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Indra Report
This interpretation of the birth chart is very comprehensive and in-depth. The Indra Report describes your basic motivations, perceptions, inclinations, and character from a number of different perspectives, giving a highly accurate composite view of your life. More...


Your Cancer Midheaven

Cancer ruling the tenth house indicates individuals who are often the center of attention. As a Cancer Midheaven, you may or may not consciously seek public acclaim but, in fact, this tenth house Cancerian influence is found in the charts of many famous people. You may seek public attention if not always public approval which can include the possibility of becoming infamous as well as famous. Though you may not be able to gain widespread fame, you may nevertheless claim your share by being a lecturer, sermonizer, politician, or public figure on some level. You have deep emotional identification with your public reputation, career, or long range goals. The potential is for unusually close relationships with one of your parents, or one parent has to play the role of both father and mother. A tenth house Cancerian influence is also an indication you will enter the family business or the same career as that of a parent, most likely that of the father. Other possible career choices or goals of these individuals are in areas directly related to women, babies, housing, retail sales, or food; any business that deals with the public on a daily basis.

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