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Uranus squares Pluto: showtime
(from June 2012 - March 2015, Uranus squares Pluto 7 times)

You may rather fight that give an inch. Yet-- when Uranus squares Pluto, change can happen (and probably will) without notice or consent. The tighter you are holding on to old ideas, the louder and more unpredictable the wake-up call can be.

Energetically, Uranus square Pluto is a strong indication that we humans, as a group, will be challenged to change. Fears that are usually insidious and invisible come to the surface -- without warning. Many on the planet will be strongly resistant to greatly needed changes that benefit the collective, the entire community, symbolized by Uranus. We will do anything in our power (Pluto) to stop it; including using intimidation tactics. Yet, the stronger our resistance, the more sudden and powerful the changes can be. Especially if you have a hard time finding tolerance for all people and approach the world with extreme expressions anger and hatred.

The thing to note about the square from URANUS -- the revolutionary planet -- to Pluto -- seat of power -- is the status quo is forced to change. Uranus seeks equality -- the square to Pluto suggests there is a significant, historic challenge to equality. Intimidation doesn't really work. Change can be voluntary (unlikely with a square) or forced by extreme disagreements or issues of injustice that flare up and erupt, at least temporarily. No worries if we can't give an inch --change can also come from beyond human control -- from weather, technology, the Earth, UFOs....

This is where the habit of using power to undermine the dignity of others has its consequences. It may seem you have the power, and the right, to dismiss or purge whoever is in your way or has a different opinion. Yet, attempts to unsettle or disturb the oppressed can be equal to the intensity with which they have been oppressed. Prejudice will be seen for what it is, and not just by the prejudiced-- by everyone, whether or not it affects them directly or immediately.

By putting profit and power over solving serious problems, life as we know it can end or change abruptly over the next few years. The accumulated toxicity of defaming and injuring others, and the Earth, for the good (profit) of the power elite builds to the collective boiling-over point when Uranus squares Pluto. The damage done by stealthy conspiracies becomes more than real. If you think it's all someone else's problem, someone you don't respect or care much about, by the end of this square you may be ready to take action.

Ultimately, this transit is about finding acceptance and respect for all of humanity, and that will take an evolution that not all are willing to make. Many will be in denial about the need to evolve. And these people and groups will do their best to make it more difficult for everyone. This aspect makes it clear-- it's not just how YOU take something-- it's how entire groups are effected, and that changes the quality of life for everyone -- not only the most advantaged.

June 24, 2012 is the first exact square -- Pluto is Retrograde, Uranus is Direct. This backward movement of Pluto is a strong indication that while change is inevitable, the feeling of defensiveness overrides the willingness to make changes spontaneously. And that does not mean the need for change will stay neatly tucked away -- it will erupt involuntarily and burst through all barriers.

This is more than a revolution against the established government or financial institutions-- which is already happening. As Uranus square Pluto for the first pass (and this has been in effect since Uranus entered Aries), 15 of the major banks were downgraded in by Moody's this week. Holding on to power may not be as simple as it has been -- there are other factors, like the people. Sure, you can fool people who want to be fooled, but not everyone is in that category. Some still have clear minds and will continue to think beyond sound-bite slogans designed to confuse and obfuscate serious issues.

What does this effect? Money. Government. The Congress (including congresses in all countries). Technology. Also, all groups trying to maintain the rights of citizens in the face of overwhelming power manipulations. And like the movies, aliens of all kinds, not only from foreign countries.

Uranus-90-Pluto needs to be a change FOR something new, for FREEDOM, for the dignity and progress of ALL people. Not only the super powerful or the most privileged or the extremely prejudiced -- that is the way to squander our true wealth -- we the PEOPLE!

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