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ArtCharts Daily Astrology
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You make a difference

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Sharing our energy makes us thrive and grow - personally and spiritually.

Sharing creates a complete circuit of energy. When we don't return energy given, our superconscious believes we have not received anything- and so we don't receive the intended benefits.

This is an opportunity to acknowledge the benefits you have received from artcharts, and make it real.

Thank you!

The gift continues....

Artcharts provides astrology information -- without a corporate script or agenda. Being independent gives me the freedom to write to you without counting words and without marketing.

Artcharts is not funded by or afilliated with any company, organization, or investor. There are no "big donors." Your shared energy keeps this website and blog real.

Visit our blog and facebook page for more updates.

Thank you for letting us share our healing energy with you!

ARTCHARTS PROMISE -- you will never be put on a mailing list for contributing or making a purchase at Your contributions are so greatly appreciated, we give a one-year personalized astrology calendar for every gift over $25.00.

Thank you!

Love & happy trines,

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New York, NY 10003

We appreciate EVERY contribution! However, paypal takes a percentage to process your payment. So contributions under $2.00 actually cost artcharts to process your payment. If you can't afford to contribute a minimum of $2.00, please wait until you can. Thank you!

** To use paypal, you do not have to sign up or have an account. On the bottom left of the paypal page where it says "Don't have a PayPal account?" -- click "Continue". You can use a credit card or your bank account.

You make a difference

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