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If most of your planets are in the 2nd quadrant of the solar return chart, there is an emphasis on expressing yourself both personally and creatively. This is the quadrant where self (the northern part of the chart) meets others (the western side of the chart). The emphasis is on achieving personality integration and individualization while still maintaining strong relationships with your family, lovers, and co-workers. You may need to learn to express who you are in spite of the risk of disapproval and disagreement. Working creatively with self-expression and your relationships can help you achieve a complementary exchange of love and assistance at home or work, and in one-on-one exchanges. Creative abilities will introduce changes in these areas, which could be beneficial for all involved.


This can show a year with a tremendous amount of activity (which usually amounts to too much activity). You may expend your energy in several different directions by working on a number of projects. Each of these projects will be well-defined and equated with a personal need; however, you will feel torn among all the things you want or need to do. You are trying to do too much. If you overload yourself with too many activities, you will begin to procrastinate, miss deadlines and be forced into crisis management. Your nervous system will be taxed and you will begin to make impulsive decisions with little forethought. You need to be better organized. Perhaps you should finish one project before starting another, or you should seek assistance. If you must juggle a busy schedule, learn to streamline your routine and optimize your use of time and energy.


While the preponderance of earth is generally associated with attention to financial matters, the lack of earth is more closely associated with financial limitations. Implied is a lack of money, through a loss of income, mismanagement, or self-imposed limitations. If you usually have money problems, then the lack of earth in the solar return chart can indicate increasing or continuing economic difficulties during the coming year. You may find that you have reached your credit limit and can no longer spend money without planning. You will not necessarily have employment problems, though sometimes that is the case. The lack of earth in the solar return chart suggests a lack of attention to financial concerns which can eventually lead to significant debt and overextension.

On the other hand, this is an excellent time to budget. Those individuals who are able to set their own limits use this time to become artificially poor and live on less money than earned. The lack of earth can indicate the desire to impose a strict system for saving money toward a large purchase such as a down payment on a home. In this case, the monetary pinch comes from your own savings program and not a lack of real funds or impinging debts. You can channel your money into various projects and expenses, leaving less to play with. If you are very concerned with your future financial security, vow to do something about it now.

For some individuals, the lack of money will not be a problem. You can place a greater emphasis on intangibles and therefore money is not a top priority. The quality of life is more important than the current financial state. If you are unhappy with your job, this is a good time to quit since career satisfaction will be more important to you than the salary you are paid. You are capable of living on less.


When the solar return Ascendant is in Libra, cooperating with others and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships result in a rewarding lifestyle. You prosper through associations, whether personal, romantic, or professional. You love exchanging ideas, and gravitate toward intense discussions in which you can argue either side. However, you alienate others when you argue incessantly, and make war, not peace. Learn to walk that fine line between competing with others and appeasing them. Balance in all things is the key to happiness.

SUN in the 5TH HOUSE

The Sun in the 5th house emphasizes the need to express yourself more fully. When the Sun is in the 1st house you try to find out who you are, but when the Sun is in the 5th house, you know who you are, and have a stronger-than-usual urge for expression. Having your Sun in this house can mean watching your personality bloom. This is a wonderful position for those who have been compromised in the past and now feel the need to be more assertive. The outer expression of your personality should become more useful to your future goals and also more consistent with your inner qualities. "To thine own self be true," should be the motto for this placement. But keep in mind also the desire to maintain relationships with others. Although self-expression may disrupt relationships somewhat, the purpose of this placement is to foster good relationships while increasing your self-expression.

Self-expression can take several forms, some of which are artistic and most of which are creative. Artistic pursuits include painting, writing, poetry, and music; however, you may concentrate on a more mundane project such as creating your own lesson plans, developing your own business style or founding your own nursery school. The medium for self-expression is not important, it is the self-expression itself which is creative, and it need not necessarily be artistic.

The Sun in the 5th house can also show a strong involvement with children; if you are a parent, they may be the major focus of your attention. If you have a tendency to express yourself through your children, you must be careful not to dominate their lives. On the other hand, this can be a rewarding time, one in which you are very proud of your children and their achievements.

There is always the possibility of romance with this placement, and if a relationship occurs it is usually very exciting. Sexual attractions play a major role in determining to whom you are drawn. Romantic interchanges and affairs are likely. This can be a heart-pounding infatuation at its best, but remember that the 5th house rules unbounded relationships rather than marriage. Although you may discuss marriage with your newfound love, it is very unlikely that you will tie the knot this year.

Because the 5th house is also the house of speculation, you are more likely to take risks this year. You do not necessarily gamble or speculate (though you may), but you are willing to bet on your own abilities. The chances you take may or may not involve money, but you are open to asserting yourself and trying new things. You readily risk failure because of a desire to stretch the boundaries of self-expression.


Mars symbolizes the energy necessary for successful accomplishment. When Mars is conjunct the Sun, work on a project that requires a great deal of effort to complete. Success can come in the form of personal or professional achievement, especially if it involves original and creative work. First time projects or ambitious endeavors are also appropriate.

Relationships might be conflicted or competitive. You need to balance self-centered drives with the needs of others. When the Sun and Mars are conjunct, they can indicate considerable self-interest, and perhaps even a selfish attitude. Too much emphasis on self makes for tense relations. Others may view you as competitive when you should be a team player. You can motivate others in a positive and productive way, and that may be the best course of action.

Learn to deal with aggression, conflict, and anger in an effective rather than detrimental way. You may be stressed out and under the gun regarding tasks and responsibilities. Do not take it out on others. Think before you act. Handle negative situations positively with an eye toward fair play and productive changes. Defend you actions and decisions if need be. Defend others when you see injustice. Be an advocate, but remain calm and rational. If you let your temper flare, things can only get worse.

Less spiritual themes associated with Sun conjunct Mars involve self-destructive urges. Prolonged anger creates blockages which waste energy in a cycle of negative emotions that have no real purpose or goal. It is better to direct efforts and also frustration into positive endeavors.


The Sun conjunct Uranus in the solar return chart suggests that the individual is making changes. Changes are usually major and sweeping, though sometimes a series of small changes in rapid succession is needed for a shift to occur. Changes are usually self-initiated and directed, unless a persistent problem or internal restlessness is ignored. When you avoid the obvious need for change, matters can be taken out of your hands, in which case, you become the passive recipient of the change you sought to evade. Changes tend to be more disruptive and less controllable when they involve a Sun-Uranus conjunction, but all aspects can ultimately indicate beneficial changes.

Generally, change is a part of any solar return year that has the Sun conjunct Uranus. Since Uranus transits can last for two or more years, you may be at the beginning of the change this year or near the end. If the degree for Uranus is less than the degree for the Sun, Uranus by transit is applying to the Sun and the change is probably about to begin. If the degree for Uranus is higher than that of the Sun, Uranus by transit is separating from the Sun and the change might be nearing completion. If the Sun and Uranus are very close together within two degrees, you are probably in the midst of change.

Changes correspond to significant life developments such as a pregnancy and birth, a job transfer, relocation, health crisis, a separation, or the beginning of a new relationship. Issues involve boredom versus excitement, restriction versus freedom, and stagnation versus growth. This is a good time to be creative, inventive and original. You can recreate your life.


The 8th house is the house of acute awareness of emotional forces and psychological powers. Nearly all of this awareness will result from a newfound ability to spontaneously perceive information on these subtle levels rather than from a rational analysis of any situation. It is the intense awareness of unconscious emotional and psychological issues that forces conscious insight into human behavior. These realizations can be upsetting and you may end up seeing or knowing more than you care to see or know. Acute awareness is also associated with the Sun in the solar return 8th house, but with the Moon here you are more apt to be emotionally involved with the people and issues concerned. It is likely that someone in your immediate family or circle of friends needs counseling. During the year, you grow more aware of your own emotional needs and psychological forces and you also learn to recognize these influences in others.

It is very likely that you will study some psychology during the year, but you may become aware of psychological influences naturally without any education. Initial insights can come from associating with mentally disturbed people. The intensity of their psychological abnormality is fascinating, yet frightening. It is common to have an 8th house solar return Moon if you are a professional therapist or astrologer just starting to counsel others. Disturbed individuals need not play an important role in your life and may be mere acquaintances. They are not the real focus of your realizations, they are merely the catalyst.

You need to become more aware of the psychological influences affecting you and your immediate relationships. Intense realizations associated with bizarre personalities will give way to insights into subtle manipulations and power plays. Eventually, psychological realizations can occur during the simplest interactions with others. If you are caught in an emotional power struggle, it will become more obvious how you and/or others manipulate rather than state clearly what you need. Psychological complexes and hurt feelings complicate relationships and make it more difficult to discuss problems rationally. Unconscious feelings may undermine conscious decisions. Ambivalence is common. Obsessive-compulsive behavior, jealousy, guilt, unexplained anger, and helplessness are frequently clues that something is wrong.

Recognizing and understanding your own psychological idiosyncrasies will give you great power over your own life. Insights into your defensive reactions will help you overcome barriers to intimacy. Increased intimacy is especially important since superficial relationships and superficial discussions will not suit you this year. You need to be able to talk at length and in depth about what you are feeling and perceiving. It is during these discussions that initial realizations are triggered and later confirmed. It is also during these discussions that you formulate and express new behavioral patterns that sidestep psychological inadequacies.

Emotional situations tend to be more complicated and intense. Issues are no longer black or white, good or bad. Decisions are less straightforward, especially if you feel responsible for the well-being of others. For example, if you have children and were offered a transfer to another state, you would not make this decision without careful consideration. On one hand, the move may improve your career possibilities, but on the other hand, the move could have a great impact on your children. You must consider the emotional or psychological ramifications of your decisions since they are more likely to affect others.

If partners or family members are moody or unstable, you may have to think before you speak if you want to avoid upsetting responses. You may be in a delicate position requiring great diplomacy and tact. Others can interpret what you say incorrectly or overreact. You will be dealing with intense feelings and may expect others to involve you in very emotional circumstances. If you counsel others professionally, it will be easier for you to control these situations. If these situations are appearing in your personal life, you can deal with them effectively on your own or seek advice.

Increased intuitive accuracy will encourage your reliance on this mode of perception. Psychic and intuitive realizations grow stronger, but may seem less controllable. Even if you do not consider yourself psychic, this is a good time to trust your hunches, but if you are psychologically stressed, you may be less able to distinguish true psychic impulses from fears and anxieties. If this is the case, you should reserve judgment until your powers of discrimination grow stronger.

The Moon in the 8th house can show changing shared resources or economic dependency. If you share funds with your spouse or some other person, the amount of money you receive will change either positively or negatively. On the other hand, your own personal resources are more likely to decrease in comparison. The reduction need not be much, but you are more likely to feel like a dependent rather than an economic equal. There could be very valid reasons for this. For example, you may be on pregnancy leave or attending school. Financial power struggles are possible. You and your partner or someone else may fight over how to handle money or pay bills. These arguments might be very emotional and further complicated by unresolved psychological issues. Clarity and a willingness to discuss needs will help you to reach positive compromises. The Moon in the 8th house also indicates a change in indebtedness. Debts either go up or down but they rarely stay the same.


The Moon sextile or trine Venus suggests emotional security and domestic issues are tied to relationships and financial considerations. This can be a pleasant time for relationships depending on the house placement of the Moon and Venus. The house placement for Venus in the solar return chart can indicate where the support and benefit is coming from. The house placement for the Moon shows the emotional need or response.

When these two planets are sextile or trine, your monetary situation will tend to be positive, unless there are other limiting aspects seen in the chart. You should have enough earnings or money to pay for life's necessities and feel secure. You may have extra funds for savings, investments, and discretionary spending. Financial stability is affected by domestic conditions. Moving, pregnancy, birth, and education are common events that affect the amount of money earned and spent. Occasionally this aspect can show a time when you are financially dependent on others for support for one of the reasons mentioned above.

If you are planning on pursuing an emotionally fulfilling career goal, consider your financial situation before making changes. Whether or not your goal is feasible at this time depends on how much money you have set aside or the support you get from others. You might take a pay cut to enter a more rewarding field, but ultimately, your salary will increase if you are successful in your new endeavors. Follow your heart and you will make money.


The Moon square or opposite Mars implies involvement in a situation which is emotionally uncomfortable or conflicted. The energies represented here suggest working at cross-purposes and you may have ambivalent feelings about your circumstances. The Moon symbolizes your nurturing qualities and emotional nature. Mars, on the other hand, symbolizes your independence and assertiveness, or your anger and aggression. The basic interpretations for these two planets are so different that they tend to remain separate like oil and water. They represent two different sides of a coin or perspectives on one situation. When the Moon and Mars are in difficult aspect to each other, you can work against yourself. Your actions, (Mars), belie your feelings, (Moon). You may want to be close to others, but you push them away. In the worst case scenario, you can be emotionally and psychologically dysfunctional, instigating conflicts with family members or the women in your life. If you continue to act like this, others will see you as an angry person who is a trouble maker.

Moon square or opposite Mars suggests emotional situations are not simple and usually involve a strange combination of contradictory emotions. They can also indicate that you might act in a way that detracts from your own sense of security and well-being, thereby creating stress. Instead, focus on channeling your discontent into meaningful actions that foster change.

The Moon-Mars combination need not be difficult, nor must it involve your personal life. It can refer to professional endeavors or social activism. You may be motivated to act because you are affected emotionally by what you see. If you are upset by conditions in the poor section of town, you might volunteer your services at a local soup kitchen. The unpleasantness you feel compels you to look at your surroundings more closely and work to correct or improve conditions.


Moon sextile or trine Jupiter in the solar return indicates a positive outlook on life. This can be a year of happiness and contentment. You should be optimistic about the future and your potential for success. Use your talents and abilities to advance professionally or evolve spiritually. Expansion into new areas is advantageous. The house placement of Jupiter should indicate where expansion is likely to occur.

Your ability to express your feelings within a significant relationship is important to your own emotional growth, and also to the growth of the relationship. Jupiter symbolizes your ability to expand and the Moon symbolizes your feeling nature. Together in aspect, they emphasize the process of sharing emotions, having those emotions understood, and growing from the interchange. Expansion through emotional interchange and relatedness is the key. For example, if you are involved in counseling, this exchange is crucial to the therapeutic process. If you are involved in a serious relationship, sharing your feelings is necessary for the development of greater intimacy.

It is important to convey serious emotions as well as cheerful feelings, especially if you are in a situation where candidly expressing your feelings could motivate others. For instance, if you are working on a humanitarian project and you need volunteers, your ability to inspire others with your honest portrayal of the situation will help your cause.


While the Moon in aspect to Uranus suggests an inability to suppress emotional information, the Moon sextile or trine Saturn is more closely associated with emotional control, stability, and careful planning. This is a time when you are likely to take on extra responsibility. If you are involved in an important project which you feel must be completed, you will maintain your composure and accomplish the work in a timely manner. You are a hard worker who takes commitments seriously. This is a good time to develop an organized system for dealing with projects, problems, and issues. The goal is to stay focused.

For example, a high school senior pushed himself in his chosen sport. He practiced when he was tired and missed a number of social events during his senior year, but he was able to set a goal and work toward it. He knew the importance of his talent and worked hard to develop his potential fully.

Others may depend on you because they see you as strong and capable. You can be a stability factor in your family and among friends. When it comes time to make important decisions, they look to you for guidance. You only make major decisions after careful consideration. Your perspective is realistic and your solutions are practical. If there are other stability factors in solar return chart, this might be a fairly balanced year during which you may develop your abilities and talents, and gain experience and knowledge.


Mercury in the 6th house can indicate a desire to evaluate your health and health practices at this time. Mercury by itself does not generally indicate serious health problems, but rather a realization that changes should be made if wellness is to continue. This is an excellent time to make decisions that will have a positive effect on your future health. You should become more aware of the value of exercise, adequate rest, good nutrition and eating habits. Educate yourself on these topics and begin to incorporate the information into your daily routine. Learn stress-reduction techniques and question your involvement in stressful activities. Your mind is not only instrumental in making decisions concerning your health, it is also directly related to physical health. Stressful situations can quickly lead from nervousness and anxiety to physical illness; therefore relaxation and the elimination of unnecessary stress is crucial. If your mind is not focused on positive learning, you can become very anxious about your health. Excessive worry can lead to hypochondria. Choose to work with health issues before they become health problems.

During the coming year, you may have to face certain facts about your job, work habits, or working conditions. It is likely that your job will grow a bit more tedious and detail-oriented. You may have a lot more paperwork to handle. Your ability to pay attention to detail may be helpful if you are working in quality control, but do not let your push for the perfect product become stressful or obsessive. Tension on the job, without recourse, can make you overly critical of your position, co-workers or employees. Use your analytical ability for constructive criticism. If you are in a position of authority, you may be able to reorganize your office or working time so as to be more productive. The 6th house rules the day-to-day issues surrounding employment, rather than major career decisions. Analyze the daily operation of the office and explore methods for greater efficiency. If you are not in management, you can still make suggestions for improvement. Even those individuals who have no authority must make decisions concerning their jobs or work environments. Depending on your position within the company, you may not have a lot of freedom in these decisions and may only be offered "either-or" choices.


While Mercury-Saturn aspects are associated with pessimism, Mercury-Jupiter aspects are associated with optimism and confidence. You may look forward to the future with great enthusiasm. You believe anything is possible and you are willing to work to make it happen. But what you believe to be possible may differ from your actual experience. Optimism can lead to miscalculations and poor decisions if you overestimate your chances for success or underestimate the amount of time you will require to complete a task. Overscheduling is directly related to this inability to foresee possible future difficulties. You might assume that tasks are quite simple, when in fact they are difficult. The tendency to be overwhelmed and overscheduled will be shown by the solar return house placement for Mercury and Jupiter.

This is a good time to expand your mind by returning to school, joining a discussion group, or studying on your own. Some individuals might find the mental expansion process stressful. Situations they are involved in can directly conflict with long-held philosophical, ethical, and religious beliefs. Very narrow minds might steadfastly hold on to basic beliefs which are contradicted by personal experience. These individuals will find it difficult to make the philosophical adjustments necessary to accommodate new beliefs and new information.


Mercury conjunct Uranus in the solar return chart suggests that you are open to new ideas which may take the form of information you are learning or concepts you are developing yourself. This aspect can indicate great creativity since it implies that the individual is able to approach problems from many different angles and is not locked into one structured way of thinking. Use this time to be innovative and original. Brainstorm with others. Because your mind is somewhat unstructured, your ability to think clearly may be interrupted by erratic impulses and an inability to concentrate over any length of time. New information may be more exciting than reorganizing what you already know. If you must work on a major project that requires sustained mental energy, take frequent breaks.

There is the possibility that you will subject yourself to psychologically stressful situations during the year. Increased nervousness, anxiety, and irrational thinking may be directly related to these stressful situations. Question the necessity for excessive tension in your life. If possible, withdraw from those situations which tax your mental and physical health. Work on calming and nurturing your nervous system. You may want to practice relaxation techniques like meditation and avoid stimulants.


Mercury square or opposite Pluto in the solar return chart indicates that your conscious mind is very aware of unconscious material and psychological complexes. This awareness may originate from naturally occurring insights into human behavior or educational pursuits, but it is more likely to arise from conflict. You are better able to perceive what is unspoken or hidden. Motivations will be clearer to you even when they are not stated. The body language of others can be very revealing. Attempts at manipulation and psychological games will also be more obvious. Most likely this awareness will not be one-sided. You will be as aware of your own unconscious nature as you are of psychological complexes in others. Resurfacing unconscious material can spill over into everyday consciousness and distort perceptions and thinking patterns.

If you are involved in repetitious verbal battles over ideology, prejudice, or intolerance, realize that these confrontations may be related to your own psychological tendencies. They might not be the sole product of other minds. Being aware of psychological dysfunction can be stressful, especially if you know more than you are capable of handling. This is an excellent time for counseling, should you feel the need. Others may be adamant about their beliefs and opinions. Their information is not necessarily factual or proven, but they can be loud, insistent, and controlling. You have to tempter your responses and limit reactions. Fanning the flames will only make situations more contentious.

The implication here is that knowledge is power, and specifically in this case, it is knowledge about the unconscious mind which conveys power to those who are aware of it and able to gain insights from it. This information is as valuable as intellectual facts gained from school. The more you understand about the unconscious, the more you are able to control your own impulses or resist the manipulative behavior of others. Although initially this increased psychological awareness may be stressful in itself, the understanding and control you achieve in the end can actually lead to stress reduction.


Venus in the 4th house indicates that now more than ever you need a comfortable home to serve as a retreat, a place to regenerate your vitality and nourish your emotional nature. "Home" needs to be a supportive place, a shelter for the wounded, a protection from less hospitable environments. Home may be the place where you are now living, the place you are moving to, or the place where you grew up. It is the sustaining quality that is important, not the location. You need to feel comfortable somewhere on the face of the earth.

If you do have that warm and cozy place to call home, you will enjoy being there this year and may not care to go out much. Rather than nights on the town, you prefer staying at home and entertaining others. If you do not have a sense of home at the present time, it will be your goal to develop a more comfortable living space over the next year. You will want your interests and needs reflected in the place you call home. The changes and decisions you make concerning your external physical environment will reflect your internal emotional changes and decisions.

You will probably redecorate your home. Venus by itself in the 4th house usually indicates simple redecorating. Many planets in the 4th can show major renovations (and a greater tendency toward strong emotional change). You may have the urge to redo the whole house, knock down walls or build on additions. Remodeling of this nature is more extensive and tends to take most of the year. During this time you may experience a period of discomfort and physical upheaval as you wait for the renovations to be completed.

There is a reason why the quality of the home life becomes so important. This year can be a time of recovery and healing. Venus in the 4th is often seen in the charts of those who have experienced difficulties in the previous year or years, and who are now focusing their energy on healing old wounds. These individuals need to feel centered and whole, and they focus on their physical home as a source of comfort and rootedness. The healing process can be more complicated than simple recovery. Issues need to be resolved and the native may experience continuing or intermittent problems related to the initial wound.

This is a good time to improve your relationship with your parents. If your parents have already passed over, use this year to foster and recall fond memories you may have of them, especially if up until now you have only been able to remember more painful times. If your parents are still living, work to improve your relationship with them. You need that strong sense of rootedness that can come from family ties. If your relationship with your parents has always been difficult and things still don't work out well, this is a good time to form your own roots and fond memories.


Venus sextile or trine Jupiter in the solar return chart has several possible interpretations. You can benefit, either directly or indirectly, through the influence or assistance of others. Benefits are shown by the solar return house placement of Jupiter. Relationships can be very rewarding and you reap what you have sown. If you have been helpful and understanding to others in the past, you can expect the same treatment now. Your lover, business partner, or spouse should be actively supportive of your goals, both financially and emotionally. Indirect benefits can also come to you through partnerships. For example, your spouse accepts a job transfer to Colorado and you always wanted to live in ski country.

What you believe to be true about most relationships tends to be consistent with your experience. Developing a philosophy of relationships will help you and your partner make joint decisions regarding morals and ethics. Your beliefs match those of your mate and any religious differences are not important. You give each other the freedom to develop spiritually, intellectually, and creatively.

The tendency is to be generous with time, money, and resources. This can cause you to be overscheduled or overextended financially if you do not set limits and establish priorities. Additional funds might become available, but money can flow out as quickly as it flows in, especially when you make large purchases or have major expenses. Pulling together as a team and establishing a sense of balance will optimize you relationship and experience this year.


Venus sextile or trine Saturn in the solar return chart suggests stability in relationships and in finances. Healthy relationships can strengthen and show a renewed sense of commitment by both partners. The acceptance of more responsibility with or for each other is common. Marriage, raising children, and purchasing homes together are three common events that reflect this change. The relationship gains stability because of a new definition of purpose and intent. Partners are able to pull together, organize, and plan for the future.

Partners who love each other and are committed, but experience the need for change and adjustment, might do well to give each other space, understanding, and support. The distance can foster individual expression and achievement. For example, if you or your spouse wants to go back to school for a higher degree, time must be set aside for classes and study.

Financially, this is a good time to plan for the future and budget. You might be working with less cash during the year, but only because you choose to conserve money and build savings. Perhaps you wish to purchase a home or new car. You need to know how much money you have and where it all goes. Some may experience a decrease in funds. These are the people who quit their jobs, cut back on hours, become self-employed, or experience a dramatic change in their life-style which would naturally affect funds available.


Mars in the 5th house indicates a more assertive style of self-expression. This may be most evident in creative projects, but it can also manifest in the personality. You are less likely to practice self-restraint and more likely to take risks. You are willing to go out on a limb with a new train of thought. You gain confidence by trying new things, although in the beginning your confidence tends to be fragile. This is a time when you can state what you want and go after what you need. You are direct and concise with a no-nonsense style that lets you be who you want to be. You refuse to surrender your right to freedom of self-expression, and if someone is attempting to suppress your ideas or restrict your movements (regardless of their motives), you will fight back. For example, an astrology student with this placement consistently refused to give up her studies when her fundamentalist parents objected. Despite their feelings, she could not be swayed. You are very aware of the personality's need for self-preservation and integrity. If someone is a threat, malicious or otherwise, you are ready to defend yourself. If you are involved in a continuing conflict, you will be willing to take the offensive if the situation warrants it. Some may think you are too pushy, and perhaps you are if you need to be reminded of the rights of others. Use this energy for creative endeavors and free self-expression. Do not focus on dominating or controlling others (especially children and lovers).

It is not especially common to start a love relationship during the year, but if you do, the relationship can be very exciting and based on a strong sexual attraction. Desire and passion are most likely evoked by the person you are seeing, and these feelings play an important role in the relationship choices you make. Romance may not be as important as the electrifying energy that passes between the two of you when you are together. But there is no guarantee that a relationship will be all passion and no conflict; in fact, the fire that heats up your passion can also heat up your temper. In addition to the strong attraction, there is also a need for self-defense and unrestricted self-expression as discussed above. How do you defend yourself against a strong passion which is essentially an invisible power difficult to control? How do you maintain unrestricted self-expression when you are strongly involved with another person? Conflicts in relationships are common since couples will feel both the pull of attraction and the push for expression, or the desire for merger balanced by the need for freedom. Learning to maintain some measure of self-control and self-expression while in a relationship is the key to this placement.

If you are a parent, your children may be pushing for new levels of independence, regardless of their age. One-year-olds go from crawling to running, toddlers enter the terrible twos, older children start school, teenagers learn to drive, get that first job, leave home to attend college, or start living on their own. The task they are working on is not as important as the reaction it causes in you. Basically, you are not ready for the changes and may disapprove of the choices they are making or the behavior they are exhibiting while out of your sight. Children appear more disruptive during this period of transition, but you are also less patient. They are probably coping with new situations, abilities, and problems. The newness builds stress and they are easily frustrated. You, in turn, wish they would return to their old pattern of behavior which seems more settled and less taxing.

If your children are younger, they may disobey you, but if they are older, they will not only disagree with you, they will argue with you. They are probably intelligent enough to point out all the flaws and discrepancies in your restrictions and disciplinary tactics. Don't be surprised when they confront you with a logical attack on these inconsistencies. This exchange forces you to further define your position on any one issue and enables the child to push for change and freedom consistent with his or her real or imagined level of maturity. You, however, may not see it that way and attribute most of the tension to simple parent-child confrontations. These minor conflicts tend to be aggravating, but easier to handle than the well-planned, persistently orchestrated debate put on by some teenagers.

For those more creative individuals, this is a time for original work in new areas of expertise. You should be willing to take artistic risks with your creations. If you are an artisan, experiment with new products or designs. If you are a writer, try a new style or genre. Innovations are important, and you can receive constructive criticism over your new approach. You should be ready to defend or explain your choices, but also use the information to refine your technique.


Generally, your job tends to get both easier and more enjoyable while Jupiter is in the 6th house. How this comes about varies. Working conditions can improve and good co-worker relationships are possible. Friendly interchanges with clients, customers, fellow employees, and the cultivation of a helpful attitude could prove very beneficial to you personally and the general climate of the office. During the year, physical as well as attitudinal changes specific to the environment can enhance your surroundings, making them more pleasurable. For instance, your office might become smoke-free, you might move to a bigger or nicer location, or new procedures could streamline your workload.

You function at your best when you are given the freedom to handle tasks in your own way and at your own speed. Flexible schedules might be instituted, allowing you to set your own hours. This flexibility may arise because of your position, seniority, or changes in office policy. You may want to take time off or cut back on hours, which should not be a problem unless Jupiter is heavily aspected, implying a complicated situation. With this placement, the workload is often shared with co-workers who cover for you while you are gone. It is also possible that the job situation is such that you can easily take time off. You might need to do this to handle other pressing responsibilities.

Job benefits, incentives or awards are possible with this placement, and you can benefit directly or indirectly from your position as either boss or employee. Rewards can be monetary, as in a promotion or raise, or otherwise (e.g., travel). Opportunities arise for advancement or on-the-job training. Watch for these and take advantage of them.

The daily running of the office either competes with or contributes to career goals. The problem here is that you will not be pushed to complete long-term projects and daily short-term projects will interfere. Motivation is a problem when a laissez-faire attitude exists.

Health improves as long as you do not overindulge or make excessive demands on your body. The possibility of your health improving is most noticeable immediately following a difficult year punctuated by health problems. New or old difficulties arising during the year are generally directly associated with present or past overindulgences. Excesses of all kinds are a danger, even sudden and excessive exercising since you may push yourself to the point of injury. Included also are alcoholic and dietary excesses. Because of the tendency toward overeating, you can gain weight, but it is just as likely, and perhaps even more so initially, to try to eat a nutritious well-balanced diet. This is the time to pay more attention to what you are eating. Becoming mindful and better informed will make you an educated consumer. Since Jupiter rules higher education, you may be less likely to eat junk food and more likely to eat foods that are good for you.

Unfortunately, Jupiter's negative manifestation is the inability to exist for long in a state of moderation. Jupiter in the 6th is a perfect set-up for "yo-yo" dieting. You may lose a lot of weight, only to gain it all back if you have not assimilated the knowledge which originally created the loss. It is knowledge that supports your most positive actions and establishes a sense of balance and moderation leading to good health. Creating natural limits through educated responses to stimuli is the task of this placement.


Saturn in the 12th house implies the presence of unconscious blockages which must be overcome. Failure to overcome these inhibitions will lead to limitations in what would usually be considered normal activity. The emotions governing these limitations are fear and guilt, and breaking free generally involves much anxiety. You must face your own fears before you can go on with the maturation process, since presently they prevent you from branching out and taking risks when you should develop greater freedom of movement. Frequent fear issues include, but are not limited to: fears of not being loved or being rejected; fears of inadequacy with a constant need for reassurance; fears concerning sexual performance or orientation; and fears of losing control or being overpowered. Many times the fear-producing issue is ill-defined and ill-founded, but supported by self-defeating attitudes, free-floating anxiety, and heightened vulnerability. For these reasons, fears associated with psychic impressions are not unheard of.

Guilt is the other most common unconscious restriction. There may be certain things you will do, or other things you will not do, simply because of the guilt you will feel one way or the other. If you are being controlled by guilt and do not investigate or understand these feelings, you will continue to feel forced to behave in certain ways. For example, a middle-aged woman who lived with and cared for her elderly mother found she was both tied down and drained by her mother's constant need for care and attention. But she repeatedly refused to seek out a part-time nurse or companion to stay with her mother while she pursued her own interests. Every time she left her mother with other family members, she would return to find the older woman somewhat disoriented and confused. She would interpret this disorientation as her own fault and feel guilty for leaving. Eventually, she became totally tied down by her mother's unconscious signals for attention.

Saturn in the 12th is the astrological equivalent of a responsibility vacuum cleaner. There is the tendency to feel responsible (and subsequently guilty) for everything that goes wrong. You will tend not to delegate authority easily and will try to do everything yourself, perfectly, all the time. In short, you overcompensate for real or imagined shortcomings. Only by facing your fears and confronting your feelings of guilt can you begin to live a more normal life-style.

There is a lack of "reality presence" with the placement of Saturn in this house. Saturn rules reality, but here in the 12th house (normally ruled by Neptune) reality seems to lose some of its clarity. Truth is more elusive. The fears, guilt, and unconscious inhibitions normally associated with this placement are partly caused by an inability to discern what is real and what is fantasy. Here there is no objective or even subjective reality, only vague impressions of what is presumed to be real. This makes the going tough. Without a clear base to work from, it becomes easier to worry about future possibilities and past mistakes. Consequently, fears and guilt tend to prosper and grow at this time.

The main goal of this house placement is to come in contact with the weaker, more irrational parts of your personality which inhibit your progress. This is easier to do if you are in the process of being thwarted or feeling afraid. Only by experiencing the frustration and fear inherent in the conflict, will you actively seek ways to overcome the blockages and resolve the associated issues or problems, so life can begin to return to normal. It is to your advantage to move toward the fear rather than retreat. Investigate the issues which seem to block your progress. Look for alternatives. The tendency is to miss the obvious or not understand what is normal under the given conditions. Only by discussing your situation with others and looking for new options can you alleviate the pressure. Unfortunately, you will be doing this while feeling your most vulnerable. But you must analyze your behavior and question those actions that you do not understand. Fear and guilt are sure signals that you need to investigate unconscious blockages and make adjustments in the way you are living and handling issues.

Saturn in the 12th can also show strong obligations that cannot be avoided, or the need to become responsible for someone less fortunate. Couples with newborn babies and children with elderly parents to care for frequently have this placement. Family members in need must be cared for, but friends in trouble or those less fortunate can also be the object of your concern. The need to behave in a responsible manner includes the desire to care for someone who is unable to be responsible for him or herself or needs to be saved from a difficult situation. Occasionally, the person you are most concerned about is hospitalized during the year. The need to care and the need to face a fear are usually intertwined in some way. Sometimes, the person you care most for is the person you fear. If so, by giving, you receive; by protecting, you become less vulnerable; by reaching out, you cross the bridge from fear to understanding.

If Saturn is in the 12th house, but close to the Ascendent, tasks and responsibilities will tend to become stronger and more visible as Saturn crosses the Ascendant by transit and moves into the 1st house.



Uranus in the 6th house can show a job change during the year or a change in working conditions. Changes could be either self-initiated or beyond your control. Temporary working positions or breaks in employment are possible. For example, one woman worked for a nonprofit organization. Her salary was paid for by a government grant and when the grant money ran out, she was let go, only to return when new funds came in. If you are presently working for someone other than yourself and dissatisfied with your job, now is the time to investigate new placements. You can change companies entirely, but it is possible simply to transfer to another office under your present employer. Some individuals will ask to work on independent projects of their own choosing, or go one step further and create their own businesses, becoming self-employed.

If you maintain your old job, changes in your daily routine are likely and can involve relocation of the office, temporary change of duty station (travel), new office procedures, or the installation of new computer equipment. During the period of transition, simple procedures become very complicated and normal operations will be disrupted. In very negative situations, especially those involving conflict and even sabotage, work can come to a standstill.

Scheduling changes are also possible during the year. Your office adopts a flexible or rotating schedule, and you might be able to set your own hours. If there is no change in your job at all, work can become very nerve-wracking, tedious and stressful, particularly if you are restless and need a change of pace. You will be easily bored with repetitious tasks and needless restrictions. If all goes well, any change in your job will involve a variety of tasks and greater freedom. You need a position that gives you a new challenge, coupled with a changing schedule and the freedom to work to your potential.

Trying to stay at the same job doing the same thing in the same way will create stress. Changes are not only likely, but necessary for progress to occur. Until adjustments are accomplished and your office streamlined and better organized, your normal workday can be constantly disrupted by little crises. This is also true if you own your own business. You should be contemplating adjustments which will eventually lead to a more efficiently run business. The disruptions may occur during the period of transition to the new procedures or may actually prompt the procedure changes.

All this stress and tension at work can affect your health if you do not protect yourself. Your physical and emotional well-being is directly tied into your job situation and should be watched carefully, especially during a time of stress. Learn relaxation techniques and use them to rid your body of tension at the end of the day. Do not bring work or problems home with you. You need your free time for recuperation. Cut back on caffeine drinks and take stress-preventative vitamins when necessary. Most importantly, correct those job situations which are the most stressful.

Health habits tend to be erratic during the year, and consequently, you may experience sporadic health problems. A lot depends on age. Generally the younger and healthier you are, the less likely you are to be sick. Tensions at work are the most likely cause of stress-related illnesses. Work demands can disrupt health routines, especially if you must travel for your job or work crazy hours. Wide variations in your eating habits (including rapid weight losses or gains) can occur. Stressful work habits or rotating sleeping patterns are not in your best interest. Practice moderation in all things. This is a good time to change your health regimen consciously in order to foster a healthier body.


Spiritual concepts of unity among all human beings can soften the way you express yourself. A gentler involvement with the world is warranted at this time. As with all Neptune placements, higher principles are seeking a practical application in the real world. An increased sensitivity to specific situations, and uncertainty or confusion associated with actions or thoughts, tend to signal this infusion. While Neptune is in the solar return 5th house, spiritual concepts which are already understood need to find a mode of expression. Principles of Universal love can be expanded upon through compassionate interactions with lovers, children and others. Working with creative and artistic projects can also heighten your awareness. What is needed is an evolution in self-expression toward a more spiritual and insightful manifestation. Inconsistencies between the self and the Higher Self must be eliminated. You cannot believe one thing spiritually, yet express something else to others. The self (external expression) must be one with the Higher Self (spiritual ideal).

As you gentle your approach to the world, you may not be sure what you wish to express or represent. Tentative self-expression is common during the transition period. Sometimes external changes in the social milieu trigger the shift, but often gentleness is brought on by an increased awareness of the way you interact. Careful consideration is warranted. How are you perceived by others? Do you reflect your spiritual beliefs? Do you allow your true self to come through, or do you hide behind a persona? Is someone questioning the way you express yourself or what you purport to represent?

Consistency is important. Ask yourself, "Am I real? Or do blockages keep me from expressing who I really am, or what I really feel?" During this time, others tend to point out your inconsistencies. Occasionally, they add to your tentativeness by giving you very negative messages which are not truly insightful. Self-discernment is a task associated with this placement and you must learn to discriminate between helpful insights and negative comments. The lack of certainty along the way allows for the development of the softer side of your personality by making you hesitant enough to reflect on the other person's perception of you and what you truly wish to impart. For this reason, it's important to view self-expression from the other side, seeing yourself as others see you. Confusion about your identity is likely to continue until you begin to manifest the spiritual directive you purport to understand.

Increased compassion and sensitivity to others will bring about positive changes in self-expression. Loving and nurturing relationships can lead to an evolution in consciousness. Nonsexual spiritual relationships are possible with this placement, though sexual involvement is not necessarily prohibited. Nonetheless, it is the spiritual love which is important. You can love someone dearly without any thought of return or commitment. Assurances will not be necessary, nor will they be forthcoming. A lack of definition tends to permeate love affairs while Neptune is in the solar return 5th. You can never be sure where the relationship is headed, and the future is often left hanging. Sometimes you are not even sure when you will see each other again. This is a time to let relationships simply "be" what they are meant to be. Real limitations may or may not exist. For example, your lover might be away much of the time or previously committed to someone else.

On the other hand, the lack of definition or commitment could be totally confusing to you. You may not understand your lover's reservations and a sense of vagueness or mystery could surround your interaction. Conversely, you might be the one to want to keep things loose. In any case, guarantees are not given. Part of the problem might be your tendency to idealize the person or romance you are involved with. If your judgment is clouded, lovers can appear more attractive, attentive, or spiritual than they really are. Eventually these misconceptions lead to disillusionment. In the most negative situations, you are attracted to someone because one of you needs help and expects to be saved. Savior-victim relationships tend to be one-sided, with one person giving all while the other wants to receive.

If you have children, or deal with them daily, they can be a great source of insight and calmness. On the other hand, they might depend on you for direction, appearing lost when left to their own devices. This can be a time when children seem slightly out of character, acting up more than usual, especially at school. Or they might be extremely quiet. In either case, your extra sensitivity should be used to draw them out. Compassionate interchanges can help you to better understand them, their needs and their abilities. Spending quiet times with children can be mutually beneficial. This is a time when parents traditionally tend to sacrifice their own needs for the special needs of their children.

Increased sensitivity can also be channeled through creative or artistic projects, if you are so inclined. You might become aware of new subtleties in self-expression and design. New methods will focus on more delicate techniques. Aesthetic appreciation and insight also increase.


The power of this placement lies with a psychological understanding of the workings of the unconscious mind as it relates to verbal communication. It is especially important to observe consistencies and inconsistencies between unconscious complexes and conscious thought patterns. Communication during the year is not intended to be one-dimensional, since what is meant is probably more important than what is said. Those who continue to focus their attention solely on conscious thought or word will lose insight into themselves, others, and what is really being communicated. New understanding gleaned from discussions is now meant to include psychological awareness. In order to grow and learn, one must begin to catch any discrepancies between what is actually said and body language or action taken by the person making the statement. Eventually one will become sensitized to most unconscious messages, whether obvious or not, consistent or inconsistent.

This is not the time to deal with superficial discussions of the cocktail party variety. You will need to talk at length and in depth about important and "gutsy" topics. It is during these conversations that the unconscious complexes are most likely to manifest. Since it is sometimes difficult to obtain objective insight during conversations with family members and friends, this might be a good time to see a counselor or join a support group.

Power lies in the underlying message which is meant to program the listener to respond in a particular way. Words have power; however, it does not lie in the words themselves, but rather in the total message that is meant to be expressed and responded to. Sometimes the words are meant to reinforce a message and at other times they are meant to directly contradict the intended message. In any case, power and understanding are gained every time communication is truly understood. Perhaps an example might make this concept clearer. Suppose you wish to travel alone for the first time in your life and you plan a long vacation overseas. Part of the purpose of your trip is to overcome your fear of being by yourself. Your roommate of many years may respond in several ways. If he or she is truly happy for you and wishes to see you grow in self-confidence and control, the verbal messages you receive will be very supportive and the body language consistent. If he or she feels neglected or angry about not being invited to come along, you can receive very negative messages about your trip. Manipulative tactics or even threats may be used. If he or she is not in touch with unconscious anger and disappointment, but verbally appears to be positive, supportive messages sprinkled with warnings and fears about traveling alone may be the order of the day. In each of these possible scenarios, the underlying message conveyed by your roommate affects you psychologically by either augmenting or undoing unconscious complexes associated with independent travel and aloneness.

Fatedness can be a product of the unconscious mind. What you do not know or cannot face about yourself can control your behavior. Free-willed choices can result from the conscious, rational mind working with the unconscious mind to bring understanding and consistency to both facets of thought. Enlightenment leads to freedom of movement, and during this solar return year, power over destiny is closely associated with power of thought. Positive ways to increase your understanding of the unconscious include studying psychology (and body language), joining a discussion group, or regularly writing down your feelings and thoughts. Without this kind of focus, some individuals will still naturally move toward psychological awareness, but it may take an ongoing disagreement to do so. Practicing a positive technique may help you to avoid conflict altogether.

In manifestations involving conflict, manipulations associated with power struggles over intellectual concepts, behavior, or decisions might take place on a daily basis. Someone can be intolerant of your new ideas or obsessed with an antiquated line of reasoning. Negotiations and discussions will not be straightforward since unconscious complexes will complicate communications. Power plays and psychological ploys are common. Gossip may be a problem and you must be mindful of your reputation. Spiteful comments, whether truthful or fictitious, can be used to undermine your effectiveness. It may be necessary for you to stubbornly adhere to your own convictions in order to prevail or survive.

As the year progresses, it will be more and more obvious to you how the unconscious plays a role in everyday life situations. You will become aware of how you are being manipulated and how you, in turn, manage to manipulate others. The interpretation is not meant to appear one-sided and the manifestations of your own unconscious mind play a major role in the learning process. Personal complexes surface along with obsessive and/or compulsive tendencies. Although you are striving for a greater understanding of your own emotional and unconscious attitudes, at times you might feel more controlled by them than in control yourself. Major developments during the year might result from an unconscious need to undermine conscious decisions. Life may make a fated turn. It also becomes increasingly easier to dwell on one issue and allow it to rule your life, thoughts and moods. This is especially true if you are angry. Repressed anger can cause you to lash out at inappropriate times and for insignificant reasons, with reactions overtaking rational thoughts, fears dictating responses. A mind this receptive to stimuli may be so strongly influenced by another as to be subject to control by that person. This is why awareness of communication is so important if one is to retain power over self. In very negative situations, mental stability is questioned and therapy is indicated. Counseling intervention or consultation is common with this placement.

This is a great year for intense learning situations, even if the subject matter is not of a psychological or emotionally introspective nature. Any field of interest can stir a compulsive need to learn. During this period, you will not be satisfied with superficial explanations. You will strive to know and understand the underlying principles.