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Indra Report
This interpretation of the birth chart is very comprehensive and in-depth. The Indra Report describes your basic motivations, perceptions, inclinations, and character from a number of different perspectives, giving a highly accurate composite view of your life. More...


Your Sagittarius Midheaven

Sagittarius ruling the tenth house indicates the likelihood that you're an individual who consciously or subconsciously seeks a public forum for exhibiting your intellectual skills, artistic talent, or specialized training. You are apt to feel strongly that what you know must be transmitted to others, which in turn makes many Sagittarius Midheaven people pursue careers as teachers, writers, lecturers, salespersons, actors, politicians or clerics. You may not necessarily seek the spotlight yourself, but may work on projects that receive public recognition, or become a promoter, agent, or fund raiser. Whatever you do, you want to work with the public in some capacity. You are also apt to gain publicity for something you have done or been associated with outside of your regular work or profession. The negative potential can mean difficulty with, or loss of the father. It also implies problems with superiors or in attaining promotions or other personal goals. You may, at some time, be put in a situation for which you are not adequately prepared or for which you lack necessary skills.

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