Senior Report




Shirley MacLaine


April 24, 1934

3:57 PM

Richmond, Virginia


151 1st Avenue, #109

New York, NY 10003



Introduction to Senior Report:

       On the following page begins the interpretation of your birth chart. This interpretation focuses on issues and concerns that people have in their later years. We tend to respond to astrological influences a bit different as we get older. With time we gain wisdom, moderation, and constancy that helps us handle astrological influences differently from the way we did as teenagers and young adults. This report takes this into account. Also, although many of our basic concerns are the same throughout our entire lives, there are also concerns and situations that we are more likely to encounter in different stages in life. This report focuses on the issues that are most likely to interest you. Hopefully, this astrological analysis will encourage you to pursue the activities and interests that will help you follow a path that will be the most fulfilling and meaningful one for you.

For the benefit of students of astrology, the positions of the
planets at the time of birth and other technical information is
given below:
Sun      3 Tau 59               Neptune   9 Vir 47
Moon     6 Vir 58               Pluto    22 Can 36
Mercury 15 Ari 26               Asc.     29 Vir 10
Venus   17 Pis 55               MC       29 Gem 04
Mars     1 Tau 40               2nd cusp 25 Lib 42
Jupiter 16 Lib 19               3rd cusp 26 Sco 06
Saturn  26 Aqu 35               5th cusp  2 Aqu 03
Uranus  27 Ari 46               6th cusp  2 Pis 31

Tropical  Placidus   Standard Time observed
GMT: 20:57:00   Time Zone: 5 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth place: 37 N 33 13, 77 W 27 38

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction:  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition :  5 Deg 00 Min
Square     :  5 Deg 00 Min
Trine      :  5 Deg 00 Min
Sextile    :  4 Deg 00 Min
Quincunx   :  3 Deg 00 Min
Ascendant in Virgo:

        Your Mercury ruled ascendent gives you plenty of opportunities to develop strong abilities in communication, business and modern day technology - even computer science.  Your disposition is one of a natural student and your dedication to perfection and accuracy makes you a good academic as well as an excellent student of life and human nature.  While often accused of being hypercritical, Virgoans are actually quite analytical and sometimes voice their thoughts, rather then holding on to them.  Virgoans have a natural ability to analyze, assess and categorize, which makes you a good candidate for business, research and any other field that requires these talents.  You are likely to have a good mind.  You can be practical, sensible and down to earth when any situation calls for it.  You probably prefer being your own boss, even if within the structure of a large corporation.  You like to find your own little niche and be given your assignments, then left alone to do the work your own way.  Nearly all Virgo individuals are natural efficiency experts, whether at home or in the office.  You are drawn to love and romance and the idea of home and family.  However, in young adulthood you probably weren't in any hurry, choosing to get your career established first.

        In your mid-life and leisure years, you are likely to become more tolerant, more open to change and more willing to become involved in activities not necessarily work related.  Interestingly, Virgo's can be quite spiritually oriented, often choosing to keep that part of their nature private.  Your natural affinity is with the principles taught by the World Mother, the highest principles of deportment, demeanor, expression and evolution of the feminine principle.  Whether a man or a woman you will relate well to this spiritual path, if you are indeed, open to the Path of Enlightenment.  As life moves into your leisure years, you are likely to look at travel possibilities, educational possibilities and community service opportunities.  You may even begin a new career or open your own business. You are someone who needs to keep active, physically and mentally.  Many Virgo's in later years take up personal studies in exercise, diet, new health regiments, homeopathy, aromatherapy, massage therapy and other health care alternatives.  Other Virgo's begin diaries, journals or books.  Your creative nature is vital and you will want to include your loved ones in as many activities as possible during the twilight of your life.

Sun in Taurus and in 8th house:

        As you develop and grow in life, you are likely to develop a very practical attitude toward death.  If you have any fears relating to the afterlife, it is likely due to your very early upbringing or an experience you had as a child.  Your partner or spouse will probably influence you in later years, probably opening you up to a higher level of understanding.  For those who take up meditation or creative visualization, you will find music to be an essential ingredient to the experience.  Your creativity tends to blossom in later years.  Inheritances, legacies, wills and other people's money can play a significant role in your life from mid to later years.  Your financial acuity could win you a good reputation. Look for ways to expand your consciousness of the world beyond the material.

        Your attitude toward sexual matters has likely deepened through your partner's influence.

Sun Conjunct Mars:

         You will have increased energy and vitality with age, as you'll learn through experience, to meter and schedule your time and routines.  Physical activities bring enjoyment.  You are an initiator and leader.

Sun Conjunct Uranus:

         You will require large amounts of freedom and the right to express yourself openly.  Be sure that you allow others the same.  Your unique approach to life could benefit many.  You act largely on instincts.

Sun Trine Moon:

         With age comes a more stable emotional base.  Your self-confidence and self-image increases.  You are better able to act on your intuition, desiring the greater good for the whole.  You are likely to be an "equal opportunity" proponent, gaining much benefit from your involvements with the opposite sex.

Moon in Virgo and in 12th house:

        The Moon is the reflection of the soul, in a manner of speaking.  The Moon is the seat of the emotions and is one of the main reasons the earth school was that humankind could learn all of the lessons the emotions have to teach.  The Moon is a barometer, of sorts, and measures what we have assimilated in spiritualized lunar energies.  It also measures what our "target" areas are...that is, what areas in life we need to process through via our feelings and emotional expression.  Any negative behaviors that are based in the emotions, that we brought with us into this lifetime will be given ample time and due course, to be processed and elevated into a higher expression.

        You are likely to have brought talents and gifts back with you, from past lives, into this incarnation.  In particular, you will have great powers of mental focus and concentration, organizational abilities and an analytical capacity that gives you advantages due to an intuitive talent, as well.  Any afflictions may alter this to some extent, but in general, you can expect to be more intellectually inclined, than anything else.  In this house position, the Virgo Moon is often gifted with psychic abilities and may even have accumulated much knowledge in the way of Mysticism and Metaphysical laws.  The knowledge you bring back in these areas could indeed give you extra energy to succeed and grow great lengths in this lifetime. This position can, at times, also incline one toward a career in medicine, dentistry, social work, psychology, herbal medicine, alternative medicine or holistic branches of medicine.  You work well with others and often share in empathy with the human condition.  In your later years, you may write about your earlier experiences, if intuitively guided to do so.

Moon Conjunct Neptune:

         At times, you will find that you react to subconscious or psychic impressions that surround you.  With maturity, you will discern your feelings and motivation.  Faith and inspiration will become your tools.

Mercury in Aries and in 7th house:

        From Mercury, you learn how to communicate with the world around you.  You discover your mental aptitude and find ways to utilize your abilities in logic and reasoning. Mercury teaches you about life through some travel, personal studies and the use of perception.  With Mercury in the seventh house, your intellectual focus and main interests will involve business matters, corporate affairs and/or personal business dealings.  You have a keen sense of timing and are not afraid to take risks.  Your life partner is likely to also be intellectually inclined and will provide a worthy partner in setting and accomplishing your goals in life as a couple.

Mercury Opposition Jupiter:

         You will need to keep a reality check on your daily outlook as you tend to be overly optimistic at times.  This in no way, deters you from having a positive or joyful approach to daily living.  It does, however, in your early life, encourage you to be realistic about your habits, diet, goals and assumptions.  Don't make idle promises that you know you can't keep. Sometimes it is not necessary to fill the silence with chatter or noise. Become at peace with your inner nature and listen to that subtle voice within, which is, after all, your umbilical cord to the Universe.

Mercury Trine South Node:

         You have a keen interest for business, and along with it, the patience of Job.  This gives you a strong talent for following such trends as stocks, bonds and investments.  While you tend to be a traditionalist, in your later years, you will venture into areas considered speculative or risky.

Mercury Sextile Node T.:

         You can make a significant contribution to life during this lifetime.  Your ability to communicate, clarify and understand makes you a natural teacher, writer and speaker.  Public relations is highly favored.

Venus in Pisces and in 6th house:

        The sign and placement of Venus will give you insight into your feelings and emotional leaning.  Venus helps you to discover your attitudes about music, art, culture, theatre and all forms of creativity and beauty.  Venus links you to love, romance and altruism.  You are probably one who will need to be careful of too much of a good thing, in life.  Moderation will be a key to your successes and ultimate fulfillment in life.  Once you have established a reasonable diet, exercise and self-care program, you will need to be consistent and honor your commitment to yourself.  Your family is likely to follow your lead.  As an employee, you are loyal, caring and dependable.  You will probably prefer by middle age, however, to work on your own and may start your own business or a service offered on the Internet.  Pets can be very rewarding, but you probably won't find time to devote to one until your retirement years.

Venus Trine Pluto:

         You have a special affinity to the world of finance, speculation and business.  You may, with the passage of time, show an interest in international affairs, as well.  Your gifts of intuition and inspiration, help you to be more successful in the world of business, high finance and partnership investments.

Venus Quincunx Jupiter:

         Sometimes your eyes want more than your stomach can handle.  This doesn't just apply to food, but to nearly all areas of your life.  Learn balance, moderation and appreciation.  Relationships will provide you with many challenges until mid-life, when you learn to differentiate what is important and what is not.

Venus Quincunx South Node:

         One of the lessons life has to teach you is the true meaning of beauty and depth of emotion.  Do not be afraid of your feelings.  With maturity you will learn to embrace them and learn more about yourself through your own emotional actions and responses.

Mars in Taurus and in 8th house:

        Mars is more subdued in the sign Taurus.  With maturity, Mars in Taurus becomes more focused and less stubborn.  With gained security, this sign will venture beyond traditional boundaries and be more open.  This placement takes the coming of age seriously, and will want to make all preparations for a passing, ahead of time so as not to burden his loved ones.  You can become more philosophic about the afterlife and may even take some interesting philosophic studies.  Others with this placement become even truer to their childhood faith.

Mars Conjunct Uranus:

         You show great initiative in your later years, especially where business and finance are concerned.  A few speculative ventures could bring a fortunate windfall.  Join support groups and organizations.

Mars Sextile MC:

         If you desire the best of both worlds, then you will need to work diligently in the career and domestic areas of your life, to produce harmony and unity.

         Always make time for your own regeneration, however.

Mars Quincunx Asc.:

         Things happen almost too quickly in your life.  It is difficult for you to make hasty decisions and you will need to step back from high pressure situations to give yourself time to think.  Avoid depleting your energy, physical vitality and financial resources.  Life doesn't have to be lived with an "all or nothing" attitude.

Venus Quincunx South Node:

         You probably feel as though others place restrictions on you.  What you need to realize is that your own inhibitions, self-imposed parameters and limitations will hold you back the most in life.  By middle age, you will find more ways to express yourself creatively.  Develop your imagination and practice creative visualization techniques.  Learn to express a more visionary outlook.

Jupiter in Libra and in 1st house:

        Jupiter's sign and house placements give you hope and optimism in life. Jupiter shows you the potential for your greatest rewards and benefits, and gives you a chance to speak your own truth to the world.

        Jupiter in the first house, no matter the sign, will always caution moderation when it comes to areas of great temptation.  Food, for example, could become an issue if you don't balance it out with proper rest, exercise and dietary habits.  It will be important for you to maintain a sense of calm, serenity and balance in your life, even it if means that you create a special place just for yourself to retire to, when you need a moment to yourself.  For you, music, painting, drama or some form of creative expression soothes the soul and helps you collect your thoughts and energies.    Once focused, you are able to go in any chosen direction and stay focused until you arrive at your goal.  You require a peaceful environment in your home life, which can easily become your personal sanctuary, where you retire from the world to recharge. In your later years, you will take pleasure in the comfort of a nice home and the love of a caring family, as Jupiter brings luck and immediate rewards in this position.  You may also choose to develop a talent in your second half of life.

Jupiter Trine Node T.:

         You definitely have a progressive thinking mind.  You will tend to keep up on the latest fads, trends and social mores.  You would make a good orator and may often find yourself in the position of representing others, especially during your mature years.  Sometimes this aspect foretells of a financial windfall or large inheritance.   You will always feel as though you have a guardian angel watching over you.

Jupiter Sextile South Node:

         While you are likely to show an intellectual interest in your family genealogy and history, there are many traditions you probably won't validate for your own life.  You will develop, purposefully, your own traditions.

Saturn in Aquarius and in 5th house:

        Your greatest lessons in life will involve Saturn's sign and house placements.  Saturn as teacher allows your self-expression to be put in an artistic form such as art, sculpture, painting, dancing, music, drama or comedy. You may even do some writing or get involved in publishing.  You are a natural risk-taker and speculative interests will also be noted, perhaps more so in your middle to later years.  You are probably an avid fan of nature, the great outdoors and outdoor recreational activities.  Some amount of travel on a regular basis would round out your life nicely, in later years.  Children, in your estimation, are to be given proper attention and nurturing to become their best.

Saturn Trine MC:

         You have tremendous constancy and dependability where your career and profession are concerned.  You are likely to establish yourself in a career early in life, and will want to continue for as long as you desire. Business, finance, leadership, institutional work and anything in which you are placed in the role of teacher or trainer, are favored.  You work your way into supervisory positions early in life.  By mid-life, you can become a manager, administrator, or owner of your own business.  You have a healthy respect for family elders and may study genealogy.

Saturn Sextile Uranus:

         This aspect allows for some lasting and meaningful friendships, especially in the mid to latter part of your life.  You have a clever mind and are an original thinker.  Many of your ideas will "catch on".

Saturn Quincunx Asc.:

         We have been put on this planet to learn to control and understand our emotions, to experience joy and to learn to operate the Law of Manifestation.  This is humankind's basic calling.  In your case, you need to see life in a lighter perspective.  Find more joy in your living.  Work at making your dreams come true.  Express more gratitude.

Uranus in Aries and in 8th house:

        Uranus is the planet of the higher mind, the super consciousness, and represents the attunement we can make with the divinity that exists within us all.  Uranus, it has been said, never takes anything away from us without giving back something far better.  False beliefs fall.  Truth replaces the falsehood.

        Uranus becomes involved in the adventure of discovery, with this placement, and even more so, as you gain in age and life experience.  With experience, you shed fear and with the shedding of fear, you open new life pathways and realms in the spirit.  You explore the nature of your own existence and make conclusions about your destiny and the possibilities that exist from earth birth through earth death.

Uranus Sextile MC:

         Much of your successes in life, with business, profession, family and personal relationships, comes from your ability to utilize intuition and common sense.  Expect some unique career opportunities.

Uranus Quincunx Asc.:

         You probably feel, now and them, as though everybody else is always just a little ahead of you in the game of life.  Your self-confidence needs bolstering much of the time and others will find that you are often intimidated by the things that you fear.  The first step toward identifying the source of your fear, is to study subjects like psychology, sociology and metaphysics.  Take up meditation or creative visualization.

Neptune in Virgo and in 12th house:

        Neptune governs your basic beliefs on a spiritual level. Your inner world, subconscious expressions, psychic intuition and creative visualizations all come under rulership of Neptune.  Your role in the upliftment of the planet is divulged in the lessons Neptune instills.  Neptune keeps your secrets and reveals your fears.  Neptune helps you uncover your hidden beliefs; especially those that hold you back spiritually, and keep you from living a fulfilling and joy-filled life.  Neptune to the twelfth house nearly always points to a soul whose connection to the world of spirit is more profound and apparent, than average.  You are likely, through Virgo's ability to communicate on more than one level, in this position, to experience some soul memories and possibly receive impressions from the "other side". Talents you brought from past lives are likely to include highly developed communication skills, writing talent, speaking talent, storytelling talent and the ability to organize and promote these and other skills in this life.

        You may be considered, by some to be a messenger, of sorts.

Pluto in Cancer and in 10th house:

        The sign in which Pluto is placed is a generational influence.  The house placement tells how it will affect you. Pluto in Cancer affects the concept of family, home and environment.  You were probably closest to the parent who had the more dominant personality.  Much of your life may even reflect some of the ideas you were taught.  In later life, you begin to get perspective and at that time, could make some needed changes.  You could even begin a new career.

Jupiter is Retrograde:

         Jupiter represents expansion, the true quality of expression, and authoritative judgment.  Jupiter allows you to see beyond what is deemed "real" in our earthly existence.  It is a visionary planet that let's the human soul branch out far beyond it's limited scope.  This is a planet of hope, faith and inspiration.  Jupiter envelopes cosmic law, universal principles and spiritual destiny.  It gives flight to the soul and then reconnects it to the body, so that practical applications can be made in the present lifetime.  The key to Jupiter's influence over your life as you begin to mature, is that you are better able to apply Jupiter's learned knowledge to your affairs in a way that sets you free and expands your awareness of what is possible for you to attain at any given moment.  A retrograde Jupiter tells of a soul who was either held back and fairly limited in his past life, or who held others back, disallowing for their growth and evolvement.  In this life, a retrograde Jupiter makes you work for what you want.  You still have the qualities of belief, foresight and faith, but nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter.  If you were born into riches and prosperity, you will be forced to learn the lessons of value and integrity.  If you don't, you could lose everything and have to start over, perhaps more than once.  Jupiter's influence is often attached to the word "Karma" and will show us what it is that we must grow beyond, where we must expand our consciousness.  Jupiter retrograde teaches us the value of utilizing our talents and abilities to their fullest.  We learn to survive, to overcome and to give unselfishly, when called upon to be of service to humanity.  We learn to give to ourselves as well.

Neptune is Retrograde:

         Neptune is a reflection of the spiritual side of your nature.  It tells us about your spiritual development up to this lifetime, and hints at the direction you are likely to go at this life's close.  It bespeaks your generational Karma with others born during your time period and helps to show the developmental direction being taken by this planetary evolution cycle.  Neptune shows us how you express yourself on a subconscious level through your dreams, intuition and psychic flashes.  Neptune can be, like Jupiter, quite inspirational, but the guidance comes from within the depths of your own higher self.  With a retrograde Neptune, you are probably more sensitive to your environment, stress and outside pressures than those with a direct Neptune.  You more easily "pick up" on the subtle outworking of energy and vibration taking place all around you.  With Neptune retrograde, it is possible that in a past life you had to deal with the results of alcoholism, drug addiction or any of the other shadier sides of human existence.  Take care in this lifetime, lest there be any residuals.  Some people with Neptune retrograde are sensitive to medications, alcohol and smoking in this life.  This can actually be, however, a blessing in disguise.  In the early part of life, especially, you will also want to avoid negative psychicism.  Keep a realistic perspective on your dreams, hopes, wishes and goals.  Don't become so spiritual that you are of no earthly good.  Seek balance in all areas of your life.  If you can be practical in all of your daily affairs, if you can avoid obsessive or possessive behaviors, if you can stay grounded to the reality of existence and if you can utilize your intuitive perceptions, then you will do well by this Neptune placement.