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Solar Return Interpretation of Barack Obama 7:24










While the preponderance of earth is generally associated with attention to financial matters, the lack of earth is more closely associated with financial limitations. Implied is a lack of money, through a loss of income, mismanagement, or self-imposed limitations. If you usually have money problems, then the lack of earth in the solar return chart can indicate increasing or continuing economic difficulties during the coming year. You may find that you have reached your credit limit and can no longer spend money without planning. You will not necessarily have employment problems, though sometimes that is the case. The lack of earth in the solar return chart suggests a lack of attention to financial concerns which can eventually lead to significant debt and overextension.

On the other hand, this is an excellent time to budget. Those individuals who are able to set their own limits use this time to become artificially poor and live on less money than earned. The lack of earth can indicate the desire to impose a strict system for saving money toward a large purchase such as a down payment on a home. In this case, the monetary pinch comes from your own savings program and not a lack of real funds or impinging debts. You can channel your money into various projects and expenses, leaving less to play with. If you are very concerned with your future financial security, vow to do something about it now.

For some individuals, the lack of money will not be a problem. You can place a greater emphasis on intangibles and therefore money is not a top priority. The quality of life is more important than the current financial state. If you are unhappy with your job, this is a good time to quit since career satisfaction will be more important to you than the salary you are paid. You are capable of living on less.


When the solar return Ascendant is in Virgo, you understand the relationship between cause and effect, and see how things work. “If I do this, then that will happen!” This gives you the ability to make practical, intelligent decisions, and break negative behavior patterns. You are methodical, analytical, and detail oriented, but your striving for perfection can result in nervousness and anxiety. You go too far when you become judgmental. A tendency toward negativity may result from a feeling of inadequacy and can impact your health.


SUN in the 11TH HOUSE

Capricorn and the 10th house are associated with the laws and rules that are written for the masses. These laws structure society as a whole. Aquarius and the 11th house rule the personal reassessment of those laws, their meaning and application on an individualized level. Conscientious objection and a disregard for societal norms are also Aquarian themes. The 11th house in the solar return chart is the house of "Why not?" Why not have an affair? Why not start your own business? Why not sail around the world alone? Why not, why not, why not! The sky is the limit.

When your Sun is in this house, you must personally accept or reject all rules that affect your life. Rules are questioned, and either broken or found to have great personal validity. Morality and ethics are subject to personal scrutiny. You must decide what is right for you, your life situation and the people around you. This testing of rules and laws can be a mental exercise that lasts all year or it can be a difficult struggle involving strong urges. Those individuals with strong Uranian themes in their charts are more likely to act out. Those with strong Saturnian themes in their charts are less likely to act out but more likely to be upset by the review process. This is because strange thoughts can be associated with the Sun in the 11th house. These are not conservative, practical thoughts but wild crazy urges sometimes lacking a basis in reality. If you are not aware of the purpose for this process, you may be frightened by your own erratic thinking.

The important task for this year is to weaken Saturnian restrictions that are outdated and inhibit your growth potential. Next year your Sun moves to the 8th house where many changes will occur. The Sun in the 11th house indicates the need to prepare for these changes by reviewing meaningless patterns of behavior. By the end of the year, you should develop a personal code of behavior that makes sense within the context of your situation and allows you to make necessary changes.

The 11th house is also the house of future goals and hopes. This is the year to activate goals, or at least determine if they are realistic, practical or suitable as a future endeavor. Some dreams will survive the test, while others may not. Begin to work on those goals which are feasible and worthy of your attention.

Freedom is a major issue, and the amount of freedom you experience in your life will either rise or fall. If you have been feeling suppressed and limited, this will be your year to break those restrictions. You may actually forsake your former code of conduct or pattern of behavior. For this reason, the married individual is affair-prone, especially if there are also placements in the 5th house. Friends may become lovers and lovers are friends and it becomes difficult to draw lines between the two. This is as true for single people as it is for those who are married. It is also possible that your freedom is seriously restricted as you strive to meet your goals or fulfill your dreams. Children and babies can be the fulfillment of a dream but at the same time, they do limit your freedom.

When the Sun is in the 11th house (the 2nd of the 10th), it is probable that your income will increase. Last year, if your Sun was in the 2nd house, you decided how much you were worth in the labor market. This year you set out to earn that much or at least increase your income. There is the possibility of advancement or promotion.

Group interaction will be important and this is a good time to experience or observe group dynamics. You are more apt to perceive subtle shifts in power within the group, or more obvious power struggles between members. You may or may not actively participate in these struggles yourself, but you will be aware of the power individual members possess and also the power the group possesses as a unit. Your experience can be mostly passive (in which case you will tend to go along with the crowd), or more aggressive (you strive for a position of influence). If you are interested in a cause or project, you should be able to harness group energy to accomplish the task at hand if your intentions are honorable. This is a good time to experience your own power and ego as expressed through a group. But if you waste this time on mindless infighting, all victories will be hollow.

And finally, the Sun in the 11th house relates to developing and also fading friendships. Those friends who did not treat you with respect last year are no longer around. New friends that you attract should be more appreciative. Relationships are less intense than the one-on-one partnerships of the 7th or 5th house, but no less meaningful. You can have in-depth but intermittent encounters with several friends or many superficial acquaintances. This year you are learning to express yourself to a variety of people and consequently your circle of friends expands. Both new and old friendships might be instrumental in the achievement of your goals.



The major task associated with the Sun sextile or trine Jupiter in the solar return chart is expansion of the personality into new areas of experience and expertise. This expansion should be consistent with the individual's philosophical beliefs, spiritual goals, and career aspirations. Beneficial opportunities are associated with Jupiter sextile or trine the Sun; however, there is no guarantee of a positive return. You may have to create your own opportunities, augment the possibilities through enthusiasm, or take a risk to manifest the best results.

The main danger noted with the Sun sextile or trine to Jupiter is a tendency toward excessive behavior and a refusal to curb personal needs and desires in consideration of others. Excessive behavior can be associated with workaholic tendencies, spending practices, diet, health habits, or any other activity. A refusal to curb personal needs can overwhelm partners and family members who have their own preferences. Remember to keep a sense of balance.


The Sun sextile or trine Uranus in the solar return chart suggests that the individual is making changes. Changes are usually major and sweeping, though sometimes a series of small changes in rapid succession is needed for a shift to occur. Changes are usually self-initiated and directed, unless a persistent problem or internal restlessness is ignored. When you avoid the obvious need for change, matters can be taken out of your hands, in which case, you become the passive recipient of change.

Generally, change is a part of any solar return year that has the Sun sextile or trine Uranus. Since Uranus transits can last for two or more years, you may be at the beginning of the change this year or near the end. If the degree for Uranus is less than the degree for the Sun, Uranus by transit is applying to the Sun and the change is probably about to begin. If the degree for Uranus is higher than that of the Sun, Uranus by transit is separating from the Sun and the change might be nearing completion. If the Sun and Uranus are in similar degree, you are probably in the midst of change.

Changes usually correspond to welcomed and significant life developments such as a pregnancy and birth, a job transfer, relocation, or the beginning of a new relationship. The native gravitates toward excitement, freedom, and growth. This is a good time to be creative, inventive and original. You can recreate your life.


The essence of the Moon's nature is change and fluctuation. Its presence in the 6th house of the solar return can denote changes in working conditions and/or health and dietary habits.

Job changes are usually minor. The Moon is more closely associated with adjustments rather than major upsets. Some appropriate examples of these minor changes might be: you change departments or offices within your company without changing your job per se; you drop your full-time hours to become a part-time employee; if you are self-employed, you may hire an assistant to help you keep up with the demands of your growing business; or if new policies and procedures are instituted at your office, your daily job routine changes. The adjustments that occur may or may not be within your control and may or may not be beneficial.

With the Moon in the 6th, you are more likely to make decisions that either directly or indirectly cause job changes. You can consciously decide to make the changes yourself, or make changes in other areas of your life which eventually cause repercussions in your job. As an example of this, you could decide to move out of the city. Since you will now live farther away from your office, you convert a room in your house to a home office and do more work at home. It is possible that changes occurring in your job are truly out of your control. Your company may merge with another, reorganizing the offices and moving you to another department. All changes tend to be minor, even those that are beyond your control. Except in rare instances, it is unlikely that you would quit your job or get fired during this year; however, job security may be an issue. Even if the Moon is heavily aspected in the 6th house, it is more common to experience daily routine changes that are complicated and stressful rather than major career transitions.

There is a tendency to become more emotionally involved with co-workers when the Moon is in the 6th house, and if you are in a helping profession and/or have daily contact with the public, you may become more involved with those you help. This interaction includes a greater sensitivity to the needs of others while on the job. Because of your dealings with the public and co-workers, you are more apt to develop a reputation. This reputation is dependent on the quality of your work and therefore may be either good or bad.

The Moon in the 6th also implies health changes. These changes are generally minor and can be caused by physical changes in the body or adjustments in health habits or diet. Body changes are usually the result of natural biological cycles and processes. Included here are those changes resulting from puberty, pregnancy, breast feeding, aging, physical fitness, and hormonal balance or imbalance. Weight gain or loss is also possible. It is likely that you will be more mindful of what you eat even if you are not eating well. The body is more sensitive to the way food and exercise (or the lack thereof) affects you. This is not a good time to go on a strict health regimen. It is a much better time to learn health from the inside out. Be aware of what foods and activities make you feel better and which ones actually hurt your health or drain your energy. Develop a health consciousness. This year conscious changes in health habits are more likely to be made because of greater awareness of how unconscious habits affect health. Make your changes gradually and incorporate them into your new lifestyle permanently.

Any illnesses you might have during the year can relate to emotional habits you refuse to change. It is very easy for psychological problems to manifest as physical illnesses. A healthy diet is not enough. You must also have a healthy emotional life, which includes fulfilling emotional involvements and psychologically healthy environments. Relationships and work habits can affect your health, especially if you experience a lot of stress, frustration, or anger in these areas. Look at your most intimate relationships. Are these relationships assets or liabilities, fulfilling or draining? Even if you find these relationships debilitating, you have recourse. Counseling can help you improve your situation or meditation can help you cope with the stress. It is also important to evaluate your working conditions and the effect they might have on your health. You should be able to make changes here also. If you are aware of your health needs and take corrective action, you do not have to be sick. The more you ignore the situation, the more difficult it may become. See a psychological counselor or holistic health practitioner if you should feel the need. It is a good time to acquire good emotional habits.


When the Moon is square or opposite Jupiter in the solar return, you may not express your feelings clearly to others. Your ability to express your feelings within a significant relationship is important to your emotional growth, and also to the growth of the relationship. Jupiter symbolizes your ability to expand and the Moon symbolizes your feeling nature. When the two are in difficult aspect, the process of sharing emotions and then having those emotions understood may be stressful. For example, if you are involved in counseling, sharing your history and feelings is crucial to the therapeutic process. Looking back and opening up may be painful. If you are involved in a serious relationship, sharing your feelings is necessary for intimacy. Problems expressing your feelings or reaching a level of understanding will cause emotional stagnation, and perhaps, strain your relationships.

If the Moon is square or opposite Jupiter in the solar return chart, a real or imagined barrier to expressing feelings can exist. It is important to work through this barrier and be understood. This is an opportunity for openness. Jupiter is a benefic planet even is a stressful aspect. Expansion through emotional interchange and relatedness is the key. Overcoming barriers can lead to rewarding opportunities.

Moon-Jupiter aspects sometimes imply overwhelming emotions. The solar return house position for Jupiter might indicate the area of life where you feel overcommitted or overwhelmed. You need to retain a sense of balance. Your perception may be distorted if you keep your feelings isolated. You do best with objective feedback from others.

It is important to convey serious emotions as well as cheerful feelings, especially if you are in a situation where candidly expressing your feelings could motivate others. For instance, if you are working on a humanitarian project and you need volunteers, your ability to inspire others with your honest portrayal of the situation will help your cause.


The 10th house rules laws and standards established by society to govern groups of people. Because they were prepared for the masses, they may not fit all individual situations or meet individual needs. The 11th house rules laws and standards established by the individual after reevaluating society's restrictions and regulations in light of personal experience. With this Mercury placement, you will probably question social restrictions in an attempt to personalize limitations and understand their usefulness in your present situation. It is possible that your needs as an individual conflict with society's expectations. For example, if you are involved in a very difficult marriage and you are attracted to someone new, you might toy with the idea of having an affair. Pressure and needs relevant to your personal situation may contradict social restrictions. Because Mercury usually relates to a mental exercise, it is not necessary that you actually transgress social norms or experience compromising situations. Your reassessment may consist of a continuing intellectual or theoretical debate running through your mind for most of the year. But it is essential that you question the rules by which you live your daily life, and that you develop a new personal code of ethics.

The 11th house also emphasizes group needs versus individual needs. Therefore it is common for the individual to be involved with a group or social situation which focuses on balancing these two energies. You may be involved in a group because you are more likely to attain goals through a combined effort than working independently. You may need to share thoughts and experiences with others and establish new goals for the future. The group you are involved in may be primarily intellectual or social, but it is also possible that the group is working toward a common goal. Communication among group members or the discussion of pressing issues may be an important part of the group efforts. Mercury in the 11th house may indicate self-help groups, although these groups are more closely associated with the Moon or Mars in the 11th, especially if Mercury is squared by a planet in the 1st house.

Some organized groups tend to support group needs and goals over the needs of the individual. The individual may feel compromised in this situation. For example, a new collective business group hired a full-time advertising person to promote their business. They needed to hold down expenses since finances were limited. The person creating and placing the ads believed in the group efforts, but he needed to live off the salary received. In this case, the group goal of holding down expenses was not consistent with the individual's need to earn a good salary and provide a valuable service. The balance of individual needs versus group needs is usually emphasized in some way when Mercury is in the 11th house.

A question of personal freedom underlies the issues of Mercury in the 11th house. Whether you are dealing with friends, groups or society at large, the amount of individual freedom you enjoy is controlled to a certain degree by the relationships you have. You must accept certain restrictions and considerations so that your behavior does not impinge on the rights and freedoms of others. Therefore issues related to monogamy in a relationship or loyalty among friends may be important.

Since this is a decisive year for goals, the process of questioning established norms is particularly important. This is a time when you should be open to the new ideas and directions so necessary to the formulation of future goals. The questioning process opens your mind to original ways of thinking and frees you from unnecessary restrictions. The reevaluation process also helps you distinguish practical goals from unrealistic dreams. Mercury in the 11th house can suggest that you are able to justify theoretically your need for freedom from pointless restraint in order to pursue new goals for the future.


Mercury is usually retrograde in the solar return chart every six years. When Mercury is retrograde, it is time to be introspective, especially about those things related to Mercury's house placement. You should be doing a lot of your own thinking and learning rather than depending on others. Integrate previously acquired information into your own individualized mind-set. Think of your mind as an overloaded cabinet or closet seriously in need of filing and organization. It is time to process. You probably already know everything you need to know to handle a certain life situation. If you continue to depend on others for advice, you will find conversations meaningless within the context of your own intellectual needs and experience. Be aware that your mental processes are not very receptive to new information at this time. Your mind is like a cup that is filled to the brim. Any additional knowledge spills over and is lost. Work toward integrating what you already know.

You can experience this retrogradation as a certainty that you know you are right and only you can make the best decisions concerning your own future. What others tell you might clash with what you already know and you could tend to disregard their comments. You may be right, but the danger is that you may be wrong. You can be so in tune with your own thoughts that you are totally on the mark; then again, you might be totally off the beam. Take the time to reorganize information by focusing inward. You might find that your own opinions, thoughts, and decisions truly work best for you. But be aware of the feedback others give you, which may be particularly valuable if you have missed the mark.

Secretiveness is also associated with Mercury retrograde. There is a tendency to withhold information and sometimes lie. Generally, there are two major reasons for doing this: one is that you really do have secrets which need to be kept; the other is that expressing your opinions or thoughts openly causes tension in your relationships. Retrograde Mercury is associated with biting your tongue and swallowing your own words in order to keep peace. Your true opinions may not emerge until the start of the next solar return.

This time is excellent for putting your thoughts down on paper and writing original material. You will be able to see things differently when your thoughts are written down and this is a good way to get organized. Old opinions and beliefs may be outdated so you need to reassess your thinking, reformulate ideas, and shed new light on a subject area.


Venus emphasizes the importance of good relationships according to its house placement in the solar return chart. When Venus is in the 10th house, the focus of attention is on relating to authority figures. If you are still young, these authority figures will be your parents and school officials, but if you have reached the age of employment, the interpretation will most likely apply to your employers. This is a good time to foster a personal relationship with your boss; besides making working conditions more pleasant, it can help your career. During the year, who you know will be as important as what you are capable of doing. Your relationship with a boss will probably be strictly business. A few individuals have been able to "sleep" their way to the top, but generally relationships without professional effort or business talent will not get very far.

The greatest success stories come from those who were able to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with their superior while maintaining high performance. The relationship becomes mutually beneficial when your productivity is enhanced by the personal attention and guidance you receive from your boss, while at the same time your boss's ability to motivate you and other employees is increased by the personal commitment you make to his or her business plan. For some, the mutually beneficial relationship grows to become a mentor-employee involvement which can further your career goals for many years to come, since personal endorsements normally carry a lot of weight. Advancement can come more easily with this Venus placement and this kind of situation. Your employers will be as interested in developing your abilities as you are in getting ahead, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Model yourself after those who are already very successful in your chosen career. Seek career guidance from those you work for. Learn to be a team player in the business world. This is a good time to develop your negotiating skills. Sway others to support your proposals and make compromises work to your advantage.

The 10th house is the house of destiny or long-term influences which become milestones in your personal history. Venus here is associated with making choices that are important to either your career, your destiny, or both. Options are not always career-related, though generally this is the case. You will probably have the opportunity to make an important choice during the coming year. This is a good time to decide to attend college, change professions, become self-employed, relocate to a different state or even a different country. Enterprises you begin now could benefit you greatly in both the near and distant future.

The down side of Venus in the 10th house is the inconsistency of the interpretation. Although Venus can show advancements and success, no planet guarantees a benefic or malefic interpretation. The manifestation is always based on your ability to handle your drives, and the action you ultimately take. This is especially true with Venus in the 10th house; a lot depends on your ability to get along with your superiors. Professional success tends to come more easily with Venus in the 10th, but when no work is involved, it may not come at all. Relocation may pull you out of an established, successful position. Personality preferences may make you uncomfortable with your present position. You may not like your boss, or you may prefer self-employment to your nine-to-five job.


Venus sextile or trine Saturn in the solar return chart suggests stability in relationships and in finances. Healthy relationships can strengthen and show a renewed sense of commitment by both partners. The acceptance of more responsibility with or for each other is common. Marriage, raising children, and purchasing homes together are three common events that reflect this change. The relationship gains stability because of a new definition of purpose and intent. Partners are able to pull together, organize, and plan for the future.

Partners who love each other and are committed, but experience the need for change and adjustment, might do well to give each other space, understanding, and support. The distance can foster individual expression and achievement. For example, if you or your spouse wants to go back to school for a higher degree, time must be set aside for classes and study.

Financially, this is a good time to plan for the future and budget. You might be working with less cash during the year, but only because you choose to conserve money and build savings. Perhaps you wish to purchase a home or new car. You need to know how much money you have and where it all goes. Some may experience a decrease in funds. These are the people who quit their jobs, cut back on hours, become self-employed, or experience a dramatic change in their life-style which would naturally affect funds available.


If you are already involved in a stable emotional relationship, Venus sextile or trine to Neptune may be more relevant to financial concerns than romantic interests. Financial circumstances will exhibit a degree of uncertainty, but this may work to your advantage. A break from work can be a leave of absence without pay, but it is more common to experience other reasons for financial uncertainty. You can be self-employed or have an income based on commissions, incentives, or profit-sharing; your hours may fluctuate or you might work on an "on-call" basis. Under these conditions, you will be unsure of the amount of your pay until the check arrives.

Changing circumstances might affect the amount of money available, (e.g., relocation, job change, large purchases, or major sales), and it is impossible to predict the effect these changes will have, especially if several variables are involved. For example, if you must sell your home and relocate to a different state, you will not know the final sale price for your present home, how much your new home is likely to cost, how much you will be able to earn at your new job, and how expensive it will be to live in the area. You must be careful with your funds until the figures are worked out. If you are expecting money from others in the form of a loan, gift or inheritance, you may not be sure how much you will receive or when you will receive it.

This is a good time to foster a strong appreciation of the nonmaterial side of life. Since monetary and external indicators are so uncertain, focus on the inner qualities. What makes you happy? Spend time with family or friends. Appreciate the beauty of a walk on the beach or in the woods.

Venus sextile or trine Neptune can also be relevant to understanding your relationships during the coming year. Significant emotional relationships can be very spiritual and compassionate. In strong relationships, the partners are more likely to be sensitive to each other's needs. Empathy increases and inner qualities are the focus of attention and appreciation. You can be more aware of the subtleties of other's unspoken preferences. This is also a good time for charitable endeavors and volunteering. The ability to be self-sacrificing is seen with this aspect.

If you are not already married, you or your partner may not wish to make a legal commitment at this time. You may prefer unbounded relations that are not defined by a stereotypical role. The lack of definition suits you or you prefer to keep your relationship secret.

At best, relationships possess a sense of compassion and sensitivity. You are able to foster spiritual development in each other. You have lofty ideals and are committed to making the world a better place. Uncertainty does not bother you. You take life one step at a time.


For employed individuals, Mars in the 2nd house usually indicates an income based on commissions or sales. You are able to hustle for a higher income, and your earnings, at least in part, depend on how actively you focus on making money. Even if your income is normally based on a fixed hourly rate, you may be involved in an incentive program or contest which rewards you for the amount of work you are able to generate or handle. If you are considering self-employment on the side, then this might be a good time to piggyback a new budding career on top of a present full/part-time position. Your salary is then augmented by the second job. In some way, the amount of money you earn is at least partially tied to the amount of work you accomplish, and consequently, your income may be affected positively. If you refuse to put in any extra effort or even maintain your present level of involvement, your earnings might be affected negatively.

Mars in the 2nd is also indicative of individuals who either take a pay cut during the year, or do not charge enough for their services. Pay cuts are generally self-initiated, though not always. You can opt for a salary decrease if you really desire fewer working hours and more free time. If your focus is already shifting to other areas, you will not be willing to put extra time and effort into an old routine. Having more freedom gives you more time to work on future goals you are creating and pursuing. If you are self-employed or directly involved with the future success of your employer's company, you can accept a pay cut to insure the future viability of the business and your job. It is possible that both manifestations of Mars, hustling for money and accepting a pay cut, will operate within the same year. For example, if you start your own business, you may leave a steady job with a good salary. Initially, you earn less and have to hustle to establish your business and draw new customers.

Arguments over finances are possible if you are sharing resources with another person. How you earn money (or what you do for a living), and how you spend money (or what bills you pay, don't pay, and what you choose to purchase), may be points of contention. You feel the need to decide personally how you will earn money and what you will do with it once you get it. For those who are not employed during the year, but are dependent on others for financial support, this placement can be associated with arguments over the distribution of funds. With Mars in the 2nd house, you should normally want to participate actively in the money-making process, but if you do not work, the ambition normally reflected in your own earning power can be projected onto the provider. He or she may or may not have your same desire for success, but generally will not meet your expectations. His or her perceived ineptitude or mismanagement becomes a bone of contention. The underlying issue is not his or her failure as a provider; this person cannot meet your needs since these needs are innately your own. You cannot give away energy and expect others to use it solely for the purpose intended.

Mars in the 2nd indicates your own need to be financially successful, independent, and in control of your financial resources. It is difficult to do this when you are not working. The best way to proceed is to take action on your own. Carve out your own little financial niche. Become a fund raiser for a nonprofit organization or your child's PTA association. Help your spouse or counterpart by taking the initiative in areas he or she has not considered. Lend support by establishing yourself as an independent and equal financial partner. Don't squander your own abilities and ignore your own needs. Complaints are no substitute for financial potential and ambition. If you feel that you cannot work in any capacity at this time, realize that others cannot and should not be held responsible for your psychological need for success in this area. If you do not understand this principle, your behavior can become self-defeating. You can spend money impulsively, faster than your provider can make it, which is a negative form of financial control (or lack thereof).

The 2nd house is also the house of self-worth, material values, and traditional morals. During the year, you will be very aware of how others treat you and whether or not you receive the respect you deserve. If you are not fully appreciated, you can assertively or even aggressively stand up for yourself, your decisions and your life-style. Your material value system is changing and you set new priorities which are more consistent with your personal perspective. Moral decisions are made independently and you are willing to support your stance vocally. You are not afraid to go against the grain and will actively pursue what you deem worthy or essential even if you must defend or protect yourself from the remarks of others.


Mars conjunct Saturn in the solar return chart implies a need for well-planned activity which is strongly based on a realistic assessment of the situation. If you are involved in a major project, personality characteristics such as discipline, perseverance, and organizational ability may be needed for the hard work ahead. This is a good time to work toward completing long-term goals, especially if you appreciate the amount of effort that is involved. You are able to accomplish according to your strengths and acquired skills. Those who are able to work within structures and institutions can be highly productive. Future plans are a direct extension of past events, issues, and experience. Nothing is given and everything must be earned.

That's the good news. The bad news is that your efforts might be thwarted every inch of the way. If you are not ready, if you do not perform in a skilled manner, or put in an honest effort, you will be delayed. In fact, you can be delayed for reasons totally beyond your control and the reasons do not have to be rational or reasonable. Frustrations are common with this combination and seem to arise from the inability to understand which options are available and what problems need to be addressed. Saturn conjunct Mars is like trying to drive a car with the brakes on.

As you strive to succeed in any endeavor, you have to maintain an awareness of societal structures, norms, and institutions. Certain requirements will be expected of you as a member of society. For instance, if you wish to borrow money to purchase your first home, you must deal with a bank or mortgage company and meet their requirements for loan customers. This is a good time to cut back on activities if a realistic reassessment of your feelings and life situation tells you to do so. For instance, if you are a young mother wishing to quit work because you have small children, budgeting finances will be a must. Careful planning can make things possible. Saturn rules reality and practicality. It is not enough to be organized; your plans cannot be implemented if they are unrealistic or impractical. You need to be thorough when you plan.

Limitations may be built into the situation noted by the solar return house placement of Mars and Saturn. Or problems might be personified by a difficult individual. You either have to work with the restraints or deal with a difficult person. In the most negative situation, you could feel like your life is on hold for much of the year.

Freedom can be limited if liberties have been taken in the past. If you have overspent your budget and have now incurred serious debt, your options will be restricted during the coming year. You, yourself, may decide to limit your expenditures or you may have no other choice but to cut back. If actions are not well planned in the present, or have not been well planned in the past, restrictions, delays, and frustrations are likely to become the norm.


There is a strong emphasis on spirituality with this Jupiter placement. It seems that an individual naturally begins to look for a higher understanding of the life purpose. Study of a spiritual nature is frequently associated with Jupiter in the 9th, but teaching and direct application of principles are more likely for those who are further advanced. The understanding of the word spirituality should not be limited to religion and philosophy, but should also include all New Age, esoteric, and metaphysical studies. In fact, this may be the more common emphasis. It is time for the great awakening. One does not merely learn with this placement, one begins to know and experience the force and draw of the higher realms. To do this, you can be a born-again Christian or a daily meditator. It makes no difference. It is not the teachings that are most central to the growth in consciousness, but the experiential process which fuels a desire to know and understand. The pull can be very powerful for those who are in a space and time to readily open up and go with the experience.

Aside from the spiritual emphasis, educational opportunities can exist. Depending on your level of expertise and search for knowledge, you can either teach or learn. Those who are interested in learning are just as likely to be self-taught as to attend a school. In fact, the greater emphasis appears to be on individual courses taken separately, (e.g., tutoring, independent study, or self-help groups whose focus is on personal advancement through shared-learning experiences).

Although one would expect a formal educational environment, attending college is a manifestation more commonly seen with Saturn in the 9th house. The degree of freedom associated with Jupiter is more likely to lend itself to a relaxed and enjoyable study environment without the detailed structure of a degree program; however, the possibility of a formal education does exist. If you do return to school, you may receive some educational honors or awards during the year. It is to your advantage to seek recognition for educational endeavors by entering writing contests, art shows, etc., according to your area of interest.

Your mind is very active during this period and needs stimulation; consequently, there is an interest in a variety of topics. Sometime during the year, you may be overwhelmed by the information you are trying to master or understand, especially if the experiential side of the manifestation is strong. If you choose not to study this year and have no other mental outlets for your mind (reading, writing, contemplation), this can be a time of mental restlessness. One way or another, you need to satisfy the mental hunger.

In conjunction with the emphasis on teaching is the possibility of writing a book for publication. Books, especially informational, nonfiction works, seek to allow others the chance for independent study of a topic. Although publication of the book will probably not occur at this time unless there are strong placements in the 10th house consistent with this interpretation, this is a good time to begin investigation into the publishing field.

You might travel during the year, but the focus of attention seems to be more on the above-mentioned areas of concern; however, interest in a specific culture or ethnic group can be evident without any travel whatsoever. You may be fascinated by foreign customs or foods. If you do not travel, you can still follow your interests in this area through books, foreign films, or ethnic sojourns. Relating directly with a person of foreign nationality is the most likely trigger for this interest.


Saturn placed in the 2nd house is generally not a sign of financial success and monetary abundance. It usually means learning to live with less either because you have to or because you want to. Individuals have experienced this transit differently. Some have experienced financial hardship because they have overspent in the past, but others have planned inadequately for the future and are now faced with a pending major expense. In either case, the reality of the financial situation becomes very evident and these individuals must suddenly take fiscal responsibility for their past and future actions and curb their material appetites.

Other individuals with this placement in their solar return charts are not so hindered by budgetary limitations because they have priorities stronger than money. To them, money is seen as only a means to an end and not an end in itself. Fiscal control is necessary for goal fulfillment, and there are priorities more important than money. Those individuals considering major changes in life-styles will have this placement if the change involves a decrease in salary. Goals of returning to school, having a child, starting a business, working on a long-term project with little financial reward, retiring, or moving to another part of the country are consistent with Saturn in this house. Its placement here signals your ability to cope with financial belt-tightening.

Use this time to reassess your value system and establish priorities consistent with your future goals and present earning power. Do not allow your options to be limited by inadequate funding. You may have to budget your income, save for a rainy day and cut your living expenses in order to realize your dream, but the adjustments can be made and you can live on less. This time can be used to save for a major expense (such as purchasing a house or car). It is also possible that this is the first year after a major purchase when finances are generally very tight.

The 2nd house is the house of self-worth, and during the year you can place yourself in a situation where you are either underpaid or not fully appreciated. If you have a poor self-image, you may need to experience deprivation to get in touch with your own real value. The fact that your situation is not healthy encourages indignation and reassessment.Those individuals with strong feelings of self-worth might stay in a low-paying job or difficult situation for different reasons. Morals, values, and ethics are extremely important and you may deliberately stay in a difficult or low-paying position because of your ethical priorities. A man working for a non-profit organization stuck with his job despite the financial hardship placed on him and his family. His belief in what he was doing was so strong that he could not in good conscience leave until his task was completed one year later.

The process of reassessing your value system and living by the financial priorities you set yourself is consistent with Saturn in the 2nd house. Money and material possessions should not matter, only your priorities for the present and your goals for the future. During this year, long-term goals, and satisfaction are more important than short-term compensation.

Saturn in the 2nd denotes a desire to limit all excesses and overindulgences. If you are a smoker, heavy drinker or drug addict, you will be very aware of the connection between your behavior now and the possibility of present or future health problems. The urge to limit these indulgences will be especially strong early in the year and it is to your benefit to take action at that time. (The desire to quit smoking is especially strong with this placement.) You will begin to see the negative consequences commonly associated with your behavior. These negative reactions will manifest both in your own body and in the health of others. The issue of control will surface again and again. You can go cold turkey with this placement, simply consider this option, or seek professional assistance.


The primary interpretation for Uranus in the 7th house focuses on changes to relationships. Depending upon what you are used to, relationships can change in a number of different ways. If you are not in a major relationship or have not been up until this point, this can be a milestone year for you, one in which you change your style of relating and push for greater intimacy. Sudden attractions are possible and the person you have your eye on may be quite different from what you would normally expect. Attractions can be very exciting, but also unpredictable. Patterns of relating tend not to be soothing, but somewhat disruptive. It may be difficult for you to depend on the person you are involved with, since he or she will not want to be tied down at this time. Freedom is an issue for both of you and togetherness may be on-again, off-again. Marriage is probably not an option during this year, though you may live together.

Existing relationships may go through a period of transition because one of you wishes to make a major change or needs more freedom of movement. Usually the freedom to make a major change is sufficient, but sometimes the push is stronger. Although separation may be indicated by Uranus in the 7th house, it is more commonly associated with Uranus in the 4th house square to the Ascendant-Descendant axis. Separations in consciousness are frequent with Uranus in the 7th house. If your partner is working on a major project, he or she may seem detached and preoccupied, or extensive travel may be a job requirement, taking him or her away for part of the year. On the other hand, you might be the preoccupied or busy person. It is common to be separated for short periods of time for one reason or another. Perhaps one of you is married, lives out of town, or is busy with school, work or other activities. Changes directly affecting you can come through the spouse, lover, or business partner. For example, the person you are living with relocates and you must decide to move also or separate. It is also possible for you to instigate changes on your own.

In both new and old relationships, a lack of true intimacy is a frequent complaint. Connections might seem distant, commitments erratic. A conflict of interest is possible, especially if there are squares or oppositions to Uranus in the 7th house. It is normal to experience some relationship oscillation during the year. Changes sometimes necessitate a disruption of the intimacy routine and flow, but some couples move closer as they grant each other greater freedom of movement or expression. This is a time to become a friend to the person you are closest to. Distances will be more evident and serious in difficult relationships, but good relationships will survive and grow from the transition.


Neptune in the 6th can mean working at a job when your heart's not in it, or when you really have no sense of direction or purpose. Most commonly, you are in a period of transition between jobs. You are in the process of finishing up an old job, business or career, and moving toward a new professional endeavor. Usually there is an overlapping period when you are not physically through with your former job even though you are mentally finished. Mentally, you are now involved with your new position even though the physical transition has not yet begun or been completed. So you are just marking time, picking up a pay check, or existing in limbo until everything is set for the transition to be accomplished. It is unlikely that this will occur until the end of the solar return year, or until Neptune transits out of the 6th house, unless your new position is as probationary or "iffy" as the transitional period itself. Becoming self-employed generally falls in this category. A need for job fulfillment pushes you to find a more suitable position. The job you are leaving might fall short of your abilities. You may not feel as helpful or as effective as you could be if given more opportunity. Misunderstandings between you and your employer are possible. A few individuals might be unemployed or drifting from one job to the next during this time.

Assuming you are happy with your present employment situation, this can be a time of job confusion or uncertainty. New office procedures might turn your workday upside down if inadequate training leaves you unsure of what to do. Job security in your present position can seem precarious. Rumors of layoffs, mergers, relocations, or shift changes are possible. Poorly defined threats to your job are likely, but generally there is no loss of position or employment time. Coming reorganization plans leave future responsibilities undefined and you might be unsure where you will be in one year's time. Or you could be involved in a project which has an indeterminate outcome. You and the others could risk your time and effort on a long shot project you are not sure will pan out. If you are the owner of a business, you may be considering a merger, buyout, partnership or stock option. You will find it difficult to make concrete business plans for the future until certain issues are settled. Misunderstandings with others can occur during the year regardless of your level of employment. It is to your advantage to communicate directly with business associates. Do not rely on intermediaries to convey your messages.

Illnesses and diseases, if they occur, tend to be more difficult to diagnose while Neptune is in the 6th house. Generally you are the person seeking diagnosis, but if you are responsible for a child or an elderly adult during this year, it is possible that the vague and undiagnosed health problem is his or hers rather than yours. The health provider may be baffled by the symptoms and recommend several different courses of treatment. He or she may not be sure exactly what will work. The tendency is to try one method first, and then move on to another form of treatment if needed. A second opinion might be advantageous. You can be successfully treated without ever really knowing what you had. The origin of an illness needing diagnosis and treatment may not be clearly understood for most of the year, or until Neptune transits out of the 6th house. Symptoms are generally vague, conflicting or intermittent. Complaints of tiredness are common. A case of the flu might hang on longer than expected, or leave you feeling less than "right." Allergies to smoke, aerosols, pollutants, medications, and foods are more likely to affect your life-style or diet during the year.

The increased sensitivity associated with Neptune is apparent in the physical body's acceptance or rejection of certain daily work, living or eating habits. Emotional upheavals and stress are more apt to affect your physical form and aggravate existing illnesses, causing symptoms to reappear or multiply. If stress is coming from your job, realize that health is more important than work. Spiritual beliefs and attitudes need to become a part of your daily routine while certain detrimental habits fall away. If you cannot maintain a spiritual perspective during your daily routine, it may be time to change the routine. Cultivate serenity.


Pluto in the solar return 4th house is the single best indicator of moving from one home to another. Uranus in the 4th house can also indicate relocation, but when Uranus is in the solar return 4th you are more likely to have changes or disruption within the domestic environment, particularly involving family members or roommates. Pluto, on the other hand, is more representative of moving from one home to another, or major renovations to the living structure itself along with a disorientation or upheaval that lasts for a period of one year. These are fine-line distinctions, and of course, variations will occur. If you purchase a home during this year, it may need a lot of work. Redecoration is likely, and the repair of unforeseen problems a possibility. It is in your best interest to have an engineer inspect any home you are seeking to purchase. Hidden or unanticipated difficulties can then be made known before any transaction takes place.

Relocation complications can arise for a number of reasons, though, and are not limited to repair problems. If you are building a new home, construction can take longer than expected. You may have to live in several temporary residences or stay with relatives for a period of time. Once you finally move in, you must decorate from scratch, purchasing everything an established home is already likely to have. Moves over great distances are very complicated in and of themselves, and generally require a full year's time for preparation and settling in. The hassles of adjusting to a new state, climate, culture, or environment can take the place of problems with the house structure itself.

Major renovations are also seen while Pluto is in the 4th house. These kinds of renovations necessarily cause a prolonged upheaval in the domestic situation. Large additions, modernizations, or construction which involves moving walls or piping is likely, and the disruption caused by the dust and building will probably last for most of the solar return year.

If you do not move or renovate, it is still likely that changes in the domestic situation will occur. Commonly, someone either moves in or out, and living arrangements must be adjusted accordingly. New situations will take a while to get used to. All changes involve the consideration of many different factors, and simple decisions are not likely. In addition, transitions are likely to be complicated by psychological issues, and may even be unconsciously motivated. For example, your mother moves in and you must make arrangements for her to get to the senior citizen center during the day. She is somewhat incapacitated and needs daytime care. She also requires a living space on one floor and you must rearrange rooms and put in a new bathroom for her use. Psychologically, you must make the adjustment from living alone to caring for an elderly parent. Certain childhood issues might arise as you search for new patterns of behavior.

It is true that complications and struggles are associated with domestic situations when Pluto is in the 4th house; however, the complications and struggles are inherent in the project or transition you wish to complete and not the planetary placement itself. This is a time when individuals naturally seem to choose to make major changes in their home and/or living style, and it is unlikely that a transformation of this caliber could be made quickly and easily, without some hassle.

The desire to make strong and sweeping changes in the physical home is accompanied by corresponding emotional transformations. Sometimes the two manifestations are directly connected; sometimes they are totally separate; commonly, they are at least symbolically related. For example, during a long period of domestic upheaval, you could feel disconnected or not grounded, without a sense of "home," or a base for operations. If you are living with others, caught in a limbo between residences, you might be forced to subsist for a while without your own space, possessions, privacy, personal control, or sense of organization. You might feel stripped to the essence of your being, devoid of any external trappings, left to exist as you are, without the familiarity of what you own or can accomplish. Without the inner sanctum of your home for protection, you could feel exposed, and it is true that you are vulnerable to the idiosyncrasies of temporary housemates. Emotions are bound to fluctuate under such conditions. Old behavior patterns break down quickly as new patterns and coping mechanisms are necessitated by changing circumstances. In this way, Pluto in the 4th house usually indicates an emotionally unsettled time, as well as a physically unsettled time.

Sometimes this emotional upheaval can occur because of a coincidental physical change in another's situation, but a transition in the native's own consciousness is essential for growth. Suppose your parents decide to sell your childhood home and move out of state. If you are still attached to your parents' residence, you must make adjustments in your thinking. You can still visit your parents, but you can never go home again if the trip involves one particular building or location. Perhaps it is time for you to think of your own residence as "home."

When Pluto is in the 4th house, emotions are not only the motivating force behind physical changes, but also the end result. The purpose and desire associated with this placement is the need to establish an emotionally fulfilling environment, both on the internal and external planes. This is why moving or changes in the physical home (external) are as important as evolutionary growth in the feeling nature or unconscious (internal). The two levels of manifestation go hand in hand during the year, and you can be sure that if your physical surroundings are in a state of transition, corresponding changes are also affecting your emotional level.

By the same token, the inability to make wanted and needed external changes probably indicates the presence of internal blockages and external resistances. A search is underway to form stronger roots in the physical and emotional environment. Shallow connections will not do. One must either dig deeper or move on; reaffirm the commitment to the existing structure (renovation), or begin anew (move). The same process is occurring on the emotional level. Individuals must reaffirm a commitment to family members and roommates, or seek support elsewhere.

Unlike other 4th house placements which also indicate changes in the physical and emotional home, Pluto generally indicates that not only are changes long overdue, but there are also some inner and outer resistances which must be overcome to fully realize the internal potential in the external world. Consequently, a power struggle with oneself and others is likely, both before and during change, and the arena for this struggle takes place in the home and among family members. Conflicts arise when others do not want the same home environment you envision. In the best of circumstances, negotiation and compromise may be all that are necessary to resolve differences. However, in some families the word "negotiation" is really a cover for manipulative tactics and controlling influences. Nothing is ever resolved, issues remain unsettled, and decisions are not finalized. Within this domestic milieu, the creative urge toward rootedness and its resultant manifestations on the physical and emotional planes are stifled before they can be realized. For this reason, you should consciously work to undo old, existing response patterns which allow others to psychologically control your emotional nature and rob you of its creative potential. Being emotionally controlled is generally synonymous with also being physically controlled, and therefore unable to create the home and home life you desire.

This is a good time to enter therapy, especially if unconscious manifestations (fear, guilt, negativity, power struggles, etc.) are blocking new and old commitments, or stifling your urge toward growth and change. Repetitive issues, unfulfilling emotional interchanges, and the inability to cope with your home and necessary changes signal the need to reassess response patterns for power leakages. During the year, heightened sensitivity will cause you to become aware of psychological games which rob you of personal power in the emotional arena. At this time, even an intellectual interest in psychology can give you great insight into domestic and familial patterns.

Because of the issue of creative emotional power and its manifestation on the physical plane, life seems more crucial, decisions more important, problems more complicated. Everything leads to something else and you have a vested interest in how matters finally turn out. Commonly, the meaning of life is discussed, and within this climate the issue of death arises, causing you to face the issue of your own mortality. There may be a death in the family during the year, but more often you are merely acquainted with someone your own age who must deal with a potentially life-threatening illness. His or her situation calls you to consider the possibility of your own death, and the reason for your existence. The interplay between the creative emotional nature and the issue of mortality leads you to understand the extent and limitations of your own power. One does not have control over death; all living things die. However, one does have power over the emotional response to death, and for that matter, all emotional responses. The need to direct your own emotions toward a rewarding and fulfilling expression is at the root of this Pluto placement.