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The Asteroid Report
Would you like to know more about your capacity to nurture, marry, solve problem, express your sexuality and heal? The Asteroid Report interprets the four major asteroids and Chiron in your birthchart, shedding light on these important areas of experience. More...

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About ....astrology for today

lauren of

General Information

Direct from New York City's East Village -- has been online since February 1997.

ArtCharts vision is to present current astrology information on the website and on Artcharts Astrology In Color Blog. Our professional astrology reports are personalized and available in our catalog.

ArtCharts Daily Astrology is an intelligent, informative alternative to generic astrology horoscopes. As public awareness and knowledge of astrology increases, ArtCharts continues to be a popular website. We address our viewers directly and respectfully, which is appreciated by our 50,000 unique monthly viewers (350,000 monthly page views). Our viewers tell us they love, enjoy, and benefit from the site, and we encourage them to buy astrology reports to learn more and broaden their perspective.

Artcharts provides a blog, which discusses current astrological events.

Today's Universal Horoscope: the astrological mood of the day, short and sweet. Instead of sun-sign horoscopes, this works for everyone.

Artcharts forecasts are appropriate for everyone because they are about what is happening in the skies right now, and relate to everyone on planet Earth. And you can personalize your horoscope by purchasing a report or forecast. Combining MUNDANE (outer) and PERSONAL (inner) astrology gives you a complete picture of what's happening OUT THERE, in the skies, so you can better understand and appreciate yourself and how you relate to the world. As within, as without. As above, as below.

Artcharts is a Western astrology site and uses the Tropical Zodiac, Placidus house system, true node, and ancient day/night Part of Fortune in our astrological calculations.

Times used on are Eastern Time. Eastern Standard Time is -05.00 GMT.

Artcharts is located in New York City's East Village. Artcharts is a d/b/a/ licensed business in New York, New York (August 22, 1996 @ 3:37 pm edt).

Artcharts does not sell viewer or client information to anyone. We do not market your information. We only use your personal information to fill your orders.

Get your chart done-- for free!!
There are sites on the internet that can give you a free chart because they run computer programs. Artcharts is not one of them. We provide beautiful charts with all purchases.

Can I get a reading, or free advice?
Free advice is not appropriate for your serious concerns. Artcharts does not have the resources to provide free readings. We really appreciate your understanding:-)

ArtCharts has a full selection of astrology reports and chart services . We are happy to provide beautiful colorful free charts with your purchases.

Lauren Edmond is a visual artist, actively working in NYC since 1977. You can see Lauren's current paintings at

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