an increasingly information-oriented society. The position of Mercury therefore becomes increasingly critical in relationships in general. Its placement also describes how you communicate as a duo with the public at large, so herein lies further opportunities for good or ill. Well-placed, it will mean that you may be able to get yourself across to the world at large through the relationship rather than on your own. Where there are difficulties here, it may be better to speak your own piece and not let the relationship represent you. Nevertheless, knowing the situation in advance can help enormously, as you won't have to learn the communications value of the relationship by trial and error or blame each other for problems that arise from what is essentially a third party with its own horoscope, the relationship itself. Rather, you can take advantage of the best that it offers and avoid what looks like trouble by one or both of you pulling back on your own to handle problems the relationship does not cope with well.

A very concise and no-frills style of communication will characterize this relationship, even though one or both of you might be quite voluble individually. Ideas seem to congeal and simplify down to basics when you get together. If brevity is the soul of wit, you've got it. Making things shorter and sweeter when you're trying to get things across will also add power and forcefulness, as a few chosen words are usually more powerful than a outpouring of verbiage, however sincere. It may also cause you to be misunderstood as if someone else doesn't catch onto what you are saying; you're more inclined to repeat yourself rather than rephrase in a manner more suitable to your audience's level of communication. Here, one or both of you stepping out of the relationship and restating it differently can easily solve the problem. Just be aware that it may be necessary and keep an eye out for it. The ability to distill ideas into a few clear phrases is a rarity, however, so value it and hone it down to its finest edge. Once an idea is established for too long a time, it may get rusty therefore, make sure you go back and revise your opinions as time and change dictate. Nothing is permanent, only the moment, so take careful account of it. . .

Clarity and originality are the grace of this relationship and you can pierce through the veil of illusion to get concrete results any time you care to. Your ability to express leading-edge concepts without seeming too far-out can enable you to leap ahead of competitors who are still struggling to make outdated systems work for them. This, of course, gives this relationship great professional potential in any area which is future-oriented and depends on the swift and accurate implementation of new discoveries. Even if you do not choose to express this talent in the professional arena, it will still be a continual eye-opener throughout your lives and will be a wellspring of personal growth and understanding. Because you will have a deep, abiding respect for the truth and the natural desire and ability to perpetuate it, you will find that you can be thought-provoking and inspiring teachers as well. When you have the opportunity to perpetuate your vision, you will not hesitate to pass on your insights so that others can implement your vision as well as yourselves. If there is anything that you will want to see continued, it will be an approach to discovery inside and out that proceeds at a non-disruptive pace. The greatest enemy of progress is often too much progress too soon, and what you have is the ability to judge just how far is too far and stop just short of it. It is an ability you will want to share.

There is a truly intuitive bend to this relationship, where you may find that you can communicate the most specific things without having to speak or put a word on paper. It is as if because you both share considerable internal aspirations and inner direction, you naturally move in tandem and therefore arrive at the same ideas together. It will become second nature for each to know what the other is thinking - or at least to believe that is the case. The trouble with intuition is, of course, that it may be reliable most of the time but fail you when you least expect it or most have to lean on it. Thus, it will be wise to take an occasional reality check to see if you really are on the same wavelength or are just imagining it. Regardless, this aspect does indicate that you share a similar way of viewing your ideals and your higher spiritual goals not in an outgoing, evangelistic manner, but in a quiet, knowing fashion. There is not a struggle to reach ever higher here, just the knowledge that is the direction in which you are headed. Having that knowledge alone, and the relaxation and lack of interior conflict that implies, can put you a long way down the road to achieving your inner goals. It is when you struggle, spreading your energies in all directions, that forward motion is lost. Quiet stroking gets you there.

The planet Venus represents desire, attraction, what you physically and emotionally desire and as a composite position describes where your desires meet and either blend or conflict, or a bit of both. This is too often applied to love interests alone, although it covers them as well. It means everything you desire - money, position, beautiful things, property, friends, lovers, anything that you want and believe if you get it, will make you happy. It also has another side which is your ability to appear to provide just such fulfillment for others, thus symbolizing personal charm, beauty, attractiveness, wealth, and so on. It's the two-way wish fulfillment point where dreams are born. When this is viewed between two people as a composite point, it means how and whether you make each other's dreams, on a very basic level, come true. If badly placed, it can mean continual desire and constant disappointment. If strong by position, it will be a buttress to the relationship, as you know you will always get what you want when you come back to it. It is, of course, critical in telling how a sexual relationship will unfold and can spell repeated ecstasy or constant frustration, especially taken in tandem with composite Mars. It also represents how well the relationship as a whole will be able to realize its goals and desires, which will of course be directly connected with its ability to make itself desirable, both of which are described by this composite point. Thus, an afflicted composite Venus is a double indemnity, because it usually prevents either of you from getting what you want out of each other, and it means the relationship will not get what it wants, either. Conversely, a well-aspected composite Venus is like a gift from above, as it means mutual success and satisfaction all around. In judging the overall success of a relationship, this is indeed a very important position.

Satisfaction for this relationship will be a lot less physical and a lot more spiritual and emotional than for most others. The stuff of the world is nice to have, but when you are together it will be the inner communication and connection with each other and with others that you value more than anything tangible you might acquire in the realm of the senses or the world of business and reputation. Although perhaps the greatest satisfaction of all, it can also be the most elusive, since there are few set formulas and prescriptions for how to go about achieving it. The more finely you can tune your sensitivities, the more likely you are to get where you want to go. It is a situation where you will find that you get more by giving rather than receiving. It will also mean that the relationship, if you allow it to, can be a source of uplifting energy to both of you and transform your individual goals into a larger unity that involves you on a deeper level with each other and with humanity and the universe at large. It is not a style of achievement that can be struggled for, but rather one which must be allowed to develop; and the more you can get out of its way, the more likely it is to make its appearance.

Mars represents physical and emotional energy, and as such the ability and inclination to get things done, to fulfill desire by taking action. By its elf it is really just raw energy, and its placement, particularly in relation to the other bodies in the chart, describes where and how well this energy will be directed. As a composite point, it describes how your two energy directions mesh and whether they will reinforce each other or simply get in each other's way. It will tell whether sparks will fly, igniting random and destructive brush fires, or whether a controlled fire will blossom that will become the engine to power and fulfill your desires under your own direction. Its relationship to Venus, particularly in sexual relationships, is critical, as it will describe whether it will fulfill or deny your sexual needs. In both male and female it describes sexual drive as well as assertiveness and ultimately, aggression. Thus, a well positioned composite Mars allows the two of you to unite your energies naturally toward whatever goal you choose, while a difficult placing will put your efforts constantly at odds, wasting your efforts in mutual conflict or confusion when you should be utilizing them otherwise. As with Venus, this can be the greatest natural blessing or a terrible stumbling block. A strong composite Mars can energize and focus two people who are otherwise at sixes and sevens with themselves, and a troublesome one can throw the most balanced performers into disarray as they wonder what hit them to throw them so off balance. Thus, it will be wise to understand this position well so as to know whether to ride it or back off. It will also portray the power potential of the relationship as it exists in the outside world. A strong Mars has the energy to carry others along with it, whereas a disabled one will tend to break down already functioning operations in the relationships' social surroundings. None of this suggests that a difficult Mars means you should forget about the relationship, however, as if one of you is simply put in charge in certain areas, mutually compartmentalizing the energy flow; the ill effect can be largely disenabled, albeit at the price of local inequality. It is something to be considered with care and attention, however, as herein lies much of your self-empowerment and control over your lives.

You have a brand of energy together that has a wide range of possibilities and thus lets you tackle a broad spectrum of tasks. It tends toward the general and not the specific, so where you can let others (or each other individually) pick up the details while the two of you work on the big picture, it will be to your advantage to do so. When you have as many options as you do together, don't get bogged down in particulars if you can avoid it. Because of your expansive possibilities, you will be flexible and easy to work with and will do well to expand your relationship to include others. If there is any danger in this, it is expanding your projects beyond your means to complete them. The same goes for the interior of the relationship, where you would like to try out everything, physically and emotionally, but you may find that too much on your joint plate can mean you don't get the most enjoyment out of any one thing you experiment with. Think big and delegate responsibilities, but when it comes to personal pleasures, get the most out of each of them before you move on: get there fast, then take it slow. All in all, however, this is an enthusiastic and laughter-loving place for Mars, one that makes you whistle while you work.

Undue and unrelenting force can too easily have a part in this relationship, and you will do well to avoid it at all costs. When either of you don't get your way, forcing the issue will be the first and worst response. The internal motivation here is a fear that one of you will somehow be invalidated and inactivated by the other, so it is better to strike first and ask questions later. The results will just be a pointless and escalating conflict which will do no one any good and could cause serious harm. Rather, treat each other with a mutual respect bordering on dread, based on the assumption that if you don't give each other plenty of room for self-expression, all hell will break loose. In fact this is a good approximation of the case, and keeping this sort of attitude in mind will be the very method of keeping things cool, calm, and collected. You may find the same inclination in dealing with the outside world, where it will be easier to provoke confrontations than come to a compromise. Although you may feel a sense of power with this aspect and have a serious inclination to use it, just keep in mind that the other guy may be just as well armed - and a cooler and more deliberate shot.

Jupiter in any chart represents the capacity for growth and expansion in relation to whatever it is connected. It means bigger, better, newer, faster, higher, and more developed. It is usually looked at only in the positive aspect, but it also has the potential to get out of hand if not checked and directed. The composite chart is the area that your mutual aspiration and inventiveness meet, a point where creativity is strong but which may or may not bring its potentials to fruition, depending upon its placement and how you handle it. Well-aspected it allows you to view realistically and act effectively upon what you determine together to make the relationship a spawning ground of limitless opportunity, more than either of you could manage separately. Debilitated, it can mean overblown expectations that come to nothing, biting off more than you can chew, situations that spiral out of control, and projects that perish under their own weight. But these ills aside, Jupiter usually does more good than harm and under most conditions it is the place to look for blessings. A solid composite Jupiter will mean that you can always look to the relationship to pull each of you up another step when you are stagnating and it will mean that others can look to the two of you for inspiration and new ideas. Where it is difficult, you will have to take the opportunity to restrain yourself now and again and develop only that which you think you can use at the time to avoid wasting your energies on unrealizable goals. It will show you where the big picture is and provide the kind of life overview which the relationship teaches that you might not have discovered on your own. It can be the force that carries you both away with each other and raises you to heights you didn't know you had. Its only danger is allowing the relationship to take over you as individuals. Use it as a resource for each of you to draw on, not the other way round, and it will always pay off for you.

The style in which this relationship develops and will take some special tending in order to get the most out of it. You tend to keep your new directions under wraps, sometimes even where each other are concerned, until they spring full-blown into existence. It's rather like an egg developing, but you can't see the embryo. It just sits there, until one day it bursts open and out staggers a new-formed chick. Nevertheless, a lot went into forming the new individual, and the wrong conditions experienced by the chick while in the egg can seriously harm its development. Although you will prefer not to give away your plans, it might be a good idea to get some outside feedback now. Then you see if it's going as well as you think. If not, you need to rework things before it is too late and you're already committed to a course of action. In the end it will be your feelings rather than your thoughts which will direct the evolution of the relationship. And if it doesn't work out; it will be feelings, which are sometimes difficult to repair, that are injured. Because you feel it all depends upon you, the pressure to get it right will be much greater than if you opened yourselves up a bit where you can share blame as well as credit. Once you decide how you want to revise and develop your situation, you will find that you have a great deal of commitment to what you are doing and will defend it like a mother defends her children. Such loving care about how the two of you grow together will do much to cement your relationship, especially if you keep channels open between you so both have plenty of input: truly a joint triumph in the end.

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Saturn is usually considered the bugbear among planets and has an evil reputation that it only partially deserves. It is associated with restriction, contraction, dearth, debilitation, and a host of other adjectives that add up to not getting what you want. That is, however, only partly true. It might be better to say that it describes extreme delineation, concreteness, and finality - reality in the most concrete sense. Much of our lives are comprised of hopes, plans, desires, dreams, wishes, and expectation, and Saturn describes what actually becomes of them. So in such a goal-oriented, future-driven society as ours, what actually happens is all too often a disappointment, the result of failed unrealistic expectations. Thus, Saturn in the composite chart is where you both get down to brass tacks and determine (or have determined for you) what actually is to be. If this point is well-situated, it means that you can rely on each other and the relationship as something that delivers every time. It will lend solidity to the relationship and make it something you can lean on when either of you need to be backed up. It will also make the two of you a haven for others in distress. In a difficult position, it will mean that you tend to fail each other, to bring each other down, and to sap each other's energies physically or emotionally. In this situation it can highlight the insecurities of the relationship and mark for failure what might otherwise have succeeded. But in either situation, like any other planet, it will not touch every aspect of the relationship and so you are free to be selective if you know what areas it is either supporting or restricting. You want to know what the bottom line is everywhere, however; and that is what Saturn will tell you. But you don't have to invest in stocks you think are going to depreciate, either. If you recognize early what the downsides and the support pillars of the relationship are, you can use one to stand on while you either avoid or make repairs upon the other at your leisure. If you do not, ignorance is the ally of the dark side and it will have much greater power to pull you in and cripple you. Find your foundation stones early, so your house will not be built upon sand; and, in time, your temple will rise to the skies.

This is a difficult position for Saturn, as its conservative, stability-seeking nature is literally afloat in the miasma that is the sign of Pisces. It therefore represents a physical and spiritual challenge concerning the methods you go about seeking your security together. If you look for the standard principles to lean on, ones that seem to work for everybody else, you will likely find yourself ill at ease with them and unable to make them work for you. Instead you will have to find a way of deriving your innermost stability from the results of inner growth and a faith in each other's ability to achieve it. If you ask for imposing results all the time, you'll seldom get them or, when you need them, they will disappear. If you cast your bread upon the waters, you will be buoyed up by hands unseen and carried on to broader vistas, like a ship caught up in a current and carried to foreign lands. This requires being willing to give up a lot of control that is taken for granted as necessary by most and can make you feel quite insecure until you get used to it. It is mainly a matter of style here, however, as the results will be the same, just not the methods you find most successful to go about getting to them.

SATURN opposition URANUS
Grounding your inspirations will be a major challenge here, and it will come in an alternating sort of fashion. You may find yourselves suddenly seeing a situation in a totally new light and wanting to go with it all the way - this can be sexual, emotional, social, financial. Then misgivings take over and you say no, that's too far out, it can't be done, go back to the usual. The fact is, it can be done in part, and should be, but it needs some realism put into it from the realm of the usual so it will fit in with the rest of life. There is a conflict between the instantaneous inspiration of truth and the necessity to make it work through time in a cosmic sense. In more concrete terms, however, you may separate yourselves onto different sides of the issues: inspired weirdo, retrograde curmudgeon. The stuff fights are made of. Actually, the two sides are made for each other, as one (Uranus) comes and goes in a flash and would be better off sustained, and the other (Saturn) has plenty of follow-through but needs inspiration. How about inspiration, maybe banked down a little, with lots of follow-through? That's the potential here. To get at the truth either in a flash or through working it out a step at a time, but to etch it in stone once you've got it.

There is a fine quality of spirituality and idealism in this relationship, but it is not of the outgoing, missionary sort at all. In fact, from the outside it may go entirely unnoticed because it has such a low profile. It is spirituality born out of facing reality and accepting that to a great measure that is how it ought to be. In other words, you learn to mold your hopes around what can and must be. In a way this may seem like self-denial or just giving in, but it's much more than that. When Alexander Pope wrote, "Whatever is, is right, " he wasn't promoting the status quo, but encouraging the thought that you must look closer at how things are put together. Things are the way they are for a reason. This trine has the effect of keeping expectations low and it spares you a lot of the wrong turns and disappointments that chasing after illusory dreams can bring. In the end it is not a negative aspect, but a sobering one, and you find that when you dream of the attainable, your dreams have a decidedly better chance of coming true.

SATURN opposition PLUTO
This is a powerful and potentially destructive aspect which if focused upon can consume you, but if taken one step at a time can lead you on to a better understanding of what is possible and what is not. At the surface level it will mean a continual collision with restriction and stoppage in certain areas of your lives. The houses where these planets are will cover the areas where you constantly run into obstacles that run from the annoying to the totally obstructive. There will be a logical transition from restriction and deceleration, to a standstill. If harnessed in a professional situation, this can give you great power of enforcement, whether within the law or out of it, but on the personal level, it is best to go beyond the terminal power struggles that might be engendered here to the lesson these two planets have to give together: acceptance. Where these fall, there is nothing that your wills can do to alter the circumstances actively, but everything can be done by waiting, getting out of the way, and learning to dig new channels rather than run through a mountain. When you find yourselves in an intractable situation socially, sexually or financially, do not insist on seeing it through to the bitter end, because if you do that is all there will be. The lesson here is not just about power, but the limits of power.

Uranus is one of the three relatively recently-discovered outer planets, and all three are marked with a reality common to new experience and endeavor. They are not fully explored and thus not very much under our control. Uranus has been known the longest, (since 1786), and is a bit more familiar. It is associated with sudden events, shocks, realizations, discoveries, and other highly delineated events that sheer off quickly and completely from their previous states or surroundings. For creatures of habit, such as most of us are, this is usually upsetting and generally bad news. But it does not have to be. Your ability to use Uranus instead of letting it abuse you, is directly related to how flexible and quick on your feet you are. It also is linked to how willing you are to accept and welcome change as part of the nature of things. If you accept it grudgingly, then Uranus will always be a symbol of malice; if you welcome it with open arms, it will be a deliverance and an inspiration. In the composite chart, Uranus is where the two of you are repeatedly forced to rise to this occasion, and its contacts will tell in what areas of life it usually manifests. Well situated, it is a mutual window onto the future, flooding you both with light and clueing you into what is coming next. In such a position, it will make the relationship an eye-opener, which you come back to time and again for more. It will also tend to put you both ahead of the game emotionally and socially placing you in a leadership position among others where future thinking is concerned. In a difficult place, it will mean that you bring to each other incidents and accidents in areas where you are the most entrenched and you force each other to come to grips with ideas with which you refuse to deal. This can be a source of great mutual blame: "You made me get into this. If it weren't for you, this never would have happened. . . " and so on. This is particularly the case in sexual affairs in a society that is at heart so sexually conservative (even backward) and yet ruthlessly courts danger by flaunting it everywhere as if it were an everyday affair. Perhaps the only way to deal with this planet is to expect the unexpected, thus robbing it of harm and providing it with a welcome. If you are ready to harness it - like a wild horse - you can ride it far. If you turn your back, it will surely trample you. Where this occurs in the composite chart, keep your eyes wide open, your stance wide, and your tolerance level on maximum.

You may find that the path to self-discovery and the leaps you must make when you have to rearrange your thought patterns will be quite demanding and that you will have to pay particularly close attention or you won't get to first base. This means when there is a problem or a discontent due to some special need or viewpoint of the other, it needs to be addressed specifically and in detail, not glossed over in hopes that a quick fix will solve it or make it go away. Special care must be taken to apply maximum tolerance of each other here, as each other's peculiarities will need to be addressed. This means finding a lot out about your partner and accepting what you find with understanding and compassion, however different that might be from your own style or expectations. In an exterior mode, don't look for universal truths but find out what reality is in your own special cases. Most of all, don't be annoyed if you don't get it right the first time. Impatience, next to intolerance, can be your greatest enemy. With time, you can work out the details; and once you've got them down, they can take you far and serve as a special kind of bond unique to yourselves to further cement the relationship.

This aspect happens in the sky only twice every 172 years, and the last time it occurred was in 1966-67, which means you were both born then or equidistantly before and after it in time. Thus, it has something of a generational tinge to it. Symbolically, it means a nice balance between your ideals (Neptune) and new discoveries about how they must be implemented (Uranus). Well, consider the year. It was height of the legendary 1960's when the post World War II "baby boomers" were coming into adulthood and idealism was in high favor. Revolutionary technology seemed to promise to make these youthful dreams a reality, and everything was very mellow for a few short years, spawning Sergeant Pepper and flower children. Alas, it was not to be, not then, not like that. Fixed in your composite chart, it gives you the talent to make just this sort of dream come true, to evenly balance the practical with the ideal, to match the technology with the dream. This can apply to your personal emotional and sexual growth, your social progress, and even your financial possibilities. Whereas in history this aspect has passed, not to repeat until well into the 21st century, for you it will not pass and is a lifetime opportunity. Perhaps the children of the flower children can make the flower child's dreams come true.

This is a generational aspect and its significance is derived from the fact that you were both born in the middle 1960's or equidistant from that era. The symbolism of that era goes a long way to describe how it will work in your situation. During that time, the principles of Uranus (truth) and Pluto (force) came together and created a movement across the world where force was adopted in the interest of gaining change and the implementation of what people believed was truth. The same issues, at a basic level, will be operative between you and getting to the truth will have a somewhat compulsive aspect in the way you approach it. The necessity to speak out about what you believe is something you must leave room for in each other and tolerance will be the order of the day if you are to get along. More important is to understand that there is tremendous motivation here to do what is right, even if it is not expressed in a recognizable way. If you think it's not being done well or appropriately, avoid making an issue of it and consciously look for compromise because unconsciously that is the last position you will spontaneously adopt. Getting it right takes time, and what you first view as the ultimate truth can change and mellow with time, and you will need to allow yourselves the kind of space that will allow you to grow toward each other. Otherwise, you could look back later and see that you really agreed at a basic level, but didn't give yourselves the time to realize it.

The effects of Neptune, another outer planet and a recent discovery, are often largely out of our control both by our unfamiliarity with its effects and the apparent nature of the planet which represents the uncertain, dreams, illusions, ideals, mystery, and the higher unexplored (and perhaps unexplorable entirely) plane of the spiritual world. Its nature is so uncertain, it's not even known exactly when it was discovered; various claims exist from 1810 all the way up to 1846, and we may never know for sure. It may be viewed from afar with a certain amount of analysis, however. When we find an area of mystery, it is our natural instinct to provide something to fill that void. Nature abhors a vacuum and our minds rush in to fill it with every kind of speculation and fantasy, if only to have something to act on in the area. Whatever is actually there will turn up eventually. In the meantime we provide ourselves with an image which may be close enough to the truth to better help us function or may be off in fantasyland and fail us utterly if we are unwise enough to lean on it. We know only in hindsight. Thus, in a composite chart, this point becomes the place where dreams, fantasies, hopes and ideals meet or clash, and inspire us or drag us down in confusion and conflict. Too many wars and personal battles have been fought over it needlessly, because none of these things actually existed until later. That's the crux of it: don't fight over what isn't there, at least not yet. Well placed, this planet will help you aspire to higher, more selfless goals but even they can make you take them more seriously than they are. Badly positioned, it can lead to lies, deceit, and mistrust based on mutual misreading of the unknown and the foolish action taken upon it. In the end, it is a gentle, diaphanous planet that can never be forced. Dreams and fantasies belong to each of you individually; and when they are similar enough to share, whether emotionally, sexually, spiritually, or even financially, they can be the greatest of joys. If one of you tries to enforce any of it on the other, however, everything will turn distasteful and there will be no dreams left; the mist will be blown away and only a charred landscape will remain. Where this point occurs, go gently, expect nothing, and everything will be returned to you.

You will experience a certain dogged determination in making your dreams come true so there is a pretty good chance that they will. You, while keeping a fairly low profile so that others have less of a chance of interfering with your success, will tend to throw a lot of your power and ability here. As an initial strategy, this is a good one. As a lifelong approach, it can leave a lot out and cause you to miss some of your greatest potentials, so a little modification might be in order. It first might be well to consider that your aspirations and the ability to fulfill them are not wholly confined to you and your actions, either separately or together. It is the group experience of sharing your ideals that will give you the support to change and broaden them realistically and it will also give you the support to go on when your own specific expectations are not met. The good of one (yourselves) is much more dependent on the good of all. The more you confine your possibilities, the fewer results you will get. What you give away has the opportunity to come back tenfold, while what you keep for yourself stays where it is with only you to defend it. Retain your intensity, but let it circulate.

Of the three outer planets, Pluto is the most recently discovered (1930) and least subject to our control. As such, it is even considered the planet of power and control, ultimately because it so controls us in our attempt to overcome it. It is, of course, appropriately named after the ancient god of death, the thing which in the last analysis we cannot control; and at the most basic instinctual level, all the control we try to exercise in life is simply a ploy to cheat death a little longer. It is called the survival instinct. The point at which Pluto occurs in the composite chart is thus, at a deep level, where we meet in our ability to face death. But it doesn't manifest itself that way on the surface. Instead, it shows up as the methods we use to keep control in order to avoid the certainty of personal annihilation. Well placed, it will mean a partnership that simply doesn't worry about keeping in control of the situation, secure in the faith that things will take care of themselves and when it's time to go, you're in God's hands. In a bad place or aspect, it will mean continuous attempts to gain power over each other and the environment (according to aspect, sign, and house) and a penchant for compulsive behavior that easily gets out of control. Or, rather, it was never in control to begin with. In some instances, particularly sexual, this can be heightened to mystic proportions, and though it can be playing with fire it can also be very revelatory. Where prominently placed, for well or ill, it will give the relationship an aura of inescapability and predestination, something that sweeps over you both (like sex or death) and takes you out of yourselves. Similarly, you may find the relationship itself has something of this effect on others, giving you a greater power (a power which you must be careful not to abuse) over those around you. In the end, however, it is the willingness to relinquish control as well as take it that resolves problematic issues. In the meantime, the ability to step away from the relationship and out of its sway, at least in Pluto-affected areas, can be an important safety measure.

The most fundamental issues, those that reflect your individual integrity and the survival of the relationship, tend to be quite specific and material in nature, and as such have to be handled with great care to avoid conflict of an entirely pointless nature. It is very easy to closely identify with the paraphernalia of life - possessions, status, physical territory, personal surroundings and the methods of handling them - and to defend them with a compulsive passion which they do not merit. When all is said and done, you can't take it with you, so don't try to defend more than you need at the moment. In good aspect this can make you both feel that you've got all you need, whatever that may be, and you will always have it, but when difficulties arise it can make you fight to the bitter end over issues that aren't important and which distract from the fundamental communicating and sharing that makes up a successful relationship. As difficult as it may be to remember sometimes, home is where the heart is, not where the house is, and if you look into your hearts, you'll find home. This is not to say that what you earn and possess is not imbued with a special value unique to yourself, especially the details of how you treat each other and your personal and physical exchange; most of these will pass while you still remain. Tend to that which endures and not what passes.

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