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Canine Report
Your animal companions can be your best friends in life. Just like their humans, dogs have their unique personalities. We may not always know their exact time of birth but we can still look at the chart for the day of birth and determine invaluable information. Get to know your dog, and enjoy your companion even more! More info...

Your Dog Stars!
Dog Horoscopes by Lauren Edmond


Your Aries dog is the leader of the pack, brave, protective. They love to walk fast and lead the way, yet Aries dogs can be aggressive when provoked, so they need training and plenty of your attention.

Your Taurus dog is loyal and stubborn! They enjoy good meals, soft beds, slow pleasant walks, and lots of nice treats. They're generally happy at home with you.

Your Gemini dog is very curious, playful, and social. They need to patrol the neighborhood and check their p-mail several times a day. Very agile, they love to play and enjoy being with children and will enjoy participating in a variety of fun activities-- take them everywhere!

Your Cancer dog will love and protect your home and young children. Cancer dogs appreciate eating well, and can tend to gain weight. But they will make your house feel like HOME SWEET HOME.

Your Leo dogs wants to be the center of attention-- they love to go where they can put on a show. Friendly and warm with a big heart, your Leo dog learns best through praise.

Your Virgo dog appreciates and adheres to a consistent routine. Virgo dogs are smart, agile, and very easy to train. Bathe them often. They prefer a simple diet, not many treats.

Your Libra dog is social and outgoing. They may enjoy a dog companion or at least daily trips to the dog run to visit friends and neighbors. Libra dogs prefer city life to being the lone dog on the ranch.

It may seem like your Scorpio dog is testing YOUR loyalty. Ultra perceptive and suspicious of strangers, they make excellent guard dogs, and are exceptionally good hunters, able to stalk their prey or guard your home, quietly and patiently.

Your Sagittarius needs plenty of exercise, enjoys long walks, hiking, and being outdoors. Your Sag dog may even go on adventures without you. Usually a very happy-go-lucky dog.

Your Capricorn dog is smart and protective of their owner-- they know who's boss, accept their limits, and make excellent guard dogs. Take them rock climbing.

Your Aquarius dog is very friendly and social, even if not always as cuddly as you'd like. They need daily trips to the dog run and enjoy protecting a large family pack. Your Aquarius dog may enjoy living with several other dogs.

Your Pisces dog may be shy and retiring, but very affectionate. The Pisces dog doesn't need to be alpha dog and can even be passive with other dogs. They aim to please you and learn quickly.

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