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Uma Thurman




January 29, 2007





BirthData for Uma Thurman:


April29, 1970








1511st Avenue #109

NewYork City, NY 10003








SUN     14 Gem 24              NEPTUNE  29 Sco 07

MOON     0 Can 46              PLUTO    24 Vir 41

MERCURY 20 Tau 26              ASC.     1 Lib 26

VENUS   16 Can 39              MC        1 Can 41

MARS     2 Can 07              2nd CUSP 27 Lib 18

JUPITER 26 Lib 33              3rd CUSP 27 Sco 46

SATURN  16 Tau 19              5th CUSP  5 Aqu 32

URANUS   4 Lib 41              6th CUSP  5 Pis 49


Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed

Date of ProgressedChart: June 5, 1970

GMT of Progressed Chart:11:53:23

Lat. and Long. ofProgressed Chart: 42 N 21 30 71 W 03 37

Lat. and Long. of Birth:42 N 21 30 71 W 03 37


Aspects that occurwithin approximately 1 year:

Conjunction, Opposition,Square, Trine, Sextile




Your PersonalityProfile is revealed by the imprints of the planets in your NATAL Chart. TheNATAL REPORT is a projection of "Personality Potential" and can becompared to a "Blueprint" of a building that is being planned forconstruction. At different stages of development while the building is beingbuilt, certain additions, deletions and/or other changes may become desirable(or even necessary) and the original blueprint may be modified to accommodatethose changes. And so it is with your personality as indicated by your NATALChart. During the "building" of your life, your personality is beingdeveloped, and the imprints of the personality blueprint are being modifiedand/or changed, both by your own choices and by circumstances beyond yourcontrol.


The progression ofthe planets as they continue their respective orbits into different signs andhouses, and the aspects they form, are beyond our control. But we DO have somecontrol over how we handle these new influences, and how we let them affect ourpersonality. In order to deal with these influences, it certainly would helpfor us to know WHAT these influences are, and WHEN we will have to deal withthem. The PROGRESSED REPORT provides that information: the WHAT, the WHEN, and(in some reports) the HOW.


Now, for the firsttime, we have a Progressed Report that not only tells us WHAT, WHEN, andHOW--it also tells us HOW LONG! It locates the signs, the aspects, and thehouse positions for each of the planets for any given year of your life andtells you how long they will remain in those positions. With each of theinterpretations for these progressed planetary positions, we include a briefsynopsis of the influences and imprints of its position in your Natal Chart foryour comparison.


Many techniques forfollowing the development of man from birth through life have been devised andstudied by Astrologers since about the second or third century BC. The techniqueused in this Report is called "Secondary Progressions". This systemuses the "Day for a Year" process which appears to have beenpracticed since Ptolemy and Copernicus, and was supported by the Germanmathematician Johannes Kepler (1571-1630). The system is implemented bychoosing a specific birthday. We then count a day for each year of your life,and cast a chart for the "progressed birthday".


The Progressedchart is the first chart used in Predictive Astrology, for it provides a goodpreview and overview of what you can expect in the coming year. We feel thatthe Progressed chart provides the first step toward using Astrology for abetter and more fully informed way of living life -- AS IT UNFOLDS.


When combined withinformation obtained from a "FORECAST REPORT", OR "TRANSITREPORT", which interprets the aspects of the transiting planets (where theplanets actually WILL be at any given time), we can get an extremelycomprehensive body of predictive information for any "progressed year"--andbeyond. Check with your personal Astrologer for information concerning theseReports.





Like the Sun-sign,progressing the chart will change the sign on the cusp of the first house, yourAscendant. It will also bring influences of the new sign into play upon thepersonality in changing, modifying, and "blending" experiences. Eachtime a new sign "rises" on the first house, you may feel a littledisoriented, especially during the first year or two. This is because differentmethods, or "styles" of operating in interpersonal and businesstransactions can vary considerably under the influence of different Risingsigns. Since the Ascendant represents the face (the "Mask") we showthe world, others may begin to see us in a different light before we becomeaware of any changes in ourselves.


Unlike the Sun'sthirty-year cycle, the change cycles of the Ascendant may not be as predictableas the Sun, since the houses may have more, or less, than thirty degrees.Casting the chart for the place of residence instead of the birthplace can alsoaffect the degree of the Ascendant. The exact time of changes from the birthchart Ascendant and from the progressed Rising-signs can be difficult to tracewhen changes of residence are extreme.


The Rising sign inthe Progressed chart determines the signs on the houses, just as it does in theNatal chart. Each time the Ascendant changes, the sign on the cusps of theother eleven houses may change, also. The interpretations of the signs on thehouses will give some clues regarding the affairs of each house during the yearfor which the Progressed chart is cast. These signs on the cusps may not changevery much from year to year unless you move your place of residence asignificant distance from one geographic location to another.


Your ProgressedAscendant is now at two degrees of the sign, Libra. The followinginterpretations are for the current year and place of residence.



PROGRESSED LIBRARISING WITH NATAL ASCENDANT IN VIRGO--People who have Virgo rising at the timeof their birth are masters of detail, objectivity, and analysis. They arepractical in their intellectual activities and pursuits and enjoy research andthe collection of data. They need neatness and order in their environment andhave difficulty functioning unless everything is in its place. You are probablyvery good at handling the routine kind of jobs that others want to avoid,especially if it involves ferreting out facts. You are a master at making listsand you love catalogs. Others see you as modest, unobtrusive, and often ratherquiet or shy. You are a person who is content to be in the background or toserve as an assistant, in the supporting role rather than in the lead. You arequite humble in your own assessment of yourself. No matter how well you dosomething, you always see the flaws in it and how it could be improved. Oftenyou will simply refuse to attempt something because you feel you cannot meetyour own high standards. You probably appear super-organized and orderly toothers. Others see you as super "picky" because of your neat andorderly mind. You are not much given to pampering or coddling. You are notuncaring, but you need to be aware that your cool approach can come across likeice at times.


With Libra Risingin the PROGRESSED Chart, the focus will be upon balance and fair play with moresensitivity and receptivity. Ambition and goal orientation will probably remainthe same, but some new ingredients are added to the recipe for achievement. Youwill begin to seek the cooperation of others in your professional efforts. Yourdiplomacy and ability to compromise could lead to success in law and politics.You need companionship during this progression. It will be extremely importantfor you to find the right kind of intimate relationship, so that you may havethe love and harmony you so desperately need. This comes from not always beingable to realize your true identity. Balance and harmony are constantly sought,and if not present in most of your life you may become extremely upset. Youshould avoid the use of alcohol or other drugs to relieve the pain of periodsof disharmony in your life, lest they lead to the application of your talentsin negative ways.



PROGRESSED LIBRA ON2ND HOUSE--Venus, planet of beauty, art, and social matters rules Libra, signof balance and fair play. When it is found progressed into the second house offinances, money is likely to be made through partnerships or joint enterprises.It could be through activities under the Venus influence, and more than likelythrough small business efforts during this time. You like nice things and mayspend money, but you will also earn and save.


PROGRESSED SCORPIOON 3RD HOUSE--Scorpio is a Fixed sign of the water family, ruled by Pluto,planet of power and regeneration. When in the third house of communications inthe Progressed Chart, keen perception is present and satire is likely. You willhave a quick wit, but may be prone to express it through sarcasm. There couldbe some difficulties with close relatives while Scorpio is on this house. Yourbusiness acumen could propel you into positions of power.


PROGRESSEDCAPRICORN ON 4TH HOUSE--Saturn, planet of limitations and discipline, is rulerof Capricorn. When this sign is on the cusp of the fourth house of home lifeand domesticity in the Progressed Chart, you will be influenced to keep yourdomestic affairs well organized. You will place much of your responsibility inyour home, and may do an unusual amount of your outside work there. There willbe a constant struggle to get the domestic situation to meet your expectationsduring this progression.


PROGRESSED AQUARIUSON 5TH HOUSE--Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and with this sign in theProgressed Chart and on the fifth house of romance and creative expression,anything can happen. Uranus is the first of the "higher octave"planets and it influences music, electronics, inventiveness, astrology, healingand genius potential. During this time, you are likely to be interested inthings that are "different" from the traditional course of study;unique things, friends and group activities. Your children (of the body and/orthe mind) are likely to show a blend of originality and mental discipline. Inyour artistic expression, structure could be a dominant theme during thisprogression.


PROGRESSED PISCESON 6TH HOUSE--Neptune, planet of dreams, vision and idealism, rules Pisces.When this sign is progressed to the sixth house of work, service, and health,emotional influences are quite heavy. You can be very unselfish toward thoseinvolved in your work, but will want to feel that your efforts do fulfill aneed. There is a tendency to spread yourself too thin during this time, and youneed to take care of your emotional health, since it can literally affect yourphysical health. You will be extremely intuitive now to the needs of others.


PROGRESSED ARIES ON7TH HOUSE--Mars, planet of energy, force, and aggressiveness, rules Aries. Whenprogressed to the seventh house of marriage and partnerships, it indicates theneed to be first and be the "strong one" in a relationship. You willrespect a partner who can assert his/her own personality needs and communicatethem to you in a way that your own identity is not threatened. You will need astrong partner, and will have little patience with a "clinging vine"type. Both parties will need to maintain a high activity level in partnershipaffairs during this time.


PROGRESSED ARIES ON8TH HOUSE--Aries, the first sign of new beginnings, is ruled by Mars, planet ofaction and sexual energy. When this fire sign in the Cardinal mode is in theeighth house of needs, primal instincts and death, personal energy may overrulecooperation with others. Other's resources may be used up, and needs could besupplied primarily by your own efforts. You will be too busy to think aboutdeath, but accidents could intrude while Aries is here.


PROGRESSED TAURUSON 9TH HOUSE--Taurus, sign of security and determination, is an earth sign inthe Fixed mode. It is ruled by Venus, planet of beauty, art, social activity,etc. When this sign is progressed into the ninth house of recognition,philosophy, and higher mind, you are likely to appreciate dogma and the statusquo. You will want to travel first class, and are likely to be recognized nowby your expression of artistic achievement or endeavors.


PROGRESSED CANCERON 10TH HOUSE--Cancer is ruled by the Moon, giving power over collectiveemotions. In the Progressed chart, this emotional sign, ruled by this emotionalplanet on the tenth house of recognition, career, and honors can be verydifficult, very rewarding, or both. The extreme sensitivity of thisconfiguration can enhance careers in the arts, writing, and human services.Inspiration, intuition, empathy and understanding can provide rare talents. Youwill want to share your successes, but any failure, real or imagined, will bedevastating.


PROGRESSED LEO ON11TH HOUSE--The Sun rules Leo, expressed energy through leadership, and whenprogressed to the eleventh house of friends, it indicates some very strong andpowerful friendships, indeed. You will be drawn to friends with high intellectand creativity. You need their inspiration now, and they yours, so mutual needsare filled. Your friends may not be many in numbers during this progression,but in quality they will be unexcelled.


PROGRESSED VIRGO ON12TH HOUSE--Mercury, planet of communications and mental powers rules Virgo,the sign of order and details. When on the house of hidden meanings and thesubconscious process in the Progressed Chart, much confusion and worry canresult. The subconscious does not respond well to order and detail, and mentalMercury gives the conscious mind emphasis. The key here is to practicepatience, prayer and meditation, and learn to let these three influences worktogether. What a wondrous gift if one could let Mercury communicate thesubconscious matters of the twelfth house in the orderly fashion of Virgo tothe open mental processes!








The Sun movesforward (counter-clockwise) in the Progressed chart from its Natal position atthe approximate rate of one degree for each year of life. This means that theSun will progress into a different sign by, or before, age thirty. Rememberthat these Natal Sun-sign influences are with us all our lives in the form ofbirth imprints. In the Progressed chart, the new Sun-sign will influence,enhance, modify, and/or blend with those in the Natal chart--and so with anysubsequent progressed Sun-signs. The influences may be most recognizable duringthe first year for which a Progressed chart has been cast after the Sun hasmoved into the next sign. Sometimes there can be events or situations whichtrigger significant life changes (relocation, graduation, job change, marriage,divorce, new home, etc.). Some of these could vividly high-light the influencesof the Sun entering into a different sign.


As you read thisreport, look back over your life and try to remember if there were any eventsthat could have changed your directions or goals when the Sun entered a new sign.You can count back to 00 degrees from the Sun-Sign degree of this chart to findthe year, letting each degree count as one year. Allow about three years oneither side of that actual date.


At the end of thethirty years that each new Sun-sign remains in the Progressed charts, thepersonality will have somewhat absorbed and assimilated the influences of allof these Sun-sign positions--and so with the new progressions to come. As inall Astrology, you have, and have had, free will to make choices. Those choicescan be very significant in determining how much effect the Progressed Sunpositions have in modifying your Personality Profile. Transiting planetaryaspects to the Sun can also help you anticipate new influences and enhance thesense of timing. Hopefully, you will be able to make better life choices basedupon an expanded base of information through astrology.


Your Progressed Sunis now in the fifteenth year of a 30-year cycle in the sign, Gemini. You haveabout 16 years left in this life-cycle.



PROGRESSED SUN INGEMINI WITH NATAL SUN IN TAURUS--With your NATAL Sun in Taurus, you areprobably very efficient in practical matters, and your spiritual truth comesfrom working with the practical aspects of life. You like money--not so muchfor its own sake, but so that you can enjoy the things it will buy. Youappreciate beautiful things, especially those which appeal to the sense oftouch. You are fond of good clothing and can be genuinely impressed by thewardrobes of others. You seek security, both emotional and material. You mayresist involvement in a relationship for fear of getting hurt, neverthelessthere is likely to always be a significant other in your life. You can be veryjealous as a result of your deep inner need for mental and emotional security.You are endowed with strong willpower and are capable of making plans for yearsin advance and successfully implementing them. You have your own way of doingthings, and if others want things to go smoothly, it is wise for them not tointerfere with you or attempt to make you over. The ability to follow throughand stick with things is one of your greatest assets. Once your course is set,you pursue it tenaciously until it is completed, stubbornly resisting anyattempts to sway you from your purpose. However, you may have to learn toexpect less than absolute perfection in the end results, and that reality maynot always shape up to your exacting demands.


The energy of thePROGRESSED Sun in Gemini is swift and fleeting. The energy wants challengesconstantly renewed, for boredom is the great enemy. Concentration is usuallydifficult and constant activity is needed as an outlet for this untiring flowof energy. From a stable, sometimes stodgy way of operating, you are beinginfluenced to challenge everything and everybody all at once. Unlike thesteady, domestic ambience of Taurus, indecision plagues the Gemini: you find itdifficult to decide between the many possibilities. You may gather peoplearound to help you make choices, then reject all of those suggested.Relationships could be very exciting now, but not necessarily permanent. Yourmind moves so quickly from subject to subject that you may fail to absorbanything in depth. From the settled acceptance of Taurus, you will become soimpatient with slow communication that you will tend to finish other people'ssentences for them. You are likely to learn to do two things at once with yourhands, and you may become interested in more than one profession during thisprogression. Handiwork could help to control the severe restlessness somewhat,and could help you to channel your thoughts more effectively. You will putunrealistic expectations upon yourself under this Sun-sign, and you will needto fall back upon the earthy stability of your Natal Taurus Sun to find adegree of patience and relaxation.



PROGRESSED SUN IN9TH HOUSE--The Sun "passes through" each house one time each year.Its influence "illuminates" and brings into focus the affairs of thehouse in which it dwells (or is passing through). In the PROGRESSED Chart, wefix that focus on the house occupied by the Sun on your birthday anniversaryfor the year the chart is cast. While the Sun is in this ninth house, youshould attempt to broaden your horizons in every way possible. Opportunitiesfor Spiritual expansion are likely to offer themselves in abundance. It wouldbe a good time to begin study of any area of metaphysics. It is certainly oneof the better times in your life to try new things and to try out new ideas.Travel, study, and new people--all activities seem to be factors in expandingthe self.








The close proximityof the Moon to the earth and its rotation around the earth causes it to passbetween the earth and each sign of the Zodiac quite rapidly. It averages aboutthirteen degrees per day--a little less than three days per sign. Under theday-for-a-year progression system, it will take approximately thirty months,two-and-a-half years, for it to complete each life-cycle of the Moon.


The Moon is theonly "planet" that could show up more than once in a Progressed chartin the same sign in which it was found in the Natal chart. Although these natalinfluences "imprint" our personalities and are with us throughout ourlifetime, when the Moon appears in the same sign in the Progressed chart, itcan give us an opportunity to modify even those natal imprints to some extent.In the delineations for the Progressed Moon-signs, we will include the NatalMoon-sign interpretations.


In mythology theMoon is always female--as the Sun is always male. In most ancient cults andreligions, the Moon represents the female force which reflects the male forceof the Sun. There were many ancient Lunar holidays and festivals. In modernreligion, the date for the Easter holiday is still determined by the Moon'sorbit.


In astrology,"she" dispenses her influences indiscriminately upon male and femalealike, though each sex is likely to respond to the influences in somewhatdifferent ways. The Moon-sign influences in the Progressed chart will affectthe emotional side of your personality as it was imprinted by the sign the Moonwas in at birth and modified by subsequent progressed Moon-sign influences. Theintensity of the changes can range from deeply sub-conscious to dramaticallyemotional.


Your ProgressedMoon is now at 01 degree of an approximate two-and-a-half-year life cycle inthe sign, Cancer. You should have, roughly, 30 months left until it moves intothe next Moon-sign cycle.



PROGRESSED MOON INCANCER WITH NATAL MOON IN AQUARIUS--The NATAL Moon in Aquarius indicates acapacity to sympathize with the needs of humanity, and you probably also haveflashes of intuitive knowledge about individuals. You seek freedom for your ownemotional expression, and WILL expect freedom to come and go as you pleasewithin your domestic situations. You may have unusual family relationships, butyour home is likely to be a gathering place for friends and group activities.You are idealistic, with a "One World" concept, and you have aconstant concern for the underdog. You may be seen as a free spirit, but yourserious side will project its influences effectively when you are sufficientlymotivated and inspired. You will stick to a worthwhile cause and will findsources of ingenuity to further its consummation. You are ambitious, and arewilling to utilize many resources and much inventiveness in order to succeed.The greater the scope of the project, the better you will like it. You need tobeware of any irrational need for freedom at all costs, and fear of personalemotional involvements because they might pose a threat to your personalfreedom. You could also have a tendency to emotional perversity andstubbornness.


When the Moon movesinto the sign Cancer in the PROGRESSED Chart, it brings extreme depth andintensity of the emotions. Cancer is a water sign, and a wide range of youremotions can best be expressed by tears. You will have a sensitivity to themoods and feelings of others that can border on the psychic. Your extremesensitivity to others' feelings can put you in a position to be emotionallyripped off by those less healthy. You need to choose your friends andassociates carefully, trying to keep optimistic, enthusiastic, up-beat people aroundyou as much as possible. Family is important to you and you will become morestrongly connected to family pride and tradition during this life cycle. Homeis a basic need for you, a safe haven from which most of your interests andactivities originate. Romantic relationships will be important to you now. Youwill be very protective of those you love, and maybe a little bit jealous. Itwill make you happy to be able to serve, and to give to them freely and often.You will remember birthdays and special occasions and will be driven toacknowledge them. You may become inclined to withdraw and brood. You need timeto yourself to release and rest your emotions. Domestic security and marriageare important to your emotional well-being. You will be a good parent, with theexception of a tendency to smother your offspring with love.



PROGRESSED MOON IN9TH HOUSE--The Moon will pass through all the houses of the Natal Chartapproximately every twenty-eight days, making its daily and hourly influencesvery fleeting. When it is in the ninth house of the Progressed Chart however,it might bring extended travel, legal experiences, or philosophical andreligious development--or, perhaps, just mental expansion in these matters. Itis a good time to expand your knowledge about metaphysical and spiritualinfluences.








As in the NatalChart, the blend of the Progressed Sun-Moon influences are extremelysignificant toward understanding the modification of the personality from thatwhich was indicated by the Natal Chart. We urge you to review theinterpretation in your Natal Chart. The interpretation of the ProgressedSun-Moon blend is printed next. Study it carefully, in addition to thedelineations of Sun in Sign, Sun in House, Moon in Sign, and Moon in House. Wesuggest that you compare them also with the same interpretations in your NatalChart.



PROGRESSED: GEMINISUN AND CANCER MOON--The Moon "Rules" Cancer, giving your emotionsmuch power over the dual illumination of your Gemini Sun. When this combinationis found in the Progressed chart, impressions are strong through the emotions,senses, and nervous system. Self-criticism is likely to be utilized through anervous process of elimination during this time to give the self-image a senseof security. Concentration and comparisons can build a shaky self-confidenceduring this life cycle, indicating that intellectual training and educationwill be necessary to bolster true self-worth. Emotional understanding and trueself-acceptance could become a life-long search, with some quality serenityattained later in life.








Mercury in thesigns gives clues to the kinds of concerns that occupy your mind and revealsyour psychological approach to making decisions and conveying your ideas toothers. Mercury influences the kind of communications you have with otherpeople throughout the year: those received as well as those you send. Itindicates shifts in mental focus and intellectual attention as they areimpacted by the influences of the Progressed sign. It can also indicate travel,such as short trips which don't upset the daily routine too much. You canusually count on not being bored by Mercury influences, and the daily routineis more likely to be intensified rather than subdued. On another level, MercuryIS the every day routine, indicating everything we are so accustomed to that wedon't even notice it. On still another level, it may indicate a time when youshould just sit and think.


Mercury takes alittle less than thirty years to progress through the thirty degrees of eachsign, so we may have a little "stretch" or a little"overlap" of influences when using the day-for-a-year progressionsystem. We have tried to adjust the degree of Mercury in its current Progressedsign to give you some rough idea of how long it will be until it enters thenext Progressed sign.


Your ProgressedMercury is now in the 21st degree of an approximate thirty-year life-cycle inthe sign, Taurus. You could have, roughly, 10 years left in this cycle.



PROGRESSED MERCURYIN TAURUS WITH NATAL MERCURY IN TAURUS--When a planet is in the same sign inboth the NATAL and PROGRESSED Charts the influences are the same, but are justmore long term.


The imprints of Mercuryin Taurus in the NATAL Chart, usually provide much practical common sense. Thisgives you a great power of concentration so that you are able to ignore thatwith which you don't want to be bothered. If carried too far, however, thiscould make you blind to things you should recognize for your own good, as wellas add mental stubbornness. You dislike argument and disharmony, but will fightto protect your security and financial interests. You are likely to posses themental ability to convey your ideas through artistic directions and art forms.Though you may be slow to grasp new concepts or learn new skills, you arepatient and persevering. You will become very effective at whatever you putyour mind and hands to, for you are willing to devote much time and attentionto it. You succeed, not so much because of your mental brilliance, but becauseyou have the ability to concentrate and follow a project through to itscompletion. You will have much interest in all the aspects of real estate andpersonal property--sales, management, and ownership. Your mind will work wellat home, and you are likely to have an office there. Love, romance and personalrelationships will have more of a romantic and materialistic overtone. You willenjoy discussions regarding domestic interests. Watch out for a tendency towardintellectual superiority and assumptions on your part, and try to avoidstubbornness.


PROGRESSED MERCURYIN 8TH HOUSE--Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs thatoccupy your mind, and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by yourthoughts and communications. When found in the eighth house of the Progressedchart, it indicates a time for introspection. The position is conducive to verydeep thinking, and may influence conversations and intellectual encounterssignificantly enough to cause you to change certain points of view and certainways of thinking. On the other hand, you could have the same effect on someoneelse. There could be a different kind of communicating energy between you andanother person in which words are not necessary. This can be a good period fordealing with financial affairs, especially those properties or businesses heldjointly with someone else.








Venus in the signsindicates how you express your emotions in personal relationships. It alsoinfluences your attitudes toward money, personal possessions, creaturecomforts, and social and aesthetic values. Venus is a social planet, usuallybringing people together for parties and good times. It is also the planet ofLOVE, and its impressions combined with the influences of the signs can tellyou quite a bit about your experiences in love and romance. It is also theplanet of creativity: of artistic talent and entertainment. The influences ofthe different signs of the Zodiac can help to dictate the forms of expressionindicated to display these talents.


The annual orbit ofVenus is usually only five or six days away from the orbiting time of the Sun,so it fits the day-for-a-year progression system quite well. Though there maybe a very little stretch or overlap, we are pretty safe in estimating a degreeof progression per year for Venus, as with the Sun.


Your ProgressedVenus is now in the 17th degree of an approximate thirty year life-cycle in thesign, Cancer. You have, roughly, 14 years left in this cycle.



PROGRESSED VENUS INCANCER WITH NATAL VENUS IN GEMINI--With Venus in Gemini in your NATAL Chart youare likely to have a ready wit and keen conversational ability. You do like totalk, and you will be attracted to people with agile minds. You will pursuepleasure and social activity, even to the point of extensive travel. You cravefreedom and may not be inclined to settle down with one permanent emotional relationship.In love, you are more interested in a person's sense of humor and intelligencethan in their physique. You like a partner who is mentally alive and who keepsyou guessing a little bit. You become restless and bored with someone who neverasks questions, never changes or surprises you. Talking, sharing ideas, goingplaces together, and learning new things together is very important to yourhappiness during this life cycle. A possessive, jealous partner would beextremely stifling for you. You need lots of social stimulation, are somethingof a flirt, and like to have many friends of both sexes. You dislike coarsebehavior, but will like jokes and comedy. You are attracted to literarypursuits, especially to poetry with a play on words.


When Venus movesinto the sign Cancer in the PROGRESSED Chart, it brings deep sensitivity intoall your romantic feelings. You will be extremely emotional and your feelingswill be easily hurt. You will not handle criticism well, whether it be real orimagined, for you will tend to internalize everything said to you and take itpersonally. During this period, your moods will be fluctuating andunpredictable, but you could try to hide behind a dignified exterior. Yourintuition will be heightened, and you will pick up on the feelings of thosearound you. For that reason, you need to associate with upbeat individuals whoare optimistic and enthusiastic about life. Romantic relationships will beextremely important to you during this life cycle. You will need constantreassurance and emotional support, and you will work hard to make all yourrelationships work. You will crave both financial and emotional security, andcould seek that security in marriage as well as in your career. Venus in Cancerproduces the mothers of the world, both male and female. You will want yourhome to be the center of social activities and will strive to provide it withcomfort and beauty. You need to watch out for unstable emotional reactions,maudlin sentimentality, and the tendency to sulk. Take time out often forhealing through relaxation and meditation.


PROGRESSED VENUS IN10TH HOUSE--Venus in the houses indicates how you express yourself socially,artistically and romantically in the various areas of your life. This positionin the Progressed chart indicates favorable circumstances in your business andprofessional life. It is especially conducive to artistic endeavors, andindicates unusual success and/or recognition in some area of the arts. It is afavorable time for working with authority figures, and relationships in generalshould be harmonious.








Mars is energy andaction. "His" influences provide means of expression for theinfluences of the other planets through direct action. It can expresstemperament, set fire to the emotions, activate ambition, spur romance on, andsometimes set the stage for accidents. In mythology, Mars is the God of War.


It takes Mars anaverage of about twenty-two months to progress into a new sign, depending uponRetrograde movement, etc. Therefore it will be difficult to establish anaccurate time frame for the duration of the Progressed Mars influences. We usetwo years as an approximation, but the length of time left in each sign cannotbe very accurate. However, each time you have a Progressed chart cast, theposition of Mars for that year will be accurate.


Mars is now at 03degrees of the sign, Cancer. It takes approximately 60 years for Mars to passthrough one sign in the Progressed chart. You have, roughly, 56 years leftuntil it moves into the next Mars life-cycle.



PROGRESSED MARS INCANCER WITH NATAL MARS IN GEMINI--Mars in Gemini in the NATAL Chart imprintsthe personality with high mental activity and aggressiveness. You have anactive and critical mind and are likely to have good mechanical skills. You arevery ingenious and resourceful. Great restlessness is indicated, with thepossibility of many changes of occupation. Ideally, you are most suited foroccupations requiring many skills, including both intellectual and mechanicalchallenges. You will like to travel. You would make a good teacher, and couldalso write and publish,


Progressed into thesign Cancer, Mars can make you intensely emotional, adding an intense emotionaldimension to the intellectual influences of Gemini. The combination ofinfluences can make you more bold, fearless, ambitious, and sensuous. You arelikely to be more original and independent, and to rebel against authority.However, you will need to control sudden outbursts of temper and irritabletendencies during this time. You can become fond of luxuries, especially inyour home. You could be attracted to metaphysical studies and the occult, andyou are likely to become somewhat more psychic and mystical. You will need topractice self-control and to learn how to develop harmony and cooperation withothers during this progression.


PROGRESSED MARS IN10TH HOUSE--Mars in the houses indicates the departments of life in which youexpress your actions and desires, and where you need to use energy andinitiative in order to get results. In the tenth house of the Progressed chart,it enhances your desire for fame and status. You have a strong competitivedrive to reach the top, and are likely to earn recognition in whatever youattempt to do--especially at this time. You can be a leader, and politics couldbe the field. Your motives are materialistic, and you need to avoid usingunfair means to gain power and recognition.








The rest of theplanets take much longer to orbit through the signs and houses. Unless theywere in the last few degrees of the Natal sign, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,Neptune and Pluto are probably still in the signs and houses they were in whenyou were born. If any of them have progressed into the next sign, the programwill print the influences of the new sign as it compares to the old. It willonly interpret the progressed house position. A major move in geographiclocation which changes the Ascendant may also change the house cusps and thesigns on the houses.





PROGRESSED JUPITERIN LIBRA WITH NATAL JUPITER IN SCORPIO--This is only possible if Jupiter wasonly slightly into Scorpio in your Natal Chart. It could enter Libra throughRetrograde motion.


Jupiter in thesigns influences your ethical, religious, and philosophical standards andbeliefs, and how you may express these interests. Jupiter in Scorpio in theNATAL Chart imprints your personality with a powerful will and deep emotions.Your mind is active and analytical, proud and aggressive, and can function bothconstructively and destructively with the same amount of enthusiasm. Themessage here indicates a strong need for discipline and positive direction.Follow your inclination toward metaphysical and occult studies, seekingpositive directions in the psychic regions of your mind. Avoid any attempts toenforce your beliefs upon others and moderate your tendencies to control theirsocial conduct and principles.


In the sign ofLibra in the PROGRESSED Chart, Jupiter brings a strong concern with justice andthe moral principles in marriage, partnership, and close personalrelationships. You are likely to look for partners whose views in these areascorrespond with yours. You will feel the need for a solid domestic base for thefreedom to express your own beliefs and to influence improvements in the socialorder. You may need to watch for a tendency to make moral judgments anddecisions for others during this time. You may also see a tendency of others toshow jealousy toward you, especially if you get involved in too many personalrelationships at once.



PROGRESSED JUPITERIN 1ST HOUSE--Jupiter in the houses indicates the departments of life and thetypes of activity through which you express your religious, philosophic, andeducational ideas. In the first house of the PROGRESSED Chart, it brings you anoptimistic, sociable disposition. You can be honest, trustworthy, friendly andbenevolent during this time. You tend to focus on the brighter side of life,and are likely to be popular and well liked. You are likely to pursue studiesin social, religious, and/or educational fields, and will have the capacity forleadership. You may develop very strong moral and religious convictions, andcould become a spiritual leader. You need to watch out for self-indulgence andself-importance, and try not to promise more than you can deliver.




PROGRESSED SATURNIN TAURUS WITH NATAL SATURN IN TAURUS--When the planet is in the same sign inboth the NATAL and PROGRESSED charts the influences are the same, but are justmore long-term.


Saturn in the signsindicates the areas in which you must accept responsibility and the ways inwhich you must practice discipline and develop maturity. When found in the signTaurus in the NATAL Chart, Saturn will imprint the personality with the neededdiscipline and hard work for you to acquire material possessions. You will havea strong need for financial and emotional security. You are naturallythoughtful, kind, and quiet. But, sometimes you can be quick-tempered,resentful, and stubborn. You are very frugal and may manage your businessaffairs well. Watch out for tendencies to miserliness and excessive materialismwith Saturn here.



PROGRESSED SATURNIN 8TH HOUSE--Saturn in the houses indicates the areas of life in which youmust learn to act with discipline. In the eighth house it deals with yourpartner in the areas of finances, corporate money, insurance, taxes, andinheritance--if applicable. When it is found here in the Progressed Chart, youmay be able to profit by using other people's money through skillful and honestmanagement. Marriage can be a financial burden, however. You could sufferlosses through alimony settlements. There can be a deep spiritual insight intolife's mysteries while Saturn is here. Distressing dreams and psychicexperiences could have a disturbing psychological effect during this time, buttheir purpose is to help you see the changes you have gone through and to helpyou develop an understanding of where you are going. You need to seek positivespiritual guidance to work through these times.




PROGRESSED URANUSIN LIBRA WITH NATAL URANUS IN LIBRA--When the planet is in the same sign inboth the NATAL and PROGRESSED charts the influences are the same, but are justmore long term.


Uranus in the signsindicates the ways in which you deal with your urge for freedom andindividuality. It indicates the motivations behind your wishes, hopes, andgoals--especially mind goals. It may also show the type of friends you seek andthe kinds of activities of the groups you belong to. Uranus in Libra in the NATALChart, imprints the personality in the way you handle marriage, partnerships,and social conduct. You are likely to have keen insights into all kinds ofhuman relationships, and telepathic understanding of other people'smotivations. You may have new concepts of the meaning of justice and fair play.You are likely to value human relationships more highly than legal contracts.You will need freedom in marriage, which could cause difficulty in maritalrelationships. The message here is to consider others when attempting to changethe status quo.



PROGRESSED URANUSIN 1ST HOUSE--Uranus in the houses indicates the type of activity through whichyou express your urge toward originality and freedom. Also through whatcircumstances sudden, unusual and exciting events may occur. Its progressioninto the first house indicates that old limitations you have placed uponyourself or accepted from others are no longer acceptable. You will feel thatyou need to change them, even if you have to break away from many of the thingsthat have been important to you in the past. This could apply to arelationship, job, or any other area of obligation in your life. This isprimarily a drive for freedom to allow you to set new goals, to grow andchange, and to open yourself up for new experiences.




PROGRESSED NEPTUNEIN SCORPIO WITH NATAL NEPTUNE IN SAGITTARIUS--The only way this combinationcould happen would be if the planet was barely into the sign Sagittarius in theNatal chart and has "backed up" into Scorpio through Retrogrademotion.


LEFT SAGITTARIUS IN1984-NEXT POSSIBLE IN YEAR 2147--Neptune's influences are mostly generational.It indicates a time when governments will fail in chaos, and both material andcorporate structures will crumble. It indicates the kind of creative andimaginative cultural expressions you experience. In Sagittarius in the NATALChart the emphasis is on positive expression of higher religious and spiritualvalues. You will search for more personal contact with the God of yourunderstanding through your inner being, probably through forms of meditation.You could be inspired to attempt the impossible to fulfill some of youridealistic goals.


LAST IN SCORPIO IN1970-NEXT POSSIBLE IN YEAR 2135--When Neptune is in the sign Scorpio in thePROGRESSED Chart, the Natal influences are enhanced and reinforced. During thistime you need to be especially aware that drug abuse is strongly indicated, andthat there may be a strong tendency to act out irresponsibly during this lifecycle. Your ambition will be aroused and your intuition may help you makedecisions and to start new endeavors at just the "right time". Bewareof confusion and delusion, and be clear in all communications--in bothdirections. You need to seek positive spiritual regeneration, or it could beforced upon you. These influences will be with you for the rest of your life.



PROGRESSED NEPTUNEIN 3RD HOUSE--Neptune in the houses indicates how you express your mysticalpotential, and may reveal some of the karma produced by your past actions. Whenit progresses into a different house, you have to be careful not to fall preyto mistaken illusions, for anything connected with the affairs of that housemay seem to dissolve and pass out of existence in a subtle, most imperceptiblemanner. When it is in the third house in the Progressed Chart, Neptune cancause misunderstanding and garbled communications. The influences are alsostrong for deceit and underhand dealings. During this time you need to be"Perfectly clear" in all your messages, especially with loved ones.Watch out for manipulation from others. Make sure all mystical search ispositive, avoiding questionable cults and forays into unproven occultpractices. Always pray for protection in prayer and meditation, seekingpositive guidance from your known Source.




PROGRESSED PLUTO INVIRGO WITH NATAL PLUTO IN VIRGO--When the planet is in the same sign in boththe NATAL and PROGRESSED charts the influences are the same, but are just morelong term.


1957-1972. NEXTPOSSIBLE, YEAR 2220. Pluto in the signs is also historical and generational,but on the personal level it indicates permanent change. In Virgo in the NATALChart, it deals with work, health, and the practical application of technology.You are very organized and picky about details, especially where your work isconcerned, and can be very capable of working alone. The areas of sex, drugs,and health are indicated as most likely areas for permanent change in yourlife. Seek guidance through prayer and meditation, striving to bring the feelingsup from the subconscious into the conscious and practice good healthmaintenance.


When Pluto is stillin Virgo in the PROGRESSED chart, the natal influences are enhanced andreinforced. The focus for regeneration is more likely to be outward rather thaninward, and you may have more concerns about social and environmental issues.Do not neglect your own regeneration efforts, but keep practicing a healthylifestyle. If Pluto is in this position in your Progressed chart, theseinfluences will be with you for the rest of your life.



PROGRESSED PLUTO IN12TH HOUSE--Pluto in the houses indicates in which areas of life you need toexercise conscious creative willpower to regenerate yourself and yoursurroundings. When we find it progressed into the twelfth house, the focus ison the subconscious, or unconscious mind, with the need to bring its contentsinto the conscious realm. You are likely to have profound insight andclairvoyant ability. You will, especially during this progression, havesympathy and empathy for the less fortunate, and will be able to tap intopositive psychic forces to help them. However, your extreme sensitivity now tothe thoughts and feelings of others leaves you vulnerable to feeling theirpain, and you need to exercise restraint in your involvement. You will needseclusion for regenerating your own resources by means of prayer andmeditation. You are especially vulnerable to the affects of alcohol andmood-changing substances. Also, avoid negative occult influences.








Following are theinterpretations of the Planetary Aspects of the Progressed planets to eachother. As in the Natal chart we use only the major aspects: Conjunction,Opposition, Square, Trine, and Sextile. These interpretations may be a littledifferent from the Natal Chart interps in describing the influences, as theyare presented from the same point of view as transiting planetary aspects.Rather than natal imprints, these aspects represent influences you have to dealwith during the time of this Progressed chart. Some of the slower movingplanets with aspects in the Natal Chart may still be in orb. However theprogram allows less than one degree of orb, so that the influences will bestrongly focused on the year for which the Progressed Report is prepared.Because of this narrow focus and the tight orb, there are not likely to be verymany aspects (if any) in this Report.



PROGRESSED MOONCONJUNCT THE MIDHEAVEN--This aspect in the Progressed Chart indicatespopularity and public life. It favors actors, entertainers and politicians. Itcan be advantageous to people in businesses connected with food, domesticarticles, and real estate. You need to look at your goals from your currentperspective and try to determine if you are still heading in the rightdirection. The aspect usually indicates positions of responsibility.


PROGRESSED MOONSQUARE THE ASCENDANT--This aspect in the Progressed Chart can produce strongemotions and moods, especially when dealing with others. You can feel andrespond to their moods immediately, but you may also be too wrapped up in yourown moods to be objective. Do not take your emotions too seriously at thistime. Tasks which require reason and clear thinking should be approached verycarefully while this progression is in the chart. Avoid impulsive actions, andseek spiritual guidance and grounding.


The followingprogressed Moon to progressed planet interpretation will last about 2 monthsand it will occur about 2 months in the future, that is about 2 months afterthe date given on the cover page of this report.


PROGRESSED MOONCONJUNCT MARS--With this aspect in the Progressed Chart, the personality willexperience applied emotional energy. Your actions will take on emotionalintensity. Sexual impulses may be enhanced emotionally, bringing a deepermeaning and greater understanding. Consequently, relationships could beenhanced now. On the negative side, sexual frustration could cause thepossibility of violent impulses to surface. These feelings must be sublimated.Physical exercise will help, and prayer and meditation are indicated.


The followingprogressed Moon to progressed planet interpretation will last about 2 monthsand it will occur about 4 months in the future, that is about 4 months afterthe date given on the cover page of this report.


PROGRESSED MOONSQUARE URANUS--This square indicates times of intense self-awareness. In theProgressed Chart it could bring with it the experience of personal reform, withidiosyncrasies set aside. It stimulates the personality's feelings forindividuality. However, with the square, independence tends to be achieved onlythrough separation, upset, or overturn of the status quo. Before such action,costs should be carefully considered.


The followingprogressed Moon to progressed planet interpretation will last about 2 monthsand it will occur about 6 months in the future, that is about 6 months afterthe date given on the cover page of this report.


PROGRESSED MOONTRINE THE NORTH NODE--This configuration in the Progressed Chart helps you keepin tune with prevailing social trends and attitudes. You are able to takeadvantage of changing popular beliefs by instinctively reacting harmoniously.


PROGRESSED VENUSSEXTILE SATURN--This aspect in the Progressed Chart shows you in a positive waythe duties and obligations that you have to live up to now in your personalrelationships. This should not be difficult for you, since the reality of youremotional relationships are extremely important to you. Honesty is the keywordhere, and it is a good time to sit down with a loved one and arrive at aconscious understanding of what you expect from each other at this time. Theaspect is also good for business affairs, and for creative activities requiringclose attention to details.








The Natal Chart isalways significant in our lives, and it must be taken into consideration wheninterpreting any of the advanced charting efforts. The Progressed chart hasmoved the planets into new positions, sometimes forming new aspects with thefixed positions of your natal planets. Some of the aspects in the Natal chartof the slower moving (outer) planets may still be in aspect orb in the ProgressedChart. These aspects, and any new ones formed, will help to bridge the gapbetween the Natal and Progressed Charts. Because the program allows less thanone degree of orb in order to focus the influences for the year the ProgressedReport is prepared, there are not likely to be many planets in aspect--if any.If there are any aspects in orb, their interpretations will provide valuableinformation about influences you will feel during the duration of thisProgressed year.


PROGRESSED MOONTRINE NATAL JUPITER--A sextile or trine of the Moon to Jupiter is an extremelyfavorable aspect. Opportunities may abound with this aspect in the ProgressedChart. Legal arrangements will favor your decisions, and you should takeadvantage of any investment opportunities which may arise. There can be astrengthening of your ethical position through the law and/or religion, andfrom the psychic area during this time. Plain old LUCK is in force.


The followingprogressed Moon to natal planet interpretation will last about 2 months and itwill occur about 4 months in the future, that is about 4 months after the dategiven on the cover page of this report.


PROGRESSED MOONSQUARE NATAL URANUS--This square indicates times of intense self-awareness. Inthe Progressed Chart it could bring with it the experience of personal reform,with idiosyncrasies set aside. It stimulates the personality's feelings forindividuality. However, with the square, independence tends to be achieved onlythrough separation, upset, or overturn of the status quo. Before such action,costs should be carefully considered.


The followingprogressed Moon to natal planet interpretation will last about 2 months and itwill occur about 8 months in the future, that is about 8 months after the dategiven on the cover page of this report.


PROGRESSED MOONSEXTILE THE NATAL SUN--This aspect indicates a time when the different aspectsof your personality are in tune with each other. Life will not seem sodifficult. When in the Progressed Chart the aspect indicates a good time forassociating with friends and neighbors, for they will be at ease with you. Yourrelations with the opposite sex will be smoother than usual, and relationshipsshould be comfortable now. It is a good time to work on your personal andemotional life and smooth out any difficulties and uncomfortable situationsthat might exist. If you don't deal with them now, they could be more difficultlater on.


PROGRESSED MOONTRINE THE NATAL NORTH NODE--This configuration in the Progressed Chart helpsyou keep in tune with prevailing social trends and attitudes. You are able totake advantage of changing popular beliefs by instinctively reactingharmoniously.


The followingprogressed Moon to natal planet interpretation will last about 2 months and itwill occur about a year in the future, that is about a year after the dategiven on the cover page of this report.


PROGRESSED MOONSEXTILE NATAL SATURN--This sextile supports integrity and good organization inprofessional and domestic affairs, as well as patience and practicality. In theProgressed Chart it indicates a "level head" rather than the inspiredapproach. You are likely to keep your financial affairs in order during thistime, but if you are unable to do so, you could be prone to depression.


PROGRESSED MARSSEXTILE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This sextile is likely to bring you approval andrespect when it is in the Progressed Chart. It helps in relationships withothers, especially in marriage, partnerships, and public relations. You canexpect cooperation from others, and joint efforts are likely to be successful.This aspect indicates that you are frank, direct, and forceful in yourdealings.