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An Astrological Report on the Relationship Between

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Interpreted by Bernie Ashman





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The Astrological Chart


Composite Chart (with Derived Cusps)
For Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

At: Hartford,CT           072W41'08"  41N45'49"







House Cusps






01  08°Cp31'






02  20°Aq17'






03  02°Ar11'






04  04°Ta00'






05  27°Ta48'






06  18°Ge01'






07  08°Ca31'






08  20°Le17'



26°Le50' R



09  02°Li11'



14°Ca50' R



10  04°Sc00'






11  27°Sc48'






12  18°Sg01'

Part Fortn













The Natal Charts

            Paul Newman                                              Joanne Woodward
            Jan 26, 1925                                                 Feb 27, 1930
            06:30:00 AM EST  +05:00                             04:00:00 AM EST  +05:00
            Cleveland,OH                                               Thomasville,GA     
            081W41'44"  41N29'58"                                 083W58'44"  30N50'11"

            Sun at 06°Aq02' in 01st.                                Sun at 08°Pi03' in 02nd.   
at 01°Pi39' in 02nd.                             Moon at 24°Aq52' in 02nd.   
at 13°Cp19' in 01st.                          Mercury at 14°Aq18' in 01st.   
at 14°Cp24' in 01st.                             Venus at 13°Pi05' in 02nd.   
at 23°Ar38' in 03rd.                               Mars at 16°Aq02' in 01st.   
at 08°Cp52' in 12th.                           Jupiter at 07°Ge33' in 05th.   
at 13°Sc42' in 10th.                            Saturn at 09°Cp40' in 12th.   
at 19°Pi04' in 02nd.                           Uranus at 09°Ar30' in 03rd.   
at 21°Le38' in 07th.                          Neptune at 02°Vi03' in 08th.   
at 12°Ca01' in 06th.                              Pluto at 17°Ca39' in 07th.   
at 08°Sc25' in 10th.                      Midheaven at 29°Li34' in 10th.   
at 13°Cp05' in 01st.                       Ascendant at 11°Cp50' in 01st.   
at 13°Le39' in 07th.                               Node at 04°Ta22' in 04th.   
            Part Fortn
at 17°Sg27' in 11th.                       Part Fortn at 25°Cp01' in 01st.   

Interpretive text copyright 1998 by Bernie Ashman

Copyright 1985-2000 Matrix Software, Inc.

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The Playing Field


Welcome Paul and Joanne, to Simpaticos, an analysis of your relationship, through the use of a unique tool, the Composite Chart. This is a type of chart that astrologers use to get an overview of a partnership. It is constructed by using the midpoints between each of your individual charts. The Composite Chart is a Blueprint that represents a symbolic meeting place of your shared mental, physical, emotional and spiritual chemistry.

Have you wondered why the two of you find it easier to agree on some topics and experience distance when trying to discuss others? This report will likely touch on some areas where you might need insight.

There are no perfect relationships. We can strive to make our interactions with others more productive and meaningful. The pages that follow will describe places of harmony in your relationship. It will also point to places of potential conflict. You will notice that some descriptions will appear to contradict each other. Astrology offers a lens through which to view a wide variety of ways to express ourselves in order to make better use of our vast resources.

Relationships are made more from the fabric of a verb, rather than that of a noun. They are in a continuous process of becoming. You will eventually have changing expectations of one another. Your individual search for growth and new direction is rewarding and yet can create tension. It is important to find ways to make room for your individual needs. Nothing truly stays the same. Perhaps this report will inspire the two of you to finds ways to mentally stay on the same page. Communication is so vital in clearly relating to each other.

Romantic love is a powerful belief system in modern day society. Some people have even compared it to a religion. Our faith goes out to another person. Romance charges a relationship with more emotional intensity than any other type of partnership. Many of our hopes and dreams are invested in finding a soul mate.

We seek happiness in a lover. How can such a simple thing get so complicated? It's that each of us has our own definition of happiness.

This report could create new options. Relax. It is not intended to judge either of you. Pause if something makes you take a deep look at yourself or your partner. Each of us is really a student of life when it comes to relationships. Learning how to communicate and to truly hear the mind and heart of another person is a life long quest. Remember that you are not alone when it comes to understanding how to better handle your human relations.

Paul and Joanne, try to let your eyes scan the pages that follow with an open mind. Perhaps you will be stimulated into taking a refreshing look at one another!

Happy Navigating!




The Players: The 10 Planets

Part One: The Lead Roles

The Sun

The Sun is the center of our solar system. It generously shares its radiance with the other planets. In Astrology, the Sun is the heart of the chart. It points to ways that your relationship needs to confidently shine. Keep the fires of your Sun burning brightly and proudly together. Love will follow. Happiness will fill your minds, bodies and souls. The Sun stands for ego needs, will power and creative vitality.

Forget your own Sun signs for the moment, Paul and Joanne.

Your shared Sun sign could be different than your individual Sun signs. Remember that we are talking about your combined Sun. It is the fusion of your two hearts.

Sun in Aquarius

A Sign is a psychological process through which a planet operates. As a couple, being solarized through the sign Aquarius gives your relationship a spark of individuality and progressiveness. The keyword for Aquarius in traditional astrology is "I know." Each of you can surprise the other with new insights. Sudden change and spontaneous ideas awaken the creative energy of your relationship. A search for unique paths is a constant desire. Individual and shared visions for the future may be exhilarating. Communication is usually invigorating.

Peers may be unconventional. The groups associated with can border on the unusual. Each of you can be the catalyst to get a group to move into a new direction. A mutual respect for independent thinking goes far to deepen your connection.

Giving equal support to goals is endearing. Helping each other reach objectives without interfering with individual autonomy brings trust. Showing you care without giving unsolicited advice encourages intimacy.

Your life together is apt to be filled with experimentation and exciting experiences. The inventor and rebel in each of you stimulate lively discussions. There can be a dislike of routines. You might not care for strict schedules.

Excessive intellectual aloofness might make you feel distant. Hiding emotional insecurity behind a show of mental strength can drive a wedge between you. Coming out from behind fears brings a great closeness.

Eccentric natures can be entertaining to each other and to your friends. You both can enjoy surprises. People with individualistic outlooks are fun to be around.

Freedom must be balanced. It is important that neither of you be an extreme follower of the other. This relationship thrives on mutual independence. Freedom does not mean we can always get our own way. A "different just to be different" attitude or extreme aloofness can cause tension.

Communication breakdowns must be fixed. Sometimes space will help bridge the gulf and restore a clear perspective. Each of you can arouse new perspectives, as well as a lot of nervous energy! Expressing your insights can help settle the differences.

Your creative vitality can guide you in the giving and receiving of support. Both of you need to feel you can fulfill your individual destinies. Enjoy being friends and lovers in this adventurous and sometimes unpredictable partnership. Your love for each other is electrified when you delight in the treasures you find as individuals and as a couple.

Sun in the Second House

Increasing your financial status is apt to be important. Careful planning together can lead to great success. You have natural ability to make your money grow. Sound investment strategies can have lucrative results. Be generous in sharing your resources with one another as it keeps you in love. You tend to be proud of what you own.

Affection is something you look for in each other. It will feel odd when it is not there. You can enjoy romantic dinners and receiving flowers. Making each other feel special goes a long way to ensure happiness. The spark that brings you to fall in love is something you want to keep rekindling.

You both expect to have your opinions valued. There is a tendency to grow stubborn if you feel discounted.

You have a way of stabilizing each other. Did you feel very relaxed when first meeting each other? There is a reliable shoulder to lean on. People might perceive the two of you as possessing great poise in any kind of situation.

Entertaining others can be enjoyable. You could be known as excellent chefs. There is a flair for putting an extra touch of grace, beauty and spice into what you prepare. Your creativity expresses your sensuality.

Acknowledge each other's strengths as it leads to greater trust. You can work well together when there is a spirit of acceptance and cooperation. Learning how to explore the depths of your individual and shared values can deepen your commitment.

The Moon

Countless song lyrics, poems and lofty dreams have been inspired through gazing at the Moon. The Moon's sign and house position represents the intimacy and feelings you share with each other. Establishing a sense of security and a home are other lunar sides of life. The Moon symbolizes the imagination you share from your inner landscapes.

Moon in Aquarius

With your relationship lunarized through the sign Aquarius, you share a fondness for unconventionality. There aren't too many things in this world that will shock either of you. Surprise is something you thrive on. There is an inventive quality that runs through your togetherness. People can experience electricity buzzing between you.

An innate sense of the future can stimulate you into exciting directions. The intimacy between you can provide the foundation of a wonderful friendship. Equality allows you to naturally deepen your mutual understanding.

Your mental alignments lead to experimentation. Your partnership could easily feature a trend- setting tone. Friends, peers or loved ones could be motivated to new inventive thinking. Your relationship probably attracts unusual people and situations.

The home could have a unique beat to it! Visitors with progressive insights may frequent it. Groups may enjoy meeting at your house. There is a likelihood of having numerous types of the newest communication technologies at your disposal. Staying in touch with the world through E-mail is not hard to predict. You each need to feel completely free to be yourselves around the house.

You might display a great capacity to adjust to each other's moods. A need for closeness and distance is indicated. Doesn't this sound like a difficult challenge? You will need to talk this dimension of your relationship through carefully. You can balance these two tendencies in your everyday relating with one another.

Aloofness! It might cause a deep wrinkle in your caring for one another. Find a happy medium between your emotional and mental sides. Communicate to each other's heart as much as the mind. Support each other's future goals and you just might have a friend forever!

Let your imaginations guide you to walk with a spirit of autonomy, and yet find areas where the farthest reaches of your worlds can meet. Embracing the closeness found in the present may be wiser than pinning all of your hopes for the promise of the future--though it's hard not to look ahead!

Moon in the Second House

There is a need to make each other feel secure regarding money. Joint ownership needs your best cooperation. You can build a slow and steady increase of financial wealth together. Together your productivity can take you far in life.

The gentle and soothing nature of your partnership brings enjoyable intimacy. The joy of being together inspires creativity. Sharing the wealth generously strengthens your commitment. A solid sense of internal security can keep you together. You can be stabilizing forces for one another.

Sensuality and passion expressed for each other is easily awakened. Pleasing your partner is a heartfelt desire. The two of you appreciate being together when you are free from stress and worry.

Your home is a safe haven from the outer world. You probably like natural beauty in the form of plants and forests. No matter where you reside your home needs to have a peaceful atmosphere. There is likely often the smell of spices, incense or other interesting aromas in the air.

Possessiveness need not come between you. Let each other be free to express heartfelt needs. You may not always be able to completely comprehend each other's choices, but do your best to accept them.

Your shared values can give you confidence in one another. Your willingness to work hard for what you want is a unifying factor.

Let your intuition lead you to full cups of self-esteem. Accepting each other at face value does wonders for feeling close. Positive strokes never hurt either.

The Ascendant

We are taking a short intermission from the planets to introduce you to an additional key part of your relationship. The Ascendant or Rising Sign is the sign that starts the 1st house of the chart. The Ascendant is one of the twelve signs with a special role serving as an ambassador. It acts as a persona or mask for an individual or a relationship. The Ascendant is the personality through which we interact with the world.

The Ascendant is the way we appear to others. It is their first impressions of us. You meet someone and he or she seems to be confident, shy, talkative, cheerful, etc. The same can be said for a couple. The two people might seem theatrical, dreamy, or businesslike.

Ascendant in Capricorn

People may see the two of you as serious and all business. You are more fun when you let your hair down and interact spontaneously. Ambition is personified in your faces. Career can be a key topic of interest. Others might marvel at your determination and focus. You act responsibly and expect this from those you know. Managing your time is an automatic response. Making decisions can be done through adopting carefully laid out strategies. Leadership positions are waiting to have your names on an office door. You can be respected for your commitment to what you promise.

The Part of Fortune

Your Sun, Moon and Ascendant can be combined or blended into a cosmic alchemy, known as the Part of Fortune. This is not a planet, but rather a reference point in the chart. The Arabian astrologers of the Middle Ages are given credit for its discovery. The Part of Fortune is said to show where we can expect to find good fortune and even luck. Do we really need to take a look at something from the long ago past, if it will serve as nothing more than a relic to hang on the wall? A translation of this ancient symbol into modern terms makes this symbol worth investigating. Why? Because it can give clues to special paths that lead to harmony and a spirit of feeling united.

Think of the Part of Fortune as the potential corridor leading to Opportunity. It is a way to read the pulse rate of the partnership, indicating ways to reach a shared sense of fulfillment.

Part of Fortune in Capricorn

Rising to positions of power, or creating circumstances that give you a sense of being in control, allows you to feel more at ease. You can climb to high places together. The commitment you establish can be deep, and appear invincible. Career aspirations are probably important to your happiness. A willingness to be patient to realize the full completion of a strategy is within the framework of your relationship. You rejoice in each milestone. One or both of you cherish certain traditions. You both will be called upon to lead. It is here that your destiny can be smiled upon by good fortune.

Part of Fortune in the Twelfth House

The imagination you inspire in each other has a way of magically opening the doors to lucky happenings. You must have the faith to follow through on your convictions. There is a creative intensity that rests greatly on trusting your intuitive awareness. You are a healing force for others. A talent for expressing yourselves artistically is possible. People are uplifted by your belief in them. The higher values you share sustain you in the mild or more turbulent seasons. Balancing your idealism with reality is a key to being happier and feeling a sense of unity.




Part Two: The Supporting Cast


Are you curious about the way the two of you communicate? In this section are Mercury's sign and house placements, showing some of your favorite communication tendencies. Mercury is referred to as the winged messenger in mythology, a networker for the gods. This very mental heavenly body represents an important link between your minds. It shows how you interpret what the other is saying. Mercury is connected to Perception. Astrologers consider Mercury the ruler of the conscious mind.

Mercury in Capricorn

Your mental energies influence you to find meaningful ambition together. You have perceptions featuring a reality-based tone. A commitment to a clear definition of your relationship is needed. It's not as much fun without it.

You communicate in a business-like way. The two of you know how to negotiate with each other. Respect each other's ideas, and you will stay close. Rigid ways of talking will not warm your hearts. You are a strong partnership when channeling your competitive force at creative strategies. Your are take charge people.

Mental strength can lead the two of you through obstacles. You do better when learning to play as hard as you work. You are serious when it comes to finishing projects you begin.

Business smarts are everywhere present in your partnership. The two of you can show great focus when working together. You are adept in managing your time. A disciplined concentration can be displayed. There is a shrewdness in making sound business decisions. Your career pursuits can take you far. You both like to perform at the best of your ability and are sensitive about having your work criticized--aren't you?

Changing directions in mid stream is not a sin. It might even keep your minds fresh and alert. A belief in certain traditions may be important to you. History could be an interest. You like ideas that are practical and possible to put into practice.

Work on bringing out each other's strengths. Your shared insights can be a bridge that leads to reaching new heights. You can build anything together if you are willing to let each other show their true ability.

Mercury in the First House

Your minds are quick to act. You can display lightning fast perceptions. The two of you have strong initiating impulses. Your relationship might show you challenging the opinions of one another.

People are stimulated to be more decisive in spending time with you. You can display an eagerness to learn. You both probably like to stay abreast of the current news in your community or society. You have antennae that have a sharp eye allowing you to stay aware of the world around you.

You are likely to be perceived as a couple able to communicate clearly. Your friends and loved ones feel free to seek your advice. The two of you can get right to the point in talking to one another. Sharing your favorite subjects with each other is fun. Don't jump to conclusions about your partner. Be sure to hear all of the facts. You can be a bit competitive in proving you are right. Allow for an even exchange of ideas.

You can show a knowledge about business trends. Communication fields exhibit your speaking skills. You both will gravitate toward work that is fast-paced. Your schedules are apt to be filled to the brim.

Nervous energy! You can make one another very anxious if you change your plans suddenly.

Appreciating each other's insights brings trust. Communication is a powerful tool in this relationship! Listening as well as talking will encourage closeness.


Without Venus, life would be lonely and meaningless for all of us. The goddess of love guides our Social Awareness and search for Aesthetic Beauty. The Venus sign and house positions most directly point to your search for a sense of balance, peace, comfort, love and mutual admiration.

Venus in Aquarius

Your relationship is a Symbol of Freedom. The social instincts of your relationship point you in exciting directions. You are curious to meet people with individualistic tastes. Your life together is full of surprises--you probably like it that way! Unconventional people are attracted to you. Certain groups can benefit from your unique value system.

Friendship may have been the first step in getting to know each other. Equality is a key theme running through your togetherness. Support each other's goals and love is everywhere present. Others may perceive you both as coolly rational. You may keep people at an arm's distance until you really feel comfortable with their company.

There may be no real pattern to what you buy due to a desire to own the unusual. Your possessions can denote your unique interests. Life is more peaceful together when each of you feels free to spend monies as needed. Separate bank accounts are wise. You can stimulate each other to buy on a whim. Immediate gratification can possibly causes you a bit of anxiety.

Your romantic ideas may be unconventional. Tradition is a concept to rebel against. The two of you like to create an original script. It is stimulating to sidestep the example of someone else.

What might you need to balance? Regulating the closeness and distance takes practice. You both likely need to exert your independence. There could be times this causes an argument. Integrating your personal needs into your relationship will take careful negotiation. Becoming too self- absorbed in your own goals may irritate your partner. Pay attention to the direction you want to pursue as a couple, and you will remain close.

Venus in the First House

The two of you can't be accused of being shy. Even when you are not feeling confident socially, your smiles can hide any feelings of insecurity. People like you. Finding time to yourselves may not always be easy. You activate the gregarious instincts of friends or strangers. Though there is potential for conflict concerning your values, you share a tendency to quickly put them into action. There may be fondness for holding hands on nature trails and watching sun rises.

Buying on impulse is indicated. You tend to go directly after what you desire. Money may come and go. Your energy to make a good living is ferocious. Each of you needs the freedom to spend money on clothes, image consulting and the pleasurable items of your choice. The careers may each deal with the public. People probably see you as a sometimes self-absorbed couple. You make good mediators.

Emotions pour out spontaneously. It isn't too difficult to figure out when one of you is not happy. Your eyes are a dead give away. You can be quick to agitate one another, and just that quickly be flowing nicely. It's not hard to get centered again. Get good at knowing win-win strategies. By all means, do give each other an equal amount of attention!

Prolonged indecision has no place in your companionship. It has a way of making you feel uncomfortable. Weigh your options but do move forward. The two of you are dynamic when trusting your hunches. Others can see you as role models, representing a quality they would like to develop.


The ancients considered Mars the god of war. The warrior planet can translate into heated exchanges with each other. Mars arouses Passion in the form of sex, anger or a desire to forge ahead as a swash buckling couple. Mars is still the ruler of combat. It points to the primal competitive instincts embedded deep within each of us. In modern terms, this fiery red planet's sign and house placement are associated with assertion and acting on impulse.

Mars in Pisces

Your emotions and ideals fuel the warrior in you. Together you make two romantics willing to fight for your shared dreams. The two of you can show incredible faith in each other. There could be a drive to be successful in the arts. You stimulate creative courage to the depths of each other's souls. A willingness to make sacrifices for each other can make you feel close. You might find it hard to be openly angry with your partner. Moodiness is more likely than a direct confrontation. There is a sensitivity in not wanting to hurt each other's feelings. Denial or avoiding conflict might not be in your best interests. It will only delay working on the real issues.

You may have a common interest in dance, movies and other forms of entertainment. Your hobbies and passionate interests probably amuse your friends. People can be moved by the inspiration you excite in them.

There will be times when you could find working together difficult. Getting a project started is the biggest challenge. It might be that your high expectations or impulse to do something perfectly interferes with getting in first gear. You can find that taking the first step will propel you to the finish line.

Your relationship is energized when the two of you escape to places that seem mysterious or absolutely beautiful. When your minds are intoxicated with transcendental experiences you love life together. When you believe in each other, life seems more magical.

Mars in the Second House

You can pursue wealth and ownership with a burning desire. Your energy finds a second wind when it comes to working toward a better life. There is a willingness to do whatever it takes to own what you want. You can work in a spirit of cooperation to get much accomplished in a short amount of time. Differences over the handling of finances can be the source of an argument or two. Possessiveness needs to be dealt with carefully. The risk-taker in you may be willing to bet your life savings to get ahead. You can ride this attitude to good fortune. The success will seem even sweeter if you first consult each other before take a risk.

You can display courage in fighting for your shared values. People willing to stand up for their beliefs win your respect. There is a need to accept one another at face value. You will be met with stubborn resistance if you try to change your partner. Compromise in the areas you can, as this adds to the harmony between you.

You both need relaxation away from life stresses. It soothes your psyches. Rushing through life creates a hectic pace that is not good for you. You are naturally ambitious. Enjoy creating romantic moments together. When you truly focus on one another, passion is never that far away.

The two of you get motivated when you pursue paths that promise sensual and material fulfillment. You find delight in adding to each other's self-esteem through growth-promoting pursuits.


The largest planet in the sky is Jupiter. This happy-go-lucky cosmic giant is more than twice the size of all the other planets put together. Jupiter spins on its axis with great enthusiasm, doing this faster than any other planet. Jupiter's sign and house denote themes related to learning, optimism, travel, philosophical beliefs, luck and generosity. Inspiration that flows between two people can be traced to our good-natured friend in the sky.

Jupiter in Pisces

You seek inspiration through the stuff that weaves dreams. There is a tremendous vision of hope and faith that you bring to one another. Go slow. Your intuition is apt to be far out in front of your reality. Be patient in creating a relationship together that represents each of you. Your love for each other might have felt like it was already there. It's almost as though everyday life needs to catch up with you both. Travel to exotic places keeps you close in mind, body and spirit.

Your principles and ideals are merged. Aesthetic talent is rich in your companionship. Performing for others is rewarding. People forget about their troubles when in your presence.

It may get confusing at times in being able to know where your partner's world starts and your own begins. On the one hand, this shows a great unity. On the other, your individual identities may get water logged. Let each other fulfill their personal needs and all goes well.

Your devotional energies are strong. Choose your causes wisely. You can care greatly for the welfare of one another. Helping each other find the roads to true fulfillment is a heartfelt urge. You can display a shared passion to want to educate others.

A sense of happiness and expansive growth occurs through following your innermost impulses. Life may seem like a magical mystery tour in your partner's presence. Walk with one of your eyes looking at reality, while the other eagerly searches for uplifting experiences that satisfy your imagination.

Jupiter in the Second House

Following a hunch to increase your buying power. Does this sound familiar? You have built-in insights to find out ways to increase your wealth. Tapping into knowledge that gives an advantage to your potential for success comes with your being together. You need to exercise sound judgment regarding money. Spending more than you have is a possible temptation. The two of you can feel life will always provide what you need. You may feel lucky in landing good jobs.

You probably value education and learning. Your salary may mean less to you than your potential to grow. It might be hard for either of you to work where your values are in conflict.

Enjoying walks and talks out in natural surroundings are good for you. A life as stress free as possible probably suits you just fine. You may enjoy buying items that promote relaxation. You both may be good chefs. Discovering new recipes together could be fun. Possessions you collect through travel can make special keepsakes. If life starts to get too humdrum, getting out of town could be the answer. Your partner might surprise you with a romantic getaway for two, when you least expect it.

People likely enjoy your fun-loving ways. If you are feeling worried or anxious, you may not like to bother others with your concerns. Be generous to each other and your hearts remain close.


Astronomers say that if Saturn fell from the sky it is light enough to float on an ocean. Some people dread hearing about where Saturn is in their chart more than they do going to the dentist! The fortune tellers of old always painted this planet with "heavy" interpretations. They presented this planet as being a god of doom and gloom. In modern astrology, this motif denotes endurance and ambition. In mythology, Saturn was Chronos, the god of time, reflecting the wisdom that can be learned from past experiences. You could say Saturn is a "Cosmic Chiropractor", showing adjustments needing to be made along life's way. There can be frustration in repeating the same mistakes. Saturn's sign and house themes are associated with Commitment and Reality-Testing. The two of you may find clues here about how you define your relationship roles. Career drive is a Saturn hallmark. Saturn shadows are fear, rigidity and a need to be compulsively controlling. There is no longevity without partners dealing with the symbolism of this particular celestial wanderer. With a lot of practice and patience the two of you can get good in making this side of your relationship flow--honest! Saturn can become more a god of Success!

Saturn in Sagittarius

You are a couple that must stay true to your idealism. It is hard for you to commit to anything that isn't fun. People are moved by the steadfastness you show in sticking to your principles. You may even seem a little old-fashioned this way. When you decide to act on a plan it can be put into operation swiftly. There is a chance you will lose interest in ideas that don't yield quick results.

Staying focused will be difficult at times for the two of you. A tendency is to be very expansive. You dislike having your options so clearly defined that there is no breathing room. Your style is cramped by super planning types of individuals. You are a playful couple. Even your serious ambitions have a dose of humor lining them.

You can display a pragmatic philosophy about your most heartfelt issues. It is senseless to argue with each other. Your partner can probably match you word for word, and even sarcasm for sarcasm. You both want many of the same things. It's finding the smoothest routes to getting there that will take your patience and wisdom.

You can encourage each other to leap over your fears into new challenges. It is your sincerity and generosity that often warms each other's hearts. You won't have all of the answers your partner needs. But you can be a voice of support and insight that helps light the way.

Saturn in the Eleventh House

A serious sense of direction is your guiding light. You are a couple that will commit to a plan if it is clearly defined. There is an ability to be inventive in business. Authority figures can appreciate the stabilizing insights you offer. You tend to respect individuals with sound reasoning powers.

Showing indifference to your partner's emotional needs is shortsighted. You must talk issues through. Being comfortable with closeness and distance might take practice. Solitude could be needed by each of you when life is very stressful. It is your way of recharging yourselves. Your friends may see you both as protective of your space. They likely appreciate your sincere loyalty.

Professional associations could be special. Your work excellence can become widely known among your peers. Attending conferences or joining groups might be a good way to network. Receiving awards is possible for both of you.

Your being together contains an atmosphere of friendship as well as romance. Receiving support for your goals makes you feel this is a special relationship. You may like the way your partner can think progressive or in conservative terms as needed. Your connection is enlivened by creating a new goal occasionally.


Try to visualize a maverick planet orbiting on its side, whereas the other planets sit straight up and down. Uranus! This planet was discovered in the eighteenth century, sandwiched in between the American and French Revolutions. Is it any great wonder that this planet's sign and house occupations show our individuality and innovative ideas? Experimentation. Inventiveness. These are two more themes of this exciting and trend-setting entity. What is the down side to this rebel? A tendency in exhibiting a sarcastic tongue in your everyday communication. Launching sudden irresponsible actions will not make you feel like friends. Uranus can be the source of enjoying the refreshing insights you bring to your partnership. Treat each other as equals and you are likely responding to a positive tendency embedded in this planet's symbolism.

Uranus in Pisces

You bring out the most unique romantic in one another. Escape into each other's fantasy worlds is indicated. Dreaming big is a natural tendency. Being able to accomplish a plan could be another story. It will take your most decisive sides to make the reality you want happen. When you support your partner's most cherished aspirations, you receive a special glow from their eyes. It could be that a cause will capture your most united efforts. Your statements about beauty and aesthetics illustrate the exotic.

Finding the ground that supports each of your paths to fulfilling your ideals and most passionate beliefs is an intense search. There is compassion for one another. Don't let your emotions interfere with talking about issues. You will never really be able to get away from dealing with a strong difference of opinion. Life will set up situations for the two of you to get hidden feelings out in the open.

Your insights can be of mutual benefit to each other and can motivate those you care about. Friends can be highly creative and share your spiritual beliefs. People with a vision for the future are more likely to frequent your company.

Faith in one another can make you feel invincible. You are allies with a special purpose. It is when you recognize your most authentic capabilities that life together contains more magic.

Uranus in the Second House

You may not always be the most practical people in the world. Your stabilizing instincts may seem to delay when summoned. The idea of "saving for a rainy day", may put you into a position of feeling like fish out of water, or a retired farm horse entered into the Kentucky Derby.

Having separate bank accounts is smart. It will keep you from fighting over your individual purchases. You are not likely to appreciate having to ask for permission before buying items. The freedom to suddenly follow an urge to buy a gift for each other is another perk found here. Your possessions can make interesting conversation pieces due to their unique qualities.

Your friends more than likely find you a pair of generous individuals. Money might burn a hole through your pockets. Watch that your investments are well thought out. Haphazard hunches could prove embarrassing with twenty-twenty hindsight. The joining of your inventive forces can be turned into profit.

You may have a special way of making the other feel good about their body, and sexual performance. Your romantic instincts are refreshed through pleasurable nights out on the town and cozy moments at home.

The two of you could easily showcase a unique set of values. You may not agree with what your culture has tried to sell as the essential formula to find happiness and meaning. Your beliefs might be cut from a rare gem. Friendship is likely of equal importance to each of you. Honor what one another views as inspiring personal goals and you can't go wrong!


There is a planet that adds a mystical tone to our lives. Neptune defies being labeled as part of the physical world. It is our spiritual awareness on one hand and desire to escape from earthly reality on the other. Both are possible!

In mythology, Neptune was Poseidon, god of the oceans. This water god represents the strong emotions that love activates. Do the two of you feel any common ground when it comes to your highest beliefs? If you do, it might be associated with this planet's symbolism.

Faith is a Neptune theme. Neptune's sign and house will point to the ideals and causes you share. Your intuitive insights into one another can also be revealed here. Shadows of Neptune are denial and guilt. Keep these tendencies in check. It will ensure greater clarity and closeness. If you don't, it can feel like you are eating chicken broth with a fork.

Aesthetic interests are another part of Neptune's world. Your shared interests in art and music can come through loud and clear.

Neptune in Leo

You can be quite theatrical together. Watching your dreams take form is thrilling. Playing a few different roles is not difficult for either of you. Indulging in your favorite pastimes together is fun. Dancing and socializing with your favorite friends is enjoyable. You accelerate your partner's imagination.

You won't always be able to make each other's blues go away. However, you can help in lifting each other out of worries into more bountiful scenery. Your alliance is powerful. When you combine your faith there is no end to what you can do. Creativity is what often inspires you.

Your confidence in others can get them to go beyond their fears and self-doubts. People enjoy being in your presence as you both can exude a powerful confidence. You have a smile that can influence others to believe in you. When you are positive in thought, life recognizes your abilities.

Neptune in the Eighth House

You may not always know what each other is feeling, but have an intense desire to make your relationship work. There is passion that weaves an intensity through your emotions. Whatever the two of you pursue together, it is never going to be done half-way. Your intuitive glimpses can penetrate into what each needs to do to achieve self-mastery. You both have certain material and spiritual aims that can learn to get along. There will be differences that you must tolerate in order to coexist peacefully.

Your faith in one another is empowering. People can be moved to attempt great things when the two of you get behind them. You are equally as charismatic as you are secretive. You can switch back and forth without much notice. It's your moods that dictate your present disposition. Knowing how to talk with your partner about sensitive subjects is not easy. Revealing what's really bothering one of you might take a mind reader. You will get better in figuring out how to negotiate with each other. It's tough to fight or talk, if only one of you shows up.

When you first met, you may have sensed the magic between you. There is a capacity to do well in the business world together. A tireless creative spark may never go out, even when running into an obstacle. Your connection gets stronger with each milestone you experience together. In an ideal world, you could make all of your partner's problems disappear. In the real one, you can learn to find solace in knowing you have a reliable person with which to consult.


Last, but not least, is a planet of mystery and intrigue, Pluto. You may get a message or two in this section about your shared psychological intensity. Pluto's sign and house point to our drives for power, passion and financial gain. A desire to get to know each other on the deepest of levels can be a Pluto theme. We must let go of a part of ourselves to be in a relationship. This scares some people and seems like a fair deal to others. What we cannot face as individuals sometimes will be brought to the surface in our interactions with a partner. Pluto's shadows center around jealousy and possessiveness. This planet teaches us that letting go and trusting one another are rewarding paths. Facing the tests of Pluto together is the breakfast of champions.

Pluto in Cancer

Sharing deep feelings is better than hiding resentful ones. Don't you agree? You arouse intense emotion in each other. Creating a stable life together puts you more at ease. Your dependency on each other for security can intensify through time. Home and family bring out some of your strongest opinions. You need to feel your voices are heard in this domain. Being protective of those you love is in your shared chemistry. It helps to tolerate the friends you each choose. You like to know there is a space in your residence that provides privacy.

You probably don't like to stay mad at each other. Why? It's exhausting. When you are trying to go to sleep, it is disturbing to hear the constant drip of a faucet. Carrying residual anger around is just as irritating. Sooner or later, you have to deal with the problem. Why not choose sooner?

You influence one another to save your money. Securing the future through a healthy respect for the present is in your make up. Safe investments are a lot less anxiety provoking than the big ones. There is the possibility of taking a major risk if you consider yourselves knowledgeable about what you are going into. You can enjoy a life together when the power is equally shared.

Pluto in the Seventh House

You impact each other's social life. Introducing one another to your key allies widens your social circles. You are both individuals who are hard for others to forget. It is your emotional intensity that leaves a lasting impression on people. There are those that will be intimidated by your abilities. Your best friends and closest associates will likely admire the way you carry yourselves. This is a relationship that can boost each of you into greater public recognition. It is better if one of you does not try to live their life through the other. Expressing your own unique selves strengthens your partnership.

When you put your minds together there are few hardships you cannot endure. Helping one another solve problems makes you feel close in spirit. It is your passion for what you are doing that attracts support. People can't help to either fear or appreciate you. You don't care for pretense.

A tendency to delay trusting others is possible. You may wait until someone can prove that you can do so. Your business know-how is an attribute. Figuring ways to earn extra money is stimulating for both of you. Share the power. You don't like tension to continue when you have differences of opinion. Working through issues with an attitude of forgiveness makes life more pleasant.


Just as the Ascendant was described as a sign serving a special purpose, there is a sign referred to as the Midheaven, with a special mission of its own. This is the sign at the beginning of the 10th house of a chart. A palm reader can interpret the career line embedded in your hand. Think of the Midheaven or 10th house sign as a type of career line in your chart. How you two conduct business in the world and your work interests are shown here.

Midheaven in Scorpio

Knowing the bottom line in your business dealings is almost a given with you two. Being able to size up situations with a piercing sensibility can save you time, energy and money. You are adept negotiators with heads for budgeting. Power struggles are difficult because they don't produce a real winner in your case. Acknowledging one another's mastery in certain areas makes working together more agreeable. Your successes can attract jealousy. Know whom you can trust. You might become power brokers for others, or be supported by people in high places. Your willingness to pay your dues to enact a plan makes you a tough team to beat. You are at your best when expressing yourselves through passionate roles.




Part Three: Planetary Aspects

It's time now to mention another technical side of your report. (If you don't like technical explanations, skip right to the Aspect Interpretations). You have already been introduced to the ten planets. Certain planetary pairs in your chart have a special relationship to one another due to particular angular distances separating them, known as aspects. You could almost say the two planets in an aspect travel and interact together along the same circuit. The following aspect interpretations or descriptions will be listed under five types. Two are known as the soft aspects: the sextile (60 degrees) and trine (120 degrees). These two aspects generally point to more gentle themes found in your relationship. They indicate a lower voltage of electricity and produce less friction. The planets involved in a trine or sextile are more likely to be areas where you flow together without much effort.

The more hard or intense aspects are the conjunction (0 degrees), square (90 degrees) and opposition (180 degrees). They require our understanding and will point to key ways the two of you must communicate and negotiate. Planets that are part of an intense aspect will show how you energize one another. These higher voltage aspects don't mean you want to avoid them, but more so to develop a true understanding of how to use this energy constructively. "Soft" does not mean good and "intense" does not imply bad. It is often the more intense aspects that deepen the bond of a partnership. The interpretation of any planetary aspect depends greatly on the symbolism of the two planets forming an aspect.

It might be helpful to keep some key words in mind for the aspects. The sextile is a promise of Excitement and Eagerness. The planets in this aspect give clues how your energies support one another. The trine is a special Harmony shown by two planets. There is often positive regard for one another that comes spontaneously. We expect good things to be delivered in the trine.

The conjunction is where two planets are joined at the hip. There is a Fusion or powerful blending of these two energies. The square can reveal where you will encounter Friction in your relationship. Pay special attention to these aspects, as they are opportunities for growth as much as discord. The opposition requires a Balancing act. It is similar to a seesaw. Each of you may find yourselves taking turns in acting out one planet or the other.

It might be helpful to refer to Parts One and Two to refresh your memory about the meaning of the Planets, Ascendant and Midheaven, as you read the aspects that follow. Remember that it is usually the more intense aspects that stretch us the most. The more positively you use these challenging planetary combinations the greater will be your understanding of each other.

Note that a planet might be involved in several different aspects. In other words, the planet is interfacing its energies with numerous other planets (or even with the Ascendant or Midheaven). A "heavily aspected planet" plays a key role in your relating to each other.

Moon Conjunct Sun

Your heart and feelings are fused into one dynamic package. The two of you need to say what is on your mind--don't you? Your creative power together rests upon how secure you make each other feel. At times, it may seem like you are taking one step forward and two steps back. This is when you are out of sync. People can sense your emotional intensity. You can make life react to you through sheer will power. Strong opinions about home and family are felt by each of you. You make each other happy through trying extra hard to live both of your dreams. Supporting each other's creative efforts wins points!

Moon Opposite Neptune

You are a mirror for each other. This relationship reveals your deepest feelings. It either feels like you are bathing in relaxing water, or that you feel painfully insecure. There can be a joy of being with someone that understands you inside and out. People can sense the love and devotion you have for each other. Act and talk direct when an occasion calls for it. You tend to expect miracles together. There is magic! Life may seem to deliver in ways that seem improbable. Your shared intuition can guide you to accomplish great things. Don't follow others blindly. You can show a common aesthetic interest and have similar tastes in entertainment. Communicate with an intention of giving clear messages. If you do this, your days together are more cherished. Your friends likely share your belief systems. Their imagination must be somewhere up in the stars, like your own!

Moon Trine Midheaven

It can seem like you are with the ideal person. You both make the other feel important. Accomplishing shared aims can be done with joy and a sense of ease. A natural know-how in pleasing one another makes for great compatibility. Sharing leadership roles meets with no real obstacles. You have a wonderfully supportive partner where the give-and-take is equally divided. You both feel better when watching each other become successful. Helping pave the way for one another to find happiness is instinctual.

Sun Conjunct Venus

You look just right for each other according to others. A touch of diplomacy follows you into your social interactions. People are captured by your entertaining personalities. Your knowledge about money could be just as sharp as handling your human relations. Possessions mean much to you both. It may be more important what items symbolize to you, rather than their mere actual worth. You can put your creative power together to make a comfortable life. Showing affection brings you closer. Pleasing each other is a heartfelt desire. What is your biggest challenge? Decision making! You might talk one another out of choices occasionally. There will be times when it will be better to proceed ahead and worry about the consequences later. Just don't say: "I told you so." With practice, you can be a spontaneous couple. Friends and strangers appreciate your warmth.

Sun Opposite Neptune

The pull to meet each other was probably impossible to resist. You have a natural disposition to shower one another with care and compassion. The love you share lifts you to greater self-confidence. You prefer each day be magical. To maintain your closeness it is vital to do those things that keep the romantic in you awake. Be reasonable in what you ask from your partner. There are no perfect people. Your friends can be quite creative. They may have the same ideals. You don't like tension in your relationship, and when relating to others. Be direct in your communication more often than not. Don't let guilt or denial stop you from speaking clearly. A mutual interest in art and music is probable. The world may seem like a stage where the two of you can act out various roles. You enjoy performing for each other the most!

Mercury Sextile Uranus

You trade information back and forth with incredible speed. Others need to think fast to keep up with you. Your perceptions can help one another make big decisions. Growth means a lot to you both. Exposing your partner to new ideas is exciting. Surprising each other is probably a regular occurrence. Be open to the unique goals you both want to pursue as it makes for more flowing communication. You may need to follow through on a plan even when you are tempted to leave it for another one.

Mercury Square Midheaven

A distinct difference in the way you each achieve results is probable. How you adapt to each other's moves toward success will go far in working in harmony. Ideas are in constant production. Timing decisions is testy. Each of you can be territorial regarding schedules. Give-and-take is necessary to find common ground. When you focus on the same targets, you have incredible vision. Getting an objective done in a hurry is possible. Forgetting details due to haste is frustrating. Pay attention to the most important needs and the picture will not get blurred. You can be a boost to enhance the marketing of your partner's abilities. Staying in touch with new trends in a field is exhilarating.

Venus Sextile Saturn

Your romantic and serious natures flow nicely together. Decisions show a good sense of timing. Knowing how to enjoy yourselves makes life together more fun. Encouraging your partner to develop work potentials is appreciated. You tend to be comfortable with your commitment rather than worrying about it. Sharing responsibility is not that hard to agree upon. People may envy how well you work together. It is reassuring to be such a valuable and comforting resource for one another.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter

Adventurous doesn't begin to describe you! New learning opportunities excite you both. An enterprising streak runs through your being together. Be careful in impulsively rushing into a situation that may be more trouble than it is worth. Fighting for your principles takes little encouragement. You are inspirational forces for one another. Good luck might be the result of great self-confidence. Initiating growth-promoting experiences happens spontaneously. You may not like to follow schedules. Arguments can occur due to defending your positions. Be accepting of differences as it ensures more flowing communication. Risk excites you.

Mars Trine Pluto

Your fiery natures can coexist with a minimum of conflict. Agreeing on the big picture is part of your overall compatibility. Adjusting the speed of your actions to pace yourselves can be done better than most. Challenges are needed on occasion to maintain your competitive edge. You can show courage in helping loved ones. Cheering each other on makes you want to put out more energy to make a plan work.

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus

Life is not meant to have a straight, linear, predictable reality in your minds--isn't this true? You can question authority in the blink of an eye. Setting too many rules for each other means that many will probably be broken. In your kingdom, it's better "to live and let live." Intellectual pursuits can be many. Independent learning is a drive. The traveler and student are intensified through knowing each other. Restlessness is heightened. Having enough to fill your minds is essential. Sudden change may not be that disturbing to you. Something inside of you is ready for anything. Disrupting each other's train of thought will occur. You bombard one another with useful insights. Your ideas can break the mental sound barriers. Communicate to achieve mutual understanding, and you are never that far from your partner's loving gaze.

Pluto Opposite Ascendant

Social encounters may not be your forte. Though when the two of you are in your element, you can let go and be talkative. You may influence each other to hold back in trusting others, at least until you really get to know someone. People may ask you to back their ideas with your time and resources. Your business-minded side will guide you to invest in the right people and circumstances. A powerful bond can take you through any crisis. Planning a pleasurable rendezvous now and then helps balance out those unsettling occasions.




Part Four: The Nodes of the Moon

Do you sometimes wonder if it was fate or some other mysterious set of events that introduced the two of you? What attracted you the most to each other? Maybe it was a charismatic smile, the way you could talk, a physical attraction, or a shared sense of values. There is a multitude of possibilities you could name. The Nodes of the Moon are not planets. They are a celestial polarity offering clues to your connection on the soul level. Think of it as your own "psychic friends network." If this sounds too mystical or corny, just think of the Nodes as a shared frequency level in your partnership. It doesn't mean you get psychic flashes about each other. Much of this link between your minds is probably on a subconscious level. The Nodes usually play an active part in our closest relationships. The longer we are in a relationship with a particular person, the more these two energies come into our conscious awareness.

The Nodes represents a special way you can build your relationship together. They point to certain themes that must be nurtured. This helps keep weeds of discontent and frustration from growing. The Nodes are a path to solidifying your sense of closeness.

Node in Gemini

You have a shared mission in filling your minds with new learning material. A constant desire to be moving in multiple directions is invigorating. The two of you are seldom at a loss for words. When you can't talk about an issue, it must be a serious bone of contention. Communication is a powerhouse in your hands. Exposing one another to different perspectives can be enlightening. Your perceptions are the radar that guides you to clearly make the right decisions. Honor each other's need to be heard, and you will usually be close in thought. Anticipating ways to make life more exciting contains the mental nutrients that keep your minds burning with youthful vigor.

The trickster or hidden irrational tendencies make their presence known when you become too judgmental or dogmatic. Watch out for sudden feelings of self-righteousness. The tolerance you exhibit toward one another can open up the lines of communication wider than the Grand Canyon. You are travelers and gypsies at heart, no matter your lifestyle. You love the exploration of new adventures. Restlessness needs to be channeled constructively. Your faith can accomplish great things. Keep your minds attached to reality, and you will be more focused. You inspire your partner to find the confidence to conquer self-doubt. Teaching what you learn is exhilarating.

Node in the Sixth House

There is a calling to find the right skills that will allow you both to reach your highest potential. You activate a sincere drive in your partner to overcome limitations or obstacles in their path. A tenacious spirit to be the best at whatever you choose to do in life is a shared tendency. Health interests can be strong. Serving a similar belief system can be a source of your closeness. Turning a critical eye away from each other on occasion maintains a more peaceful coexistence. You expect each other to make the effort needed to complete joint tasks. You both thrive on work that is meaningful and seems to enrich your life. People sense your dependability.

Do you sometimes feel a mysterious pull to escape from reality or responsibility? You inspire a great deal of imagination in each other. Accepting life as it is could be difficult. Watch out for divine discontent. It could be testy to measure up to your expectations. The two of you can communicate with the deepest parts of one another's minds. Your intuitive worlds had a bridge already built linking them. The faith you have in your partner activates great confidence. You need to encourage self-reliance if one of you grows too dependent. It is important that you talk straight about major issues. You instinctively and magically interact with the intuitive impulses in one another--don't you?

This concludes your Romance Profile, Paul and Joanne. If this was your first experience of Astrology, hopefully it is far from your last! There are many other types of written reports available.