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Introduction to The SeniorReport:


       On thefollowing page begins the interpretation of your birth chart. Thisinterpretation focuses on issues and concerns that people have in their lateryears. We tend to respond to astrological influences a bit different as we getolder. With time we gain wisdom, moderation, and constancy that helps us handleastrological influences differently from the way we did as teenagers and youngadults. This report takes this into account. Also, although many of our basicconcerns are the same throughout our entire lives, there are also concerns andsituations that we are more likely to encounter in different stages in life.This report focuses on the issues that are most likely to interest you.Hopefully, this astrological analysis will encourage you to pursue theactivities and interests that will help you follow a path that will be the mostfulfilling and meaningful one for you.




For the benefit ofstudents of astrology, the positions of the

planets at the timeof birth and other technical information is

given below:


Sun      2 Tau 06              Neptune  16 Vir 30

Moon    29 Vir 03              Pluto    26 Can 32

Mercury 21 Tau38              Asc.     1 Leo 42

Venus   24 Ari 45              MC      17 Ari 38

Mars     5 Sag 08              2nd cusp 22 Leo 06

Jupiter 26 Cap30              3rd cusp 16 Vir 41

Saturn  29 Pis 43              5th cusp 24 Sco 13

Uranus   9 Tau 08              6th cusp  0 Cap 33


Tropical  Placidus   Standard Time observed

GMT: 16:00:00   Time Zone: 5 hours West

Lat. and Long. ofbirth place: 40 N 12   , 74 W01 42


Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction:  7 Deg 00 Min

Opposition :  5 Deg 00 Min

Square     :  5 Deg 00 Min

Trine      :  5 Deg 00 Min

Sextile    :  4 Deg 00 Min

Quincunx   :  3 Deg 00 Min

Ascendant in Leo:


       Your journey in life, no matter what your age, will always be a journeyof self-discovery.  More thananyone else, you will continuously surprise yourself at the turn of every newcorner and at the end of every journey. You are a natural born leader,entertainer and mentor/teacher. Others are naturally drawn to you as they sense your strength,confidence and determination.  Youare good at delegating authority and will learn quickly, in young adulthood,the true meaning of power and authority. The right use of these may take some practice, but you are a quickstudy.  Many Leo natives lovechildren and will want children to play an important role in their lives.  Leo natives, too, are naturalromantics, learning early on that they have a flair for romance and spontaneitythat thrills their lovers.  You arelikely, to some degree, to have a bit of a gambler inside yourself, thrillingto a certain amount of gambling, speculation or games of chance.  This tendency may simply find youpurchasing a lottery ticket every week, or could find you involved in landspeculation, stock market investments or taking a yearly trip to Las Vegas forcasino gambling.  This risk-takingtendency can be used to your advantage throughout life, when combined withintuitive guidance.


        Asyour mid to later years approach, you may begin to feel some pressure about thethings you have not yet experienced in life, about dreams yet unfulfilled.  It is then that you will become seriousabout making these dreams come true and will sit down with your spouse or lifepartner and make a workable game plan. You are generous and giving, both in a loving manner and financiallyspeaking.  You will want to see tothe needs of your own children, but may also sponsor the education or specialneeds of others in later life.  Attimes, you may become concerned about your possessions, often looking at themas investments.  You could easilybecome involved in a plan to collect art, sculpture or other collectibles,displaying them proudly in your home, but always aware they will someday be apart of the inheritance you want to pass down to your loved ones.  If you were an avid sportsman in youryounger days, you will want to continue this interest and participation in yourlater years.  At times, many Leo'srevel in introducing their spouse, children, grandchildren or other familymembers into certain sports, outdoor activities or recreational enjoyment.  You are a natural born teacher and arevery patient, understanding and have great endurance.




Sun in Taurusand in 10th house:


        Thetenth house is the arena of career, public reputation, the dominant parent andhis or her influence on your life, and the sphere of the highest spiritualpotential, you can achieve in this lifetime.  With maturity, as your thoughts turn away from your life'swork, you are likely to find other meaningful endeavors to take up.  Causes, hobbies or already establishedavocations can continue to bring in money and insure continued security.Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, now is a time for reflection,study and growth.  You tend not tofeel sorry for yourself, if there is anything you think you missed out on, yourmid to later years will be the time for rectification.  Thoughts may also turn to helpingprovide for the security and financial support of those you will someday leavebehind.  You are a good teacherwhen imparting life skills to children and grandchildren.


       They often learn from you, what cannot be found in textbooks or othersources.  You teach from a point ofexperience and common sense.


Sun Square Asc.:


        You will probably want to steer clear of dogmatic attitudes.  Otherwise, you are likely to failbefore you even begin a project. Give yourself the best possible circumstances for success in all youdesire to accomplish.


Moon in Virgoand in 3rd house:


        TheMoon is the reflection of the soul, in a manner of speaking.  The Moon is the seat of the emotionsand is one of the main reasons the earth school was that humankindcould learn all of the lessons the emotions have to teach.  The Moon is a barometer, of sorts, andmeasures what we have assimilated in spiritualized lunar energies.  It also measures what our"target" areas are...that is, what areas in life we need to processthrough via our feelings and emotional expression.  Any negative behaviors that are based in the emotions, thatwe brought with us into this lifetime will be given ample time and due course,to be processed and elevated into a higher expression.


        Youare likely to have a strong, active mind. You are drawn to the world of intellect and enjoy communicating withothers, personal studies and expressing your creative imagination.  You make an excellent pen pal andprobably have a full address book, as well as a full email address book.Whether you were in your younger years or not, from mid to late life, you arelikely to keep in close touch with your siblings, relatives and neighbors.  You are good with paperwork, keepingimportant papers and information in order.  You are good with documentation and when you make adefinitive statement, it is likely you can back up your statement with thefacts.  As you move into yourmiddle years, and the pressure of earning a living and accumulating materialgoods wanes some, you could become interested in more travel and in visitingloved ones who live afar, more often. Writing may also become a hobby or casual interest.


Moon OppositionSaturn:


        Unless other energies in your chart bolster your emotional outlook onlife, you may find that some of your greater challenges bring low moods or evendepression.  This opposition,however, by mid-life, gives you the ability to assess a situation, therebypredetermining it's possible outcome. If you had instability in your early life, you will experience theopposite in your later years.  Donot be afraid of change, however. Learn to embrace it with joy and positive expectation.


Moon TrineJupiter:


        You are a highly talented, highly creative individual.  Your ideas are often inspired and youwill find, with the coming of age, that others look to you as a teacher orcounselor.  You easily translateyour life experiences into valuable lessons.  Publishing, writing, advertising and communications bring youluck.


Moon SextilePluto:


        You have a strong, intense feeling nature.  In youth, you could open yourself to others in a vulnerableway.  As a mature adult, however,you grasp and initiate tremendous self-empowering tools.


Moon SextileAsc.:


        Harmony in your domestic affairs will improve with time.  You need to harness your own growingaspirations and take action on strong desires. Smooth running family affairshelp you feel safe and stable.



Mercury inTaurus and in 10th house:


       From Mercury, you learn how to communicate with the world aroundyou.  You discover your mentalaptitude and find ways to utilize your abilities in logic and reasoning.Mercury teaches you about life through some travel, personal studies and theuse of perception.  With Mercury inthe tenth house, you are likely to land a career wherein there is some traveland the need for excellent communication skills.  You could find yourself addressing the needs of the publicor working in some sort of social service career. Your no-nonsense attitudemakes you popular, no matter your career choice. Your childhood upbringingtaught you discipline and patience in attaining what you want.


Mercury TrineJupiter:


        You are very much a mental person. You live in the realm of thoughts and ideas.  Communication, writing, advertising, publishing and businessmatters are favorable.  If you arediligent in your youth about investing and taking care of family securitymatters, your retirement years will be spent pleasurably.  Many opportunities for travel, bothlong and short distance, are indicated.


Venus in Ariesand in 10th house:


        Thesign and placement of Venus will give you insight into your feelings andemotional leaning.  Venus helps youto discover your attitudes about music, art, culture, theatre and all forms ofcreativity and beauty.  Venus linksyou to love, romance and altruism. For career choices, you will probably lean toward jobs that allow you tomeet the public.  You would do wellin a consultant or advisory position, or where a negotiator or mediator isrequired.  You are a naturaldiplomat, preferring to think positively about humankind's ultimate potentialas a race.  You were probably closeto both parents, but in your own later life, may make some changes to thebelief system you were given in early childhood.


Venus SquareJupiter:


        Your raw, earth nature makes you a "no nonsense" kind ofindividual.  In business and romanticrelationships, however, you would do well to learn diplomacy, tact and thesocial graces.  Lasting successescome with age. Maturity helps you to control spending urges and buyingpatterns.

Venus SquarePluto:


        There is a danger of becoming narcissistic with age.  If you develop a genuine considerationfor the feelings and needs of others, however, your mid to later liferelationships will be more fulfilling and comforting. Practice nurturing thoseyou care about the most.  Buildyour feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.


Mars inSagittarius and in 5th house:


        InSagittarius, Mars takes on a drive for truth, justice and learning. People withthis placement are natural born travelers and in some instances, will settle inother countries, do extensive travel abroad or marry a foreigner, to name afew.  Sagittarians are known fortheir romantic inclinations.  Inlater years, you are likely to take your sweetheart on travels and adventuresthat will allow you to both reconnect with your creative spirits.


Mars Trine Asc.:


        You have been given the gift of boundless physical energy.  The key to your success in life,however, will be in channeling this energy productively and in staying on task.  In your younger years, you will tend tobe impulsive and, at times, prone to thoughtless spontaneity.  With maturity, you will learn how topace yourself.  Learn to stop andsmell the roses!


Jupiter inCapricorn and in 6th house:


       Jupiter's sign and house placements give you hope and optimism in life.Jupiter shows you the potential for your greatest rewards and benefits, andgives you a chance to speak your own truth to the world.


       With Capricorn placed in your sixth house, you may find some area ofmedicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine to be of special interest.  Most people with Jupiter in Capricornenjoy the companionship and warmth of a pet and you may be one of these, also.  You may prefer small to midsizeanimals, but those who are little or no muss or fuss.  In your later years especially, you will enjoy having a petaround the house, or to take with you when you travel.  In the health department, you may findyour habits and tastes change the older you get.  For example, you may find you eat less of certain foods,such as meats, with the coming of age. While Jupiter in Capricorn makes an almost ideal employee, there is ageneral trend toward upward mobility and you are likely to end up as an owneror in upper management or administration. You don't like being cooped up and always appreciate room to expressyour creativity.  In someinstances, this position allows for the ownership of foreign property.


JupiterOpposition Pluto:


        In youth, your desire for power and success can, at times, overshadowyour desire for justice and integrity. You may even find that you have a rather charismatic influence on othersand could be tempted to manipulate or force your issues.  Time and the experience of living,however, are likely to change your focus in later years.  As you gain in self-image andself-confidence, you are likely to learn that true self-empowerment requiresthat you give back to the Universe, thereby setting up an endless flow ofabundance and love into your own life. In reverse, at a tender age, you could be drawn to unscrupulouscharacters because of an undeveloped sense of truth and fairness.  Life herein, as well, will teach youthe lessons of discernment and choice. You are not likely to stay with the spiritual beliefs of your family,but will forge your own way along this path.


Jupiter SextileSaturn:


        Herein, old meets new, tradition meets progression, conservativism meetsexpansion.  These opposites,however, allow you the chance to bring balance and substance to your life.  Experience brings reward.


Saturn in Piscesand in 9th house:


       Your greatest lessons in life will involve Saturn's sign and houseplacements.  Saturn as teacheropens your mind to places far away and cultures and belief systems fardifferent from the way in which you were raised.  You make a good student because of your fascination with theworld about you.  You would make aneven better teacher because of your ability to open the minds of others to thewonderment around us.  Communityservice, New Age studies and philosophical groups will also be of interest throughoutyour life.  In your later years,travel, some form of community involvement and spiritual studies will probablybe at the top of your agenda.


Saturn TrinePluto:


        You have tremendous will power and will never be too vulnerable or toogullible.  Others, in fact, will bedrawn to your tremendous powers of persuasion.  Always keep a check on your true motivations.  This aspect makes you highlyresourceful and suited to jobs with the government, armed services, diplomaticcorps, law enforcement agencies or in any line of work wherein you deal withthe masses.  Learn flexibilityearly in life, and pay attention to your studies in mathematics, as these willprove very helpful in whatever you do.


Saturn TrineAsc.:


        You are one who is probably blessed with a solid constitution.  It would behoove you, however, toalways take good care of your health and well being.  Be open minded to new trends.  Don't make judgments before studying all the angles.  Don't restrict others, lest you find yourselfrestricted as well.  Guide lovedones, don't force them.  Nurtureyour romantic partner, but don't engage in control patterns.  Meld your intelligence with your heartand always seek a balance in life.


Uranus in Taurusand in 10th house:


       Uranus is the planet of the higher mind, the super consciousness, andrepresents the attunement we can make with the divinity that exists within usall.  Uranus, it has been said,never takes anything away from us without giving back something far better.  False beliefs fall.  Truth replaces the falsehood.


        Byyour mid to later years, Uranus in Taurus in your career house will havebrought you into uncharted areas. Your visionary abilities will have developed significantly and you willdefinitely not be the person you once thought you'd become, when daydreaming asa child or young adult.  Instead,you will have attained much wisdom and the ability to apply life's lessons toyour life's work and life destiny. You will have influenced many others in a positive way.


Neptune in Virgoand in 2nd house:


       Neptune governs your basic beliefs on a spiritual level. Your innerworld, subconscious expressions, psychic intuition and creative visualizationsall come under rulership of Neptune. Your role in the upliftment of the planet is divulged in the lessonsNeptune instills.  Neptune keepsyour secrets and reveals your fears. Neptune helps you uncover your hidden beliefs; especially those thathold you back spiritually, and keep you from living a fulfilling and joy-filledlife.  The Virgo influence willbring more order and clarity to your perceptions and beliefs about money andits purpose. This sign wipes away any misconceptions you have and replaces itwith solid facts.  Your earnings,financial gains, investments, real estate ventures and financial accounts willbe given adequate attention and you will be intuitively guided whenever you doneed to seek professional advice. The Neptune influence will begin to open your mind to the possibilitiesof manifestation and abundance.


Neptune SquareNode T.:


        Although you may feel pressured, throughout life, to keep up with newsocial and cultural trends, you need to become comfortable with who you are.Others will accept you once you are able to exude self-confidence and calm.


Neptune SquareSouth Node:


        Others may see you as being flighty and ungrounded.  You will seem to be in a constant stateof mental flux.  This is due toyour ability to take in more than one stimulus at a time.  Learn to control your environment,rather than letting it control you.


Neptune QuincunxMC:


        Your high ideals, standards and values will require adjustment as youbecome immersed in your career and profession.  Your family life will suffer if you continually insist onlooking for the temporal brass ring through your job or career.  Adjustments and compromises will allowyou a more balanced life and a chance at the brass ring of happiness.


Pluto in Cancerand in 12th house:


        Thesign in which Pluto is placed is a generational influence.  The house placement tells how it willaffect you. Pluto in Cancer affects the concept of family, home andenvironment.  You are a highlyintuitive individual. Some may even call you a psychic.  Your ability to visualize a goal andsee it through will take you to great heights, if you use your powersunselfishly and wisely.


Pluto ConjunctAsc.:


        You present yourself as a fully empowered individual, as one who knowswhat you want and who is unafraid to grab for the brass ring.  Power and knowledge used rightly, willbring your desired success.


Venus isRetrograde:


        You are an individual who, at some time in your life, was probably shy,perhaps painfully so.  Your innerdesire to socialize and "fit in" was hampered by the fear that youmight never accomplish this desire. With age and experience, you will find that you can create your owncomfort zone and parameters, making friends and lasting relationships along theway.  Your worst habit to overcome,might be your inability to truly look at a situation for what it is, oftendesiring to see only what you want to see. Venus retrograde in your birthchart, or turning so at any time in your life, forces you to look at the worldaround you in a practical manner. You will find ways to rationalize, assess and interpret what you do notunderstand.  The cruelty, pain andemotional abysses that exist on this planet, may actually encourage you, inlater years, to be a champion for the righting of any of these wrongs.  This heroic ideal, however, does notresurrect early in life.  You areone who often needs to experience things on a first hand basis.  Empathy is a virtue for you and you mayfind yourself in the position of counselor and confidante over and over again,especially as you mature and become more poised with your own emotions and reactions.  Any tendency towards narcissism, willbe quickly squelched by the reality of your own existence.  While you desire to know yourself, youare not by any means narcissistic, and are willing to gain insight intohumanity and the human condition. In love, it is possible that you will marry someone, to whom, you'vebeen married in a past life.  Youare more realistic about love than someone with a direct Venus, however, youcan be just as idealistic.  Romanceis important to you and you will delight in setting a romantic mood in yourhome environment.


Mars isRetrograde:


        The Mars influence itself, is one of energy, action anddetermination.  Mars and it'splacement in the horoscope, always signals the area in your life that will needmost of your attention in this lifetime. Mars gives us our courage, shows us our responsibilities and gives usthe power to be leaders when it is necessary.  Mars is a rallying energy, which does not know how toretreat and requires other support from your horoscope in order to be channeledand guided into a proper and productive means.  Mars works best for you when directed and controlled by yourwill and inspiration.  A retrogradeMars tells us that you were neglectful in a past life, or that you misused yourMartian energies in some manner. In this life, you are being given a second chance.  Take this opportunity seriously anddiscipline yourself in whatever area you need disciplining.  To fight against your own inner urges,would make the mastering of your Mars energy, only that more difficult.  In this life, you may find that yourenergies as a child through young adulthood, were aggressive, thoughtless orcrude.  As you gain in maturity, itwill be your design to revert these actions into positive, constructive andassertive actions.  You will learndiplomacy, tact and forgiveness. Tolerance, graciousness and patience will also be tools you can use whenasserting your Mars energy. Another way that Mars works through it's retrogradation, is to helpthose who have not been assertive enough in past lives, to gain confidence andassurance in this life.  Don't letyour senses dictate your actions. Develop a strong, positive character and follow through on goodintentions.  Avoid rash, impulsiveor violent behaviors.  Channel yourenergies into a constructive cause. Learn to set goals.


Neptune isRetrograde:


        Neptune is a reflection of the spiritual side of your nature.  It tells us about your spiritualdevelopment up to this lifetime, and hints at the direction you are likely togo at this life's close.  Itbespeaks your generational Karma with others born during your time period andhelps to show the developmental direction being taken by this planetary evolutioncycle.  Neptune shows us how youexpress yourself on a subconscious level through your dreams, intuition andpsychic flashes.  Neptune can be,like Jupiter, quite inspirational, but the guidance comes from within thedepths of your own higher self. With a retrograde Neptune, you are probably more sensitive to yourenvironment, stress and outside pressures than those with a directNeptune.  You more easily"pick up" on the subtle outworking of energy and vibration takingplace all around you.  With Neptuneretrograde, it is possible that in a past life you had to deal with the resultsof alcoholism, drug addiction or any of the other shadier sides of humanexistence.  Take care in thislifetime, lest there be any residuals. Some people with Neptune retrograde are sensitive to medications,alcohol and smoking in this life. This can actually be, however, a blessing in disguise.  In the early part of life, especially,you will also want to avoid negative psychicism.  Keep a realistic perspective on your dreams, hopes, wishesand goals.  Don't become sospiritual that you are of no earthly good.  Seek balance in all areas of your life.  If you can be practical in all of yourdaily affairs, if you can avoid obsessive or possessive behaviors, if you canstay grounded to the reality of existence and if you can utilize your intuitiveperceptions, then you will do well by this Neptune placement.