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Last Updated August 25th, 2019
ArtCharts is committed to protecting the privacy of Internet users. ArtCharts collects personally identifiable information about you only to fill your order from us. Any information you provide to, whether in the form of a question, email, etc. is kept in strictest confidence. Email addresses are never resold by artcharts to lists or marketing agents. To provide you with your astrology report, your birthdata information is required. This data is stored in a dedicated machine instance, backed up locally to local storage, and maintained in one cloud based industry standard encrypted backup. assumes no responsibility for any misuse of ANY of the material and information on this site or for ANY misuse of information solicited by a client of This information is for mental entertainment purposes ONLY and any other use is not considered appropriate by has no adult content, but viewing by minors is at the parent's discretion.

This website and its contents cannot be reproduced without a link to

ArtCharts is a fully licensed business in New York City.

Thank you for visiting : )

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