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Pluto in Capricorn
[January 25, 2008 - June 13, 2008 and November 26, 2008 - March 23, 2023]

Since Pluto moves so slowly, it defines eras. This is the era to run your business like it is your mission. Forget believing, that was Pluto in Sagittarius. This is KNOWING. You can succeed -- if you learn the steps and follow the process. You may have to rid yourself of inner cobwebs and skeletons that prevent you from bringing your talent to the light and attention of the community. If you do, this can be a period of great wealth and financial increase. But it has to be solid real-world progress. Debts have to be paid, and credit may not be easy to obtain as there are more restrictions (Capricorn) on obtaining other people's money (Pluto). Your field can be anything from finance to feng shui, but get your credentials together, stick to the process, and you can start to professionally manifest your talent.

Pluto is an outer planet, which puts its influence on a global scale. Pluto's change of sign often coincides with major changes in government and economics. In Capricorn, businesses will become more organized, and more profitable, or combined and regulated by government. Persistence can help you to become more successful, and education can help you become the professional expert you can be. If you don't know how business works, take a class. If you need to know the latest trends in your field, go back to school. If certification matters, get it. In Capricorn, status shifts from lavish to working smart. Make it sustainable, or risk losing it.

Astrological Pluto
Pluto takes approximately 248 years to make one cycle through all twelve signs. The period Pluto spends in each sign can vary from twelve years to thirty two years due to the eccentricity of its orbit. Like atomic energy (a force ruled by Pluto), the presence and direction of Pluto's energy are never obvious until it is used. Pluto's influence in any sign is interpreted as generational or historical. In your personal life, Pluto's significance is interpreted from its house position and the aspects it makes to other natal planets in your horoscope. Pluto rules intense energy, and describes the areas in which you consciously or subconsciously seek to exercise power or control. Pluto is also linked to your karmic responsibility, and in this respect, it describes the areas where you must gain the deepest level of understanding. Pluto is the astrological ruler of Scorpio.

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