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Indra Report
This interpretation of the birth chart is very comprehensive and in-depth. The Indra Report describes your basic motivations, perceptions, inclinations, and character from a number of different perspectives, giving a highly accurate composite view of your life. More...


Your Capricorn Midheaven

Capricorn ruling the tenth house indicates the possibility of one or more situations regarding the father. The relationship Capricorn Midheaven individuals have with this parent is apt to be restrictive or limited in some way, they may be separated from the father through his death or as a result of divorce, or he may be burdened with responsibilities. As a Capricorn midheaven, it is also possible you will have to bear responsibility for the father. Whatever happens, one of the strongest motivating factors in your life occurs because of the paternal relationship you experienced, or failed to experience. How well you handle it marks your success and maturity as an individual. Capricorn's influence suggests individuals with strong career goals, or those who select careers or directions in life that promise security and/or a positions of authority. You are quite dedicated to pushing yourself or your goals forward, no matter how long it takes or how difficult the struggle. It is well for you to remember that abuse of authority or power you are granted may easily backfire and bring public disgrace.

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